Friday, April 29, 2011

Digital Art

This piece was created in approximately thirty minutes working in Photoshop Elements.  It was amazingly easy and I am preparing a tutorial to post demonstrating how to create something similar. 

I have a bad habit of rarely taking time to label each of my layers as I work, so I would be hard-pressed to reproduce this one exactly.  I love the surprise factor and the limitless options when one creates digitally and what I want to share with you are the techniques, tools and steps so that you can create your own unique piece! 

Stay tuned for the tutorial coming soon - and have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

...and the winners are...

I want to give a big thank you to all who entered this giveaway by following my blog(s)!  To determine the three winners, I assigned a number to each entry in order of their arrival and using the assigned numbers,'s sequence generator came up with the three winners.

1.  (Entrant #5)  Kari, who in her entry selected the texture collection

2.  (Entrant #10)  Stampmouse, who in her entry selected the texture collection

3.  (Entrant #2)  Lorenzo, who in his entry selected the photo transformation

Congratulations to each of you!  I will be in touch to confirm your choice of giveaway options and to set up arrangements for you to receive it.  Enjoy!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

...Montreal street scenes...

(Today, Thursday, is your last opportunity to enter the giveaway to celebrate this new blog.  There will be 3 winners and 2 gifts from which to choose.  All you have to do is Follow both of my blogs.  You can learn more about how to participate in the giveaway HERE.)

Good Friday evening we were on our way into Montreal to meet my middle daughter and her husband for a meal at a popular little resto called "Les Trois Petits Bouchons" on rue Saint Denis.  The sun was shining but the temperatures were still cool.  Sunshine in this 'land of  ice and snow' is always a clarion call to get out and walk about.

We had no time to get out of the car and walk, so I snapped pics as my husband drove through the streets of Old Montreal heading for the popular meetings places further north on the famous rue Saint Denis.  I am not the greatest photographer (yet!) and these photos where encumbered by movement and dirt and reflections from the car windshield.  So I made poor photographs into what I hope look like paintings.  See what you think:

Textures, filters, layer mask and levels adjustments make the
most of sunlight on a brick wall.

Streetside bistros place tables right out to the curb of the street. 
People are still wearing jackets and scarves to cope with cool temps,
but will not be deterred from enjoying a few rays.

As our car rolls along St. Denis Street, I get another quick
shot of the same resto/bar.  The waiter wears only his
t-shirt, perhaps being able to warm up every few minutes
in the kitchen.

Back in Old Montreal this man sported a long black coat reaching
almost to his ankles.  I wanted to get a shot of the coat flapping
in the wake behind him, but forgot my zoom was still
on from the previous pic.  So  we get to enjoy only his
profile as he and his family take an early evening stroll.

I don't know for sure, but imagine that this boy is the son
of the man in the previous image - lagging the required
distance, for any self-respecting pre-teen (teen?), behind his parents.

Don't forget to enter my current Giveaway.  All you have to do to enter is follow both of my blogs.  You have until Thursday, April 28th at 5:00 p.m. EST to enter.  The 'rules' for entry are HERE.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Welcoming You With A Great Giveaway!

Welcome!  Have you popped over from Original Art Studio to enter the giveaway?  Great!  Just leave your comment telling me that you follow both of my blogs, and include a way for me to contact you when you win.  To read the rules for this giveaway simply click HERE

You have until Thursday, April 28th at 5:00 p.m. EST to enter.  The names of the 3 winners will be announced April 28th at 6:00 p.m.  After the announcement I will contact you and you will have 48 hours after I send that email to get back to me.  If I do not hear back within that time period the next person on the list will be the recipient of the giveaway. 

Here's another quick look at the 2 giveaway options for each of the 3 winners.  (Each winner gets to choose whether they want the Pixel Dust Texture Collection (36 great new textures), OR an opportunity to send me a photograph that I will transform (with magic pixel dust!) into a piece of  'art'.  I know you great photographers out there do not want me tinkering with your fine work, but if you have a shot that just didn't quite turn out, that is great except for some little glitch, send THAT one for a Pixel Dust transformation!  Good luck to all!

This Pixel Dust Texture Collection 1 is made of 4 sets of 9 textures that you can see in their
larger versions HERE.  The 36 textures packaged above have a value of $30 US.

To view more examples of how I can turn almost any photograph into
a piece of photo/art click HERE.  This transformation service (for one photo)
 has a value of $30 US.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A New Digital Photo-Art Blog

Welcome to this new blog.  Pixel Dust Photo Art is an offshoot of Original Art Studio and authored by Bonnie. 

This blog will house my interest in digital photo-art, textures, Photoshop and photography.  As I explore all of these forms of expression, my explorations, discoveries, questions, and creations will be posted here. 

As expressed in the "Welcome" statement in the sidebar, I want this to be a site where like-minded artists, photographers, Photoshop editors - the fledgling and the more experienced - can share their knowledge, inspiration, frustrations, queries, photographs and artwork. 

I'm so glad you have made your way here.  Please become a follower, and stay tuned for a fantastic giveaway (in my next post) to celebrate the opening of this new blog.

Monday, April 18, 2011

A Stunning Transformation

Oh my, look what a little digital manipulation can do.

The addition of two Pixel Dust textures, use of a layer mask, levels and filters has transformed the photograph below into the piece of art above.  That is why I love textures and Photoshop!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The First Post

Hi there!  Welcome to my very first post on Pixel Dust Photo Art.  You may know me better from my other blog, Original Art Studio.  Yes, it's me, Bonnie and you may recognize the image below as the grab button on Original Art Studio.  It began to feel as if I was trying to contort that blog into too many things, with too much varied content, so I decided to move most of my digital-editing posts to another blog ... and this is it! 

As you will notice, this blog is still under construction but I wanted to have a familiar image and a welcoming word up for any of you that discover it before I actually announce its existence.   Yes, Original Art Studio will continue as usual. 
Hope to have some great photo-editing content posted here soon.  Thank you so much for dropping by ... and don't forget to become a follower!