Thursday, April 21, 2011

A New Digital Photo-Art Blog

Welcome to this new blog.  Pixel Dust Photo Art is an offshoot of Original Art Studio and authored by Bonnie. 

This blog will house my interest in digital photo-art, textures, Photoshop and photography.  As I explore all of these forms of expression, my explorations, discoveries, questions, and creations will be posted here. 

As expressed in the "Welcome" statement in the sidebar, I want this to be a site where like-minded artists, photographers, Photoshop editors - the fledgling and the more experienced - can share their knowledge, inspiration, frustrations, queries, photographs and artwork. 

I'm so glad you have made your way here.  Please become a follower, and stay tuned for a fantastic giveaway (in my next post) to celebrate the opening of this new blog.


  1. Love, love, love, Bonnie! The blue in your photo in the sky is captivating, along with the lavender shades it complements and the purity of the white in the sky- love the whole thing and will like coming to visit here often I hope! Blessings on you new adventure!

  2. Vicky: What a sweetheart you are! So many other things on your plate right now - and you leave such an encouraging comment, AND the first comment ever on this blog!!! Thank you.

  3. Looking forward to seeing your photo manipulations!!

  4. I used to be a purist in photography... but have been slowly brought round to the magic of digital manipulations. looking forward to seeing what your "bursting with ideas" creates for us!

  5. Nice composition. Good luck with you new blog, and I am sure you are already having lots of fun. Happy weekend.


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