Friday, April 29, 2011

Digital Art

This piece was created in approximately thirty minutes working in Photoshop Elements.  It was amazingly easy and I am preparing a tutorial to post demonstrating how to create something similar. 

I have a bad habit of rarely taking time to label each of my layers as I work, so I would be hard-pressed to reproduce this one exactly.  I love the surprise factor and the limitless options when one creates digitally and what I want to share with you are the techniques, tools and steps so that you can create your own unique piece! 

Stay tuned for the tutorial coming soon - and have a great weekend!


  1. Very nice, Bonnie -- I've learned the hard way to label layers in my .psd files. It's really helpful if you need to go back --

  2. I checked out your gallery, and I really love the earthy, old world quality of your photos, paintings, and textures. I will definitely come back to see more. Beautiful work.

  3. An attractive abstract art.


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