Monday, May 16, 2011

Another Free Texture for You

Okay peeps - here is your next free texture.   The script on it is French and can be removed with a layer mask or erasure if you do not want it on parts of your image.  You can also adjust the texture so that the grey border is not visible if it does not suit the piece you are working on. 

Play with the blending modes, opacity, layer masks to remove elements of texture, levels adjustments and sharpening (among a gazillion other options!) to bring different looks to your photographs.  Let me show you how this texture appears, using different blending modes on the same image.

To download this free texture, simply click HERE.  (Please read the terms for a free download at the end of this post.)

The texture will be applied to this image of a dandelion.

Texture>Blend Mode Hard Light at 100% Opacity.
(Layer Mask used to remove texture from dandelion head.)

Texture>Blend Mode Linear Light at 100% Opacity.
 (Layer Mask used to remove texture from head of dandelion.)

Texture>Blend Mode Color at 100% Opacity.
  (Layer Mask to remove some color from texture from the flower.)

Texture>Blend Mode Luminosity at 40% Opacity
Layer Mask to remove some texture from flower.

Texture>Linear Dodge at 66% Opacity.
 Layer Mask used to remove some texture from flower head.

You are free to use the texture to enhance your personal or commercial work.  Please do not claim it as your own work and/or regift or sell it as is.   Copyright still applies after download.  I am only agreeing to forgo copyright once it is incorporated into your own work.  

Have fun!


  1. I like this very much ... thank you!

  2. Hi Bonnie! Thanks for your visit and comment. We both have a passion for texture overlays and Photoshop! It's so much fun! I have another blog by another woman from Canada that I think you would like very much and I'm sure she would like yours too. Here's the link:


    Happy Layering!!!

  3. Wow, I love your texture. Thank you for sharing it. And thank you for your lovely comment on my blog and follow.

  4. The dandelion is getting some much deserved attention lately! Very pretty. (I have a daughter named Bonnie, I think it's such a pretty name!)

  5. Excellent texture those variations that nice photo of dandelion.


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