Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dark Textures and Blend Modes

The image below is Texture #7 in my Pixel Dust Texture Set II.  Given its dark and moody tone, one might hesitate to use it on a photograph.  Ah, but let me show you the magic a dark texture such as this can create.

I also want to use this post to demonstrate the variety of effects you can get using the different Blend Modes offered in Photoshop.  I have noticed that many of us seem to stick to the tried and true Soft Light and Overlay Blend Modes, but there is much magic waiting to be discovered in other Blend Modes.  We will use this one photograph and one texture to see what results are possible with the different blending modalities. 

Texture #7, Pixel Dust Texture Set II
(to see the entire collection click HERE)

We will apply the above texture to this photograph and use several
Blend Modes to see just a few of the variations possible.

Texture applied to photograph using
Blend Mode Color Burn with Opacity lowered to 75%.

Texture applied using
Blend Mode Darker Color with Opacity lowered to 84%

Texture applied using
Blend Mode Hard Light with Opacity left at 100%

Blend Mode Linear Light with Opacity lowered to 85%

Blend Mode Luminosity with Opacity lowered to 80%

Blend Mode Overlay with Opacity left at 100%

Blend Mode Pin Light with Opacity lowered to 75%

Blend Mode Soft Light with Opacity left at 100%

As you see there is much to be gained from a little experimentation with different blending modes and adjustments in opacity.  I hope you have also seen the beauty and depth that can be achieved with the application of a dark texture.  Dark textures do not obliterate your photograph, but add intensity and drama.  You have many different options in terms of the final appearance of that intensity and drama, depending on the Blend Mode you choose and the Opacity adjustment you make. 

I hope this little demonstration has encouraged you to try dark textures and to experiment with the incredible variety of blending modes and opacity adjustments available.

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  1. very cool and such different looks

  2. Wow!! Beautiful for sure!! Love all of them!!


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