Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Last Texture Tuesday in May!

I love big bunches of one sort of flower.  The impact of the flower is not dilulted by being surrounded by other forms.  Mixed bouquets have their place (in my little world) but I become giddy with an expanse of one species of plant.  So, as you can imagine, I had a bit of fun with my camera at the garden center at a local farmer's market.  Took a bunch of photos between making my selections of annuals for our flower beds.  Chose three to feature below. 

For {Texture Tuesday} I used three of Kim Klassen's textures on three photographs.  I did not want a dreamy, desaturated look for this 'field' of perky-faced pansies, so blended Kim's texture in Color Burn and achieved the 'punch' I was looking for.  See what you think!

Garden Center Pansies edited with Kim Klassen's "Sweet Treat" texture,
 Blend Mode Color Burn at 40% Opacity.

More Garden Centre Pansies, again edited with a Kim Klassen texture.
This time I used her  "Mad Love" in Blend Mode of Color Burn, 36% Opacity.

And for the "quintessential" desaturated look of {Texture Tuesday} this photo was given a vintage feel with Kim's texture, "Luminous".  I first treated the photo with a Gaussian Blur removing blur with soft round brush.  Next, a levels adjustment (output to 49 for some haze) and then added her Luminous Texture with blend mode of Hard Light, Opacity 75% and Layer Mask to remove some of the texture from the face of the flower.

If you would like to download my latest fine art texture "Goldust Wonder" (for free!), simply click HERE.


  1. Beautiful pansies and so subtle -- I do like texture when it is subtle. : ) You have such lovely textures displayed on your sidebar...off to check those out!

  2. Love those, I especially love the angle in the first shot.

  3. love your photos- thanks for the download
    Johnina :^A

  4. The first two sheets beautiful flowers with great color. The third very beautiful with exquisite texture.

  5. Hey cool, texture Tuesday! I'll have to remember that. I like your entries above, especially the last. I think the depth of field and bokeh on the original shot contributed a lot to the final outcome. I don't think it would have worked as well if the background hadn't been so effectively blurred in the camera work. I'll have to spend some time soon looking over all your textures!

  6. I just found you...and I'm so happy! It's so interesting to read how someone who knows what they're doing (not I) can use a texture to punch up color instead of de-saturate it. The pansies are Wow...and those dahlias, amazing! Thank you for the free textures!

  7. I really like the punch on the pansies (I love the color burn blending mode). The dreamy dahlias really provide a great contrast, too. Will be back to your site - lovely textures.

  8. They are all so pretty, but I have to say that I really love the last one :)


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