Saturday, June 25, 2011

Almost time for Your Sunday Best!

The creative Nancy, of A Rural Journal hosts Your Sunday Best photo challenge each week.  She invites us to post our favorite photo from our posts of the past week.  I have decided to feature a photo from this post.  Scroll down to check it out.

I have to admit I photographed this flower at the garden center and I am not sure what it is!
A camellia is what comes to mind.
(The comments kindly inform us it is a hibuscus.  Thank you!) 
Whatever it is, it is lush and lovely even though a little worse for the wear around the edges. 
I have added one of my textures (one not yet released), and I love the effect achieved.

Here's the "before" photograph, shot with a point and shoot.

Here's the "after".  To my eye it looks a bit like an old Dutch master painting.
I hope you like it too.
Isn't it amazing what one can do with a little photo-editing and a fabulous texture?!!

Speaking of textures, Nancy is doing a little more than hosting Your Sunday Best this week. 
I have it on good authority that she is also hosting a great giveaway. 
So prepare Your Sunday Best and go check out her giveaway -
(published Saturday evening). 

If you have never featured one of your photographs in Nancy's photo challenge, don't worry - she is very welcoming and has a Your Sunday Best button under her header explaining how easy it is to link up one of your photographs with all the others.  Then the party begins - with a lot of commenting back and forth!

Enough said.  Scoot right on over in "your Sunday best" to Nancy's A Rural Journal.  She always has a visual treat, an opportunity for sweet, creative connections and, occasionally, a delightful surprise in store.  Nancy opens up her linky tool Saturday evening for those of us who can't wait until Sunday!  See you there!


  1. Thanks for the fun challenge! I will be doing it too. Your flower looks so nostalgic and sweet.

  2. Very nice treatment on your photo Bonnie. I agree with you that it has the feeling of an old Dutch master painting. I can't wait to try it out myself. And thanks for the link to A Rural Journal... sounds like great fun.

    Have a happy weekend! Cheers.

  3. I love the way the texture you added gave it such a nostalgic feel to it. I do believe though the flower is a Hibiscus. It looks a lot like what we have in our backyard.

    Have a fab weekend.

  4. Beautiful two photos. The original is very good too, exquisite.

  5. that beautiful work, after the photo was really like a painting

  6. I love hibiscus! Great shot even before the editing.


  7. Beautiful, Bonnie! Before I learned how to add textures in PSE from Kim Klassen, I knew only about the filter presets. Love the look of this fabulous hibiscus blossom!

  8. I have never tried to add textures before, but your picture gives me inspiration.

  9. Thanks so much for linking up at YSB Bonnie! I truly appreciate your participation! :)

  10. Lovely flower and processing!

  11. thank you so much for sharing your lovely textures! i can't wait to try more of them.


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