Saturday, June 11, 2011

Examples of Texture Play

If you haven't downloaded the two free textures from my last post  ... what are you waiting for?  Maybe you were waiting for a few examples of what the "je me souviens" texture can do.  Well, wait no longer! 
 (For those who don't read French, je me souviens means "I remember".)

I have posted images of  'before' the application of the je me souviens texture - and the same images 'after' the application of the texture.  As well, details of my editing process accompany the first textured image.  I hope the 'afters' will demonstrate the different effects you can achieve with one texture.

Here is a reminder of what the "je me souviens" texture looks like.

A photograph taken of a peony in my garden this week.

Same photograph with the addition of the "je me souviens" texture and a couple of other tweaks in PSE.  Click on the image for a larger and better view.

Here are the editing steps I took in PSE to produce above image:

open photograph in PSE workspace
open texture file into PSE workspace
sharpen texture before applying it to photograph, (not usually necessary, just did it as I really want to emphasize script on dark background of photograph)
drag and fit texture onto photograph
Blend texture in Soft Light at an Opacity of 100%
*  Add a Layer Mask to active layer and with soft brush and black as foreground color, remove script on the focal flower and its leaves
Levels Adjustment to adjust mid-tones with middle slider (to the left to add a bit of light)
*  Layer>Flatten ....  Layer>Duplicate image  (this step is required to use Filters)
Filter>Artistic>Dry Brush (to add some painterly strokes)
*  Filter>Artistic>Poster Edges - reduce Opacity of Poster Edges to 25%
New Layer>Text - add personal 'watermark' using Text Tool

This is a composite piece using stock images available on the Web.  It's okay as is, already having a bit of mystery.  But look what the application of the "je me souviens" texture does ...

The texture adds even more visual interest and intrigue.  The texture and image were blended together using the mode Soft Light at 100% Opacity. Our minds now set about trying to figure out the story behind the components in the image.  (The only story that matters is the one you give to it!  :)  The script in the texture really adds to the final version, don't you think?

Another composite image crafted with three stock photos from the Web.

The same image with the addition of the "je me souviens" texture.  Blending in Screen mode gives a more dreamy effect.  A layer mask was used to remove the effects of the texture from the cat's eyes.  It could be debated whether the script on the texture goes well here, but I left most of it in because it suited my eye.  The texture and blend mode had accomplished the desaturated, dreamy effect I was going for.

I hope this post contained some ideas or inspiration that will prove helpful to you.  Just experiment and have fun.  Don't worry if you produce some edits that you don't like - happens to me all the time! 

To download the free texture "je me souviens", just scroll down to my previous post, or click HERE.  (Please read the Terms for a free download in that post.)


  1. Beautiful and lovely compositions. Delicious designs and shapes. I love those processed richly textured and brimming with creativity. Greetings.

  2. Leovi:

    Thank you. I consider that high praise coming from YOU! So encouraging!

  3. truly makes an impact on the photo. I've downloaded it, now off to experiment.

    Have a wonderful Sunday.

    Bright blessings,

  4. I do like the painterly quality the addition of the textured layer adds to the peony photo. It also brings a satisfying depth and clarity to the second composite image. Your instinct to go for a dreamy, desaturated effect in the last image seems to have been the right one. I really like the hint of text it gives a picture, and the mix of printing and writing.


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