Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday's Fabulous Free Texture!

I have a special (free) fine art texture for you today!  It is capable of producing magical effects in several different Blend Modes. 

There is a lot of time and effort invested in producing textures such as these, so I would really appreciate feedback after you incorporate it in your artistic endeavors.  A link to your work with the texture (for me), and a link to this site if you post your work would make my day!

Don't be afraid of the depth and intensity of this texture.  Blend Modes such as Overlay and Soft Light tone it down in color while leaving some texture.  If you are like me and more interested in producing art than simply enhancing a photograph, then Blend Modes such as Hard Light and Linear Light will give you more of an artistic feel to work with. 

While the texture has magical possibilities, the real magic lies with you and the artistry you bring to the application of this, or any texture.  Layer Masks are crucial to the exercise of such artistry.  If you are working in PSE 8 (or earlier versions) you can learn more about how to add a Layer Mask to your editing program by clicking HERE.

This is the photograph I have selected on which I will apply the texture and whatever artistry I can muster!  :)  It is a photograph of part of a church in the harbor of Old Montreal.  The religious statues are positionned to greet weary sailors arriving in port after crossing the Atlantic Ocean.  My plan, with this texture, is to give the image an older and more dramatic appearance.

Eh voila - the transformation.  Here are the steps I took in PSE 8: 

  • Applied texture to photograph, adjusting it to fit with bounding boxes which become visible when using the Move Tool.
  • Tried different Blend Modes and settled on Linear Light, reducing the Opacity to 80%.
  • Added a Layer Mask Action to remove some texture from the sky  Those who work with PS or PSE 9 have a layer mask available in the program and do not need an action. 
  • Used a Soft Brush (foreground color black) at Opacity of 20% to remove some texture.
  • Did a Levels Adjustment bringing white slider in to meet Histogram (to add a bit more light).
  • Sharpened the image once.  Felt it needed more, so Sharpened again.
  • Added my signature initials. 

To download this free texture, click HERE.  Oh, and "thank yous" are much appreciated!  :)


  1. fabulous image - thansk for the texture. Loving seeing textures used for art and drama

  2. Wow! I am so excited to find your two blogs! I arrived here from Mari at 365 days referring me to a possible solution to these dang blogger posting and comment problems... What a wonderful surprise!

    I have PSE 6 and am struggling to learn it...we have a group of creative friends who meet twice a year or three times, whatever we can work out, to share tips and tricks.

    I love to write...but I also love to paint. I used to paint with acrylics but have been exploring watercolor. I am an avid picture taker and have been experimenting with making photos look like art as well as collage hodge podge and painting...

    So nice to find you! Thank you for the blogger tips too!

  3. love that texture ... I'm in the learning process of all of this ...

  4. Such a beautiful texture, Bonnie!

  5. Beautiful and light texture. Dota wing artistic photo of great plasticity. Very good.

  6. This is such a rich and beautiful texture I love it just by itself! But it also lends a very cool effect to the photo you applied it to.

  7. Hi Bonnie!

    Found you via a link on Evelyn's "Within My Focus," and I am so glad I did. What a beautiful blog you have, and your work wit textures is truly magnificent!


  8. Thank you! I'm looking forward to working with your texture and I'll definitely keep you in the loop on my results.

  9. Thanks so much for the textures. I'm enjoying using them!

  10. Such beautiful textures...thank you so very much. I have just joined your blog as a follower and hope to be able to keep track of all you have to teach here.
    You are most generous.


  11. Thanks for the free texture, Bonnie! It is Fantastic! And I'm sure to use it again.
    I used it here. Torpid Curiosity
    Again Thanks!
    Byron :)


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