Monday, June 20, 2011

Textured Street Scenes

These photographs were taken while driving (my DH was driving) in "The Plateau" area of Montreal.  This area hosts many different immigrant groups and is loved for its diversity of restaurants and ethnic food shops.  While Montreal has such interesting architecture to photograph, I could not resist snapping a few shots of the even more fascinating people.

These two women (friends?  friendly strangers?) chatting at a bus stop.  With the addition of my "Vintage Blues 1" texture and Kim Klassen's "Mayzee" texture the storefronts behind the women now look a bit like abstract art.  What do you read in this woman's eyes?  Curiosity?  Doubt?  Interest?  Surprise? 

As we waited at a red light, I could not resist taking a shot of this bicycler's colorful jacket.  The colors have been ratcheted up a bit with my "Vintage Blues 1" texture and Kim Klassen's "Silence" texture. 
(Click HERE to download your free copy of my Vintage Blues 1 texture.)

Again, sitting at a red light I noticed a lonely figure of a man limping along on the sidewalk.  Not far from, and to the left of him, a young woman with iridescent red/orange hair sits strumming her guitar and singing on her front porch.  I used Kim Klassen's "Mayzee" texture on this image.  It was applied twice to produce the tones desired. 

You can click on any of the images above to enlarge.

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  1. I love your street scenes, Bonnie -- and thanks so much for the texture. Can't wait to try it out!

  2. Love how you captured the feel of a place through your shots.

  3. What a great capture of the two women, with that enigmatic, though slightly fierce, expression on the one's face we see. There is a hint of amusement there. The added textures give a satisfying depth and timelessnes to the composition.
    The bicyclist picture looks like she is waiting to launch herself into another plane. The colours are great!
    And, ah, the man limping along the street--such an atmospheric rendering of a Montreal neighbourhood.

  4. Hi Bonnie - your subject choices to photograph are wonderful - full of "life", and your skill is amazing to capture and texturize.
    Love to you

  5. Loved the intenseness of the colours. It just make the pictures look so interesting. V

  6. your photography and texture work are quite beautiful~!
    so glad you paid me a visit as i love your blog and would like permission to put it on my sidebar if you wouldn't mind?

    i think in the first photo we are seeing this woman being asked directions . . . she's a bit taken off guard but kindly trying to help . . .


  7. Awesome photography - they feel so personal!

  8. I really like the photos you take - you have a wonderful eye! And the textures are perfect

  9. These are wonderful candid shots Bonnie!
    So nicely done.
    Your work with textures is just fantastic.

  10. I love your images -- especially the first one of the women talking. The background reminds me of a patchwork quilt. I love the colors!

  11. I love how the Vintage Blues texture affects these shots, Bonnie. Definitely a "texture" in lovely colors. I'd love to take such great candid shots.

  12. the lady at the bus stop looks cold!

  13. I adore your blog. It pushes me to try harder to understand the texture concept. These shots are awesome with their wonderful color. You are just the best. Genie

  14. I love the result with excellent processing. Beautiful pictures of this street and its characters, excellent texture, light and color


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