Sunday, July 31, 2011

Free Fine Art Textures

As promised, here are two new free textures just for you.  I hope you like them and are able to use them to create unique pieces of photo art for your collection.  I will provide a few examples of the effects that can be achieved with these textures. 

There is much to be learned by observing our selves in the process of creating art.  I have observed that when I am in creative mode I exhibit many of the characteristics of right-brain thinking.  I become impulsive, impatient, emotional, non-rational, imaginative, impetuous, playful, child-like, etc.  I share this information, in part, as an explanation for why I sometimes cannot recall all the steps I take in creating a piece of photo art. 

While in my 'right' brain I have no time for words, lists, notations, explanations, procedures, rules - and so I usually neglect to name my layers in Photoshop.  Yes, "my name is Bonnie and I am lax with layers"!  

Of course, in that moment of  impetuous creativity I am positive I will recall exactly what I did to produce the piece - but when I step away from it, and especially if I have flattened or merged the layers, I am often at a loss to recall precisely what I did.  So ... please bear with me if my descriptions of my process are not as precise as you would like. 

I would love to hear, btw, if any of YOU have observed anything similar about your creative process???

Okay - back to our textures!

PDPA "Dear John Letter" Texture.  To download, click HERE.

Another of my less than stellar photographs.

Same photograph with the addition of the Dear John Letter texture.  From memory, I think I processed this in Hard Light - probably reduced the opacity a bit.  I can see a layer mask was used to remove texture from the flower - and I have a hunch I made a levels adjustment to increase the white balance a bit.

This lonely lion sitting on a patio by the brook once had a partner.  During a wicked spring rain storm the brook rose to cover the field stone patio and this poor lion's partner floated away and is probably somewhere at the bottom of the Richelieu River by now!  Let's see what the addition of the texture does for this photo:

After the addition of the texture, I blended it with the photo in Color Burn - because of the sparkle and blue Color Burn gave to the water.  I reduced the opacity to 75% and used a layer mask to remove the script from the lion's body.  (I see I did a little 'clone' work on the muddy patch of ground behind the lion before adding the texture.  I probably sharpened the photograph as well.)  I made a levels adjustment to bring in a bit more light and I gave a bit of a painterly feel to the finished image by applying the Filter > Poster Edge.

A sweet little pear from last year's harvest off of our old pear tree.

With the texture - processed in Overlay.  Script removed using a layer mask Levels adjustment to adjust light.  That's it.  That's all!  Okay - now let's look at my favorite texture of the two I'm giving you this week:

PDPA "Artist's Easel" texture, 300 dpi.  To download click HERE.

Let's apply the Artist's Easel texture to the same pear photo as above.

I love what this texture does to the pear photograph when processed in Difference blending mode.  I adjusted the opacity to about 85% and tweaked the amount of light with a levels adjustment.  I tried adding poster edges to the image, but did not like the effect and clicked "Undo".  Love this one!!  Look at the burnished sheen the texture gives the little photo in Difference blending mode.

As always, I LOVE to receive links of any work you do that includes my textures.  It helps re-enforce my instincts to give some textures away for free.  If I never see them being used, I have to question why I put myself through all the work involved! 

Please note that the hosting site Mediafire seems to occasionally have a big image up saying "File Cannot Be Found".  Do not be deterred - this is referring (from what I have been able to discern) only to an image of the download.  The actual download function still works - just look below that silly warning and you will see a "Download" button for you to click on.  If you still have problems, simply contact me and I will find a way to get the textures to you - no problem!

Terms for Free Downloads:  You are free to use my textures to enhance your personal or commercial artwork. Please do not claim them as your own work, regift them or sell them as is. I also ask that you do not use these textures with the addition of slight adjustments to make your own textures. Copyright still applies after download. I am only agreeing to forgo copyright once they are incorporated into your own art or photo editing work.

I am participating in The Creative Exchange hosted by Lisa from Lisa Gordon Photography, with the last image in this post.  She and her participants do amazing work.  Check it out by clicking on her button:


  1. yes, my crative process is often just the same.
    very in the moment and 'this not that' and oh 'what if' . . .
    love that feeling of being lost in the moment/play of it all~!

    your textures are gorgeous and the work you've done with them is so creative and beautiful to look at.

    always happy to visit and see what you're up to.

  2. Love these Bonnie! I'm becoming a fan of the darker textures, like the ones you create, so the second one is perfect. :) Thank you for both. They are great !

  3. They are both 'delicious,' Bonnie! Thank you so much. I've posted my experiment with both on my blog.

    I keep a piece of paper next to my keyboard with the idea of recording my process, but it just doesn't work all the time. As a relative 'newbie' to textures (and most recently, actions), I love experimenting.

  4. Bonnie, am excited to try these are so generous with us. I used one of your filters yesterday, will post later tonight...check it out!

  5. "My name is Lynne and I am also lax with layers!" When I'm making art of any kind, I am lost to anything and anyone but the process. The thing is, I don't really have a "process" as's all trial and error and seeing "what if". It's for this reason I feel unable to teach anyone anything about making art. However, I did make an effort to leave a trail for you to follow over at Ragzedge (don't fall off!) about the Billet Doux image you asked about.
    I love these two new textures of yours. I must stop being so lazy and make some of my own; you're an inspiration, and it's lovely that you're being so generous with what you create. I love how that pear picture with the second texture almost looks like raku. Yummy stuff.

  6. I am so happy to come across your blog. These are beautiful textures, and can't wait to experiment with them. I will be happy to link back once I have used them. Thank you so much!

  7. I love what you have done with your pear photos bonnie, very effective.

  8. Hi Bonnie! Your creations are so beautiful!

  9. Bonnie...I adore your textures like I adore those of Kim Klassen. It is so exciting what I can create when I use them. Suddenly I can become an artist instead of just a picture taker. My love and thanks go out to you and Kim for you generosity in sharing your unbelievable talents with the rest of us. Fondly, Genie Robinson

  10. your textures add another layer of beauty to those beautiful shots. especially like the lion playing with the ball.

  11. Oh, I do know what you mean Bonnie. Each time I do something in Photoshop that I end up liking, I find that I have not used/labeled my layers, along with a host of other things I cannot remember. I just get going, and poof! the mind is gone!

    Your work here is wonderful, and I think "Artist's Easel" is one of your very best. Just love it.

    Ok, now off to download it :-)

    Thank you so much for sharing this today at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a wonderful day!


  12. Wow..Pear photos are stunning..beautiful work! would love to learn to do something like that...

  13. Beautiful work! I love the pear with script overlay!

  14. Oh my! That last image is eye-popping! Fantastic processing. Thank you so much for offering your textures! I'm tickled pink to go play!

  15. Love the last edit so beautiful:)

  16. That easel texture is a painting in its own right. Maybe more of a palette than an easel even. Just sitting here thinking that 'easel' probably means 'donkey', and is the thing that carries the load :-)?
    One thing though: I love the images you create, but I don't 'get' your header. It makes me uncomfortable each time I come for a visit. Am I missing something?

  17. august2011 - I'm happy you appreciate the textures! As for the header, I'm sorry it makes you uncomfortable. It is a photo of a fire pit on our property - full of branches and a few leaves. I have processed it in Photoshop to give it that look - and I love it as a piece of abstract photo art. Not to worry, however - I am working on making a new header for this blog. Stand by ... :)

  18. Hi Bonnie! Lovely to meet you and your your work and your textures, thank you for sharing. I'll link up when I've got something to show...have a great week :)

  19. Your Artist's Easel texture is stunning. It turns an ordinary pear into a marvelous work of art! I particularly like the color harmony in this piece.

  20. the pear became stunning with that colorful texture. :)


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