Saturday, July 23, 2011

...which head to wear...

Sometimes I feel like I just don't have my head screwed on right.  
(Or is it that I don't have the right head screwed on?)

The above image was created from three different copyright-free images from the Web,
 and my texture Old Ornate Linen
You can download this free texture by scrolling down into my previous post. 
There are actually two free textures waiting for you there.

I am linking the above piece of photo art with Your Sunday Best
hosted by the talented Nancy
of A Rural Journal.
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  1. This is just beautiful Bonnie!
    Fantastic work!

  2. Beautifully done Bonnie! You make magic!

  3. Beautiful work..... love your texture!

  4. Ha! Your title made me giggle...I might have to ponder this one a while!

  5. That's a really cool shot and I love how you achieved that effect through the texture. Really artsy!

    Visiting you through Sunday Best :)

    This Good Life

  6. This is beautiful, Bonnie. Looks like you had fun with this. :)

  7. This is so pretty, dreamy and feminine. I love it.

    PS: I do think there is such a thing as having one's head screwed on too tightly :-)

  8. A lovely marriage of images. Your ornate linen texture really enhances the atmosphere of it all, lending a depth and intriguing visual well as timelessness and mystery.

  9. I had never thought of doing this with a texture! Your image is wonderful, Bonnie!


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