Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Free Texture!!!

This is the texture that almost wasn't.  I had my finger on the delete key when I thought, "Oh why not test it?", and I'm so glad I did.  It's the best ugly texture ever! 

I just love how it performs in several blend modes.

 I hope you will give it a try - in spite of how it looks.
I dare you!

To download (for free!) pdpa grunge surprise texture:
Smile sweetly, and click HERE.  :)

Here Grunge Surprise is added to an unprepared photograph and blended in Overlay at 100%.  There are many post texture application manipulations that could make this a lovely image - but I wanted you to simply see what the texture will do in Overlay.

Here, Grunge Surprise is blended in Linear Light at 70%.  Again, many manipulations in Photoshop will make this a great painterly image, but I wanted you to just see what the texture does in Linear Light.

Another shot of a building with the application of Grunge Surprise processed in Color Burn with the opacity reduced to 55%.  This image needs a levels adjustment now - but you get the basic idea.

So have fun experimenting with this ugly texture that produces great effects!  Your feedback about the textures (especially in the form of links to your work with them) is always gratefully received.

If you also like beautiful textures, do check out the sets of four textures
on sale in my Texture Shoppe, for a nominal fee.

Terms of Use for Free Downloads:  You are free to use my textures to enhance your personal or commercial artwork. Please do not claim them as your own work, regift them or sell them as is. I also ask that you do not use these textures with the addition of slight adjustments to make your own textures. Copyright still applies after download. I am only agreeing to forgo copyright once they are incorporated into your own art or photo editing work.


  1. this looks like a good example of ugly beautiful! can't wait to try it. thanks.

  2. so glad you didn't delete it ...

  3. You wouldn't think by looking at the texture,that it would have such a nice effect on the buildings.

  4. A wonderful texture, interesting results.

  5. Downloaded! Will have to try this soon. Thank you Bonnie!! :)

  6. You really think this is ugly Bonnie??
    Not me!
    I LOVE it.
    Wonderful color!

  7. Don't you just love a happy accident?!? Just goes to show you the power of those layer effects. Looks amazing on both the building and the sky. A very versatile texture which is hard to come by. I'm glad you took it for a test drive!

  8. Thanks, Bonnie! I tried it... and it will be in my August Break 25 post. I think I need to try some photos of buildings now!

  9. spontaneously i love the middle one best. great texture, thanks so much!


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