Sunday, August 7, 2011 with digital editing...

Oh, I'm loving what a little digital play can do!  The photograph below
was merged with a texture/filter offered free by Nick Fortune Photography,
to produce this color-popping edit.

The photograph I chose to merge with Nick's gift.

This is the texture/filter offered by Nick of
Nick Fortune Photography.  Thank you Nick! 
You can get it too by visiting his post here.

Look at how I used it in my photo art creation below:

After making this collage with four copyright free images on the Web -
I added Nick's filter to pull it all together and loved the results.

Now processed in Overlay at 60%

Processed in Luminosity with opacity reduced to 35%

And this one was processed in Hue and left at 100% opacity.  I quite like this one.


  1. Great collages! I love using the "Hue" blending mode...the results are usually very interesting!

  2. appreciated seeing the different versions of the same photo with textures...nice reading your comments as well...I agree the last piece is fab.

  3. I love your collages and agree, that last one rocks!

  4. Bonnie, these are amazing works of art!
    I especially love the first one. It almost looks like a painting!

    Thank you so much for sharing these today at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a wonderful day!


  5. Oh...fascinating, Bonnie! I used the Green Texture on a coneflower, but haven't tried some 'extreme' playing around! I, too, really like that last one.

  6. What a beautiful work !!! Thanks for showing the steps. Thats great !

  7. i like all the different ways you processed that collage. so creative!

  8. It's nice to see how the different settings change it. I like the second and last ones best.

  9. I like the collages!

  10. Wow...that's really cool. Thanks for sharing with us and also thanks to Nick Fortune for allowing us to use it.

    Bright blessings,

  11. Thank you for the link to Nick Fortune’s blog...and thanks for sharing this wonderful post. I just love it when you girls who are so very talented share some of the things you are doing with the rest of us newbies. It is so interesting how you took the 4 pictures and experimented with the different processing methods. Love the post. What an inspiration. Genie

  12. Loving all of those. Isn't playing around fun?

  13. These are all so good! The last one has got to be my favourite! Thank you!!

  14. How did I miss this one! Amazing digital collage and texture work!


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