Monday, August 15, 2011

There's something afoot with textures!

Hi my lovelies!  Did you have a good weekend?  I think exhaustion today is my proof of a delightfully busy yet wonderful weekend! 

It's beginning to feel ever so slightly like Fall up here in Canada - just something different in the air.  A je ne sais quoi.  Everyone is busy preparing for 'back to school' in September.  Where did our summer go?

I promised you an example of one of last week's free textures used on a photograph.  While a little late, here it is:

I will use this "Artist" texture on my image.  You can download this pdpa texture by clicking HERE.

This image is a section of an incredible sculpture standing outside of an exclusive "boutique" hotel in the hot tourist section of Montreal, known as "Old Montreal".  Forgive me, I cannot give you the name of the sculptor.  (My head is hanging with shame and regret!)  The sculpture is a strange looking man aloft a strange looking horse.  Designed I think with tongue in cheek. 

I think there were more Americans wandering around the cobble-stone streets in the old section of Montreal this weekend than locals!  You could tell by all the English being spoken on the streets and, of course, by the license plates.  It was the perfect weekend for a cross-border get-away.

Above I added the "Artist" texture to my photograph blended in Hard Light at 85%.

Same components - blended this time in Difference at 85%.

Hope this encourages you to experiment with textures on your photographs.  If you just scroll down to my previous post there are two free textures waiting for you to download there.  More are available by clicking on the "Free For You" tab under my header.  Enjoy!  (Please read the Terms of Use for the free textures.)


  1. Great effect with that texture. I love how the second version becomes something totally "other"--a unique piece of art in its own right. You gave me a hankering to stroll around Old Montreal next visit; haven't been there for a few years.

  2. Really wonderful transformations Bonnie!
    Love these!

  3. Thanks for the always they are inspiring and fabulous. I wish we were feeling the Fall air here in Las Vegas...not quite yet.

    Have a wonderful week.

    Bright blessings,

  4. These are great - I love the one you did with the "difference" blend. I think your texture with metallic gold (Gold Dust Wonder) that looks similar to this would be great here too.

  5. I love the shapes and contrasts of light, very suggestive that texture. Excellent process.

  6. I love the use of texture on this image and using the difference mode added the final perfect touch.


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