Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Photo Art Friday is almost here!

Tomorrow (Thursday) will be the first chance to link up to showcase your photo art in Photo Art Friday.

I have programmed the post to appear a bit in advance of Friday, so tomorrow Thursday, Sept. 8th at 7:00 p.m. EST the post with the inlinkz tool should appear. 

I stress the word 'should' because I want to warn you that this is my first attempt at using  It all seemed very straight forward, but I have been known to mess things up on the first go 'round!  :)

So please be patient with me, and if you check in here to link up and things aren't working as they should - check back again later and I will have any problems resolved.

While there is no particular theme for this first Photo Art Friday, the time period will include the date of the tenth anniversary of 9/ll.  If any of you wish to showcase art in remembrance of that pivotal day, feel free to do so.

And, if any of you have any questions or need any help linking up, you can ask in the comment section or e-mail me.

I'll be looking for you!  :)


All comments are eagerly read and greatly appreciated.

While I do appreciate the honor, I do not accept awards or participate in assigned memes. Thanks for understanding. :)