Thursday, September 29, 2011

Photo Art Friday, Sept. 30th to Oct. 2nd


Here we are at our fourth Photo Art Friday already.  This one will lead us right into the month of October.  As mentionned in a previous post, I was again amazed by the quality of photo art pieces posted by everyone last week.  That certainly bodes well for what awaits us this week.

You may very well be wondering why Photo Art Friday is published on a Thursday.  :)  Every week the inlinkz tool activates on Thursday evening at 7:00 p.m. EST ... just for the early birds among us.  If you are not ready to link up Thursday evening, you have another three days in which to do so.  The inlinkz tool will be open until Sunday evening at 7:00 p.m. EST.  So - no hurry, no worry.

There is no theme this week, nor will there be next week.  You do not have to fit your image, imagination or creativity into any category box.  My only request is that you make a link in your post to this post, so that as many people as possible will join us either to participate or to view the art.

This photograph of a white 'cleome' is used as the 'canvas' for my photo art this week.

Eh voici - my submission for this week.  If it looks familiar, you may have seen it previously on my other blog Original Art Studio

Here's how it was done:

Made a slight levels adjustment to brighten the photo
Sharpened the image
Added an overlay with a faint script (not yet released here)
Blended the overlay with the photo in Difference blend mode
Left the opacity at 100%
Added my signature

Okay, the doors to our 'virtual vernissage' will open to the public soon.  Time to link up your art!

I'm already linked up and now busying myself preparing little virtual canapes and the virtual champagne and sparkling water.  Everything will be on a buffet table waiting for you.  Please help yourself.  Then, make your way from artist to artist and be inspired by the variety of photo art on display just for YOU.   :)

If you are new to Photo Art Friday, please don't be intimidated by the word "art".  Read the guidelines in my static page HERE and you will see just how broad and relaxed the requirements for participation are.

Last, but certainly not least, please don't forget to visit other participants.  We all need a little positive feedback now and then.  :)


  1. Good morning Bonnie.
    Spectacular flower!
    Fireworks, first in white and then in blue. Wonderful.

  2. I love the way you have totally transform your photo into a gorgeous abstract.

  3. This is a wonderful and fantastic work. I love the colors and the clear form.

  4. Love your newest piece!! Very cool!

  5. You are so funny, Bonnie. Virtual champagne. :)

  6. Bonnie, I love this so much I"m going to have to try it. Thanks.

  7. Really great. I love it, you get excellent color.

  8. Just fascinating, truly looks as if it was drawn and painted! Lovely!

  9. Such beautiful piece of art!
    Cleome is a very beautiful flower :)

  10. Wonderful workart, Bonnie :)


  11. That is clever done, Wow what a piece of ART :)

  12. I'm sorry you could not access the photos in color. You send them by mail. Greetings. Leovi.

  13. how wonderful Bonnie, it's an amazing piece of art. Thank you for hosting :)

  14. i love the "positive" as well as the "negative"... great photographic art!

  15. Wow! I love this blog and am now following. I will participate every friday! I am amazed...and even slightly the wonderful photos everyone has entered!

  16. Wow! This is amazing. Love the original, what a pretty flower. But you've turned it into a real piece of "art" with your creative edits. I love the colors you chose. What a different view but very pleasing.

  17. A very nice shot and artwork Bonnie! Thanks' for the virtual champagne...I needed it on a very hot day such as this! Wishing you a nice weekend!!

  18. Beautiful artwork.

    Regards and best wishes

  19. I love your artwork andyour blog!

  20. I LOVE what you did with this!
    Using 'difference' as an overlay style is something I will be trying out soon.
    Thank you.

  21. I love the colours in your entry, quite striking!!

    Nina @

  22. Strange, I posted a comment earlier and still don't see it. It seemed to have vaporized as soon as I hit post comment? I am a new follower, and inspired by what you are doing with your photos and textures. Now I need to finally learn PSE that I bought in February - just seems a bit overwhelming!


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