Monday, September 26, 2011

Thank You and A Texture - Or Two

A big THANK YOU going out to every one of you who contributed to last Friday's virtual vernissage!   I was just blown away by the quality of photo art linked up.  If you did not see it, do scroll down to my previous post and soak up some inspiration.  Thank you, too, to those of you who remember to link back here and even post the Photo Art Friday button.  Doing that benefits not only me, but each and every participant in the link-up, as it helps give our artsy showcase a little publicity.  People can't come to check out your amazing artwork if they don't know about it! 

Those who responded to my question about whether to include themes or not in our Photo Art Fridays seemed to agree that they enjoyed NOT being constrained by a particular theme.  As per some of the suggestions, if I ever do suggest a theme, I will keep it VERY broad.  Thank you so much for your input!   Soooo, no theme next Friday - just more of your incredible artistic compositions  ...  please!

As a little thank you for your support and participation in Photo Art Friday, please accept the free texture below.  It's just a couple of clicks to download and add to your archive of textures.

To download pdpa Unconditional texture, just smile ... and click HERE.

Okay, how about another free texture?  If one is good, two has to be better, right?  This texture is the cousin of "Unconditional".

To download pdpa Acceptance texture, click HERE.

Terms of Use for Free Downloads: You are free to use my textures to enhance your personal or commercial artwork. Please do not claim them as your own work, regift them or sell them as is. I also ask that you do not use these textures with the addition of slight adjustments to make your own textures. Copyright still applies after download. I am only agreeing to forgo copyright once they are incorporated into your own art or photo editing work.

See you Friday, if not before!!!


  1. Both of these are beautiful Bonnie! Thank you for sharing them.

  2. Both of these are beautiful Bonnie. Thank you for sharing them!

  3. Beautiful textures, Bonnie --

    I'm also writing to let you know I'm passing on the "Versatile Blogger" award to you on my latest post -- if you don't do awards, at least know I'm honoring you and have linked to you on my blog :)

  4. Thank you for these beautiful textures.

  5. Patience, patience!
    I saw it about three hours ago.
    Just didn't have time to follow it up :-)
    And.....I can finally get into your blog. Good. I hate to be late for Friday's Party.

  6. Hi Bonnie! I found you at Texture Tuesday and have been really enjoying my time in your blog this morning. I LOVE your textures...I love your work! I just might be joining you on Friday's! Thank you for sharing these amazing textures. I won't lie to you...I'm a texture glutton and will definitely feast on these! ( "

  7. these are beautiful, thanks for sharing them!

  8. Your work is amazing! I can't say it enough!


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