Monday, October 24, 2011

... another free texture ...

The sun is shining here today.  Gold and orange leaves seem to magnify the blessing of light.  Everything is enveloped in a golden glow.  O how I savour these crisp, shimmering Autumn days.

Your submissions to Photo Art Friday last week were so inspiring.  I just wanted to drop everything and create more of my own after looking at your amazing work.  Thank you to each and every one of you who shared your work here.

This week's Photo Art Friday has no theme except the standing one - that you submit something that you consider artful.  When I have more time, I will cook up a challenge for you!  In the meantime, thought I would share some work done using some of the four free texture downloads shared with you last week.

I applied the textures to the following piece of photo art, made a while back from a macro photograph of Black Knight Delphinium blossoms leaning on bamboo supports:

The first texture I tried on it was Mauve Magic:

Here's the result:


Apply Mauve Magic to image
Blended in Vivid Light at 100% Opacity
Used a Layer Mask to remove most of  texture from flowers
Levels Adjustment to bring in more whites
Flattened and Duplicate layers
Filter>Artistic>Poster Edges
Reduced Opacity of poster edges to 33%.

Next Tangled Tendrils was added to the same image:

Here is the result processed in Color Burn at 48% opacity:

Still using the texture Tangled Tendrils, but processed in Luminosity at 40%:

And now for the addition of the free texture Fanciful:

And the result processed in Difference (90%), with the addition of Poster Edges (33%):

I am hoping that the above examples of the addition of "Art-Easy" textures will encourage you to try them yourselves.  You can download all four of them for free HERE.

NOTE:  Don't try to enlarge and save the textures as you see them in this post.  They are only 72 dpi for blogging purposes.  To get the 300 dpi textures, go HERE to download.  Don't you just hate it when someone offers you use of an image and you download or save it only to find that it is 72 dpi.  If you want to sell or display your edited images you need to work with high resolution resources.

If you have already downloaded those four from last week, here is a brand new texture for you to add to your personal library of textures. I hope you like it.

To download (for free) pdpa Soft Swirls texture, simply click HERE.  Enjoy!


  1. The delphinium is just gorgeous Bonnie. I love all of the wonderful shades of purple. Just my opinion, but I truly think "Soft Swirls" is one of your very best! Just gorgeous.

    Thank you so much for sharing today at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a great evening!


  2. Everything you do is gorgeous!

  3. Love the delphinium works! The new texture is beautiful.

  4. As always, very nice work! Beautiful textures.

  5. Thank you again, Bonnie! Your textures are so fascinating!

  6. Oh.. the texture is so lovely. Love the work you have created with your textures.

  7. I love what your textures do to photographs. Just beautiful. Some look like Stained Glass Art. Thank you so much for sharing.

  8. Wow such an interesting blog... I'm just browsing your blog now. I lovely mixture of art and tutorials. your textures are so rich and decadent. Well worth a follow. There is lovely art work being showcased here. :-)

  9. Thanks for the free textures Bonnie! I can't wait to try them out. I really love Mauve Magic.

    Julie Magers Soulen Photography

  10. oh a lovely new texture; Soft Swirls looks fabulous! Thanks Bonnie

    i like it!


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