Monday, October 31, 2011

A Monday Perk

Wasn't the original idea for a 'weekend' one of relaxation and renewal?  These days it seems that we are busier than ever on the weekends.  Mondays are a good reality check.  I know I did not rest and renew on the weekend when I feel exhausted on Monday.  Duuuuh ...  Today is one of those Mondays!  Were you able to find moments of rest and relaxation on the weekend?  Hope so!  :)

The photo art that was showcased here last week was SO inspiring.  A big THANK YOU goes out to all of you who shared your work. 

Are you preparing a piece of original photo art to showcase here on Photo Art Friday this week?  We are all encouraged to try an effect, technique, style, editing tool that is out of our usual artistic norm, remember? 

I know what I want to try but have been procrastinating.  Will dive in and begin experimenting soon.  What about you?  Is your piece ready or still on your To Do list?  Well - get busy - I'll be looking for you here on Friday!  :)

(If are just learning about Photo Art Friday, you can read the general guidelines for participation by clicking HERE.)

Here is a little piece of photo art made over the weekend with a couple of newly-created textures:

Below, is one of the textures used in this piece and I would like to offer it to you for your texture library.  You should love the results you can achieve with this one.  Let me know what you think.

To download the 300 dpi version of pdpa Soft Echoes texture, click HERE.

Terms of Use for Free Downloads: You are free to use my textures to enhance your personal or commercial artwork. Please do not claim them as your own work, regift them or sell them as is. I also ask that you do not use these textures with the addition of slight adjustments to make your own textures. Copyright still applies after download. I am only agreeing to forgo copyright once they are incorporated into your own art or photo editing work.


  1. Such gorgeous tones your new texture added to the photo! I have 4 books on Photoshop techniques out of the library at present. Not enough time left in my lifespan to learn all the tricks! Good idea you have to start with one new trick.

  2. I love this composition with a nice texture. Exquisite blue.

  3. Thanks's fabulous. I'm so hoping to make it for this Friday, but I'm really swamped at work, so we'll see. Either way, I'm at least looking forward to seeing what you come up with and everyone else. Thanks for doing this every's very inspiring.

    Bright blessings,

  4. Lovely as always. Thank you for the texture.


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