Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Free Fine Art Textures

Hi there ... how are you doing today?  Hope all is well in your world.  I have a couple of great free textures for you today.  Check them out:


 To download a high resolution version of pdpa joie de vivre texture click HERE.

To download a high resolution version of pdpa Vellum texture click HERE.

A few examples follow of what Vellum did for this SOOC photograph.

Vellum applied in Difference blend mode and tweaked in RadLab.

Vellum, again blended with Difference and enhanced in RadLab.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Arsty Apparitions

I've been busy making new textures and then making some photo art using them.  Each texture in this new set of six contains a figure.  The backgrounds in the textures give a painterly effect to any photo to which they are applied.   Here are a few examples of what can be done with these textures.

Applied a new texture, "l'ennui" to my reliable old texture-tester pear photograph.  Here's what I did to achieve this effect:


Apply texture to photograph of pear
Blend in Hard Light 100%
Levels Adjustment to darken
Merge Visible
Filter>Strokes>Ink Lines>20% Opacity
Merge Visible
Duplicate Layer
Filter>Artistic>Dry Brush>27% Opacity
Merge Visible
Duplicate Layer
Filter>Artistic>Poster Edges>32% Opacity

"l'ennui" is part of a new set of textures that is available now in my Texture Sets Shoppe.  Click on the image for a larger view!
1.  Street Musician
2.  The Gift
3.  The Vapors
4.  Over The Ocean 
5.  l'ennui
6.  Excuse Me

pdpa l'ennui texture

Added "The Vapors" texture from the "Artsy Apparitions" Texture Set to this image of angel that you have seen posted here before.  I love that with "l'ennui" and "The Vapors" you can have her arm and hand reaching out to touch something in your photograph.

Again "The Vapors" texture applied to photograph of a rainbow shining down on a field.

pdpa Over The Ocean texture

Over The Ocean added to image of the Richelieu River near my home.  Followed much the same recipe (process, not necessarily blend or opacity selections) as given above for the pear.

Added Over The Ocean to public domain image of passageway in a derelict building.  A photograph of barren tree branches, another texture of text and blending in Difference Blend Mode.  A Levels Adjustment was made and applied RadLab Punch Out and Prettyizer effects finishes off a rather haunting, mysterious piece of photo art.

There is lots of fun to be had in your photo-art-making adventures using Artsy Apparitions Texture Set.  You can check it out HERE.

Hope you are having some happy photo art surprises that you can share with us at our next Photo Art Friday!

Sharing this post with the lovely Lisa Gordon's "The Creative Exchange".

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Photo Art Friday, Jan. 27th - 29th

Hi Friends!  Welcome to Photo Art Friday - the last in January, 2012.  Not to worry, we are continuing in February and beyond.

For those who wanted to participate in a 'challenge' this week, it was suggested that we use three photographs and one of my textures to create a piece of abstract photo art.  I hope it came through loud and clear that you do not have to participate if it is not convenient or of interest to you.  The original idea of posting photographs that we have edited to look like 'art' stands for every edition of PAF.

For those of you who would like a challenge for next week, here it is.  SURPRISE US!  Link up something different, something out of the norm for you, something that perhaps surprised you in your editing or photography ... that, of course, looks like art from a photograph.  (If you are not wanting a challenge, link up any photo art image.)

Here is my submission for this week:

Abstract photo art made from three photos of flowers and a couple of my textures and some RadLab effects.

As you can see in the Layers Panel on the right of the screenshot, I have applied one image of a flower on top of another blending them together in Lighter Color at 100%.

A macro photo of a Delphinium blossom is applied on top of the other two and blended with Luminosity at 100%.

Finding the previous result a bit dark, a Levels Adjustment is made adjusting the grey middle slider to the left to bring in some light.

An as yet unnamed, new transparent texture is added and blended in Vivid Light at 100%.  I like the stripes Vivid Light introduces into the image.

One of my Abstract Art Textures - Moderna is applied.

After some experimenting, I settle on Luminosity blending mode at 77% opacity.  Nice, but not eliciting and excitement from me ... yet.

I decide to add some Poster Edges (an Artistic Filter), but add a Levels Adjustment Layer to lighten the image a bit first.  Poster Edges will darken the image so sometimes I lighten the image a bit before applying it.

Flatten the layers and then duplicate the one layer before going to Filter>Artistic> Poster Edges.

Poster Edges have been added, but deciding it needs a little more oomph, I decide to run it through the Photoshop plug in, RadLab.

Cool As A Cucumber eliminates any yellow tones in the image.  I like it.

I keep the Cool As A Cucumber selection and add Prettyizer to it.  (See right panel in screenshot.)  Click Finish and RadLab applies the two selections, just like that.  Love the result.  Done!

The inlinkz box does not show up until precisely 7:00 p.m. EST Thursday evening.  So if you arrive at 6:55 the box will not yet be visible. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Free Artsy Texture For You

Hi there,

The doors for Photo Art Friday open, as usual, Thursday evening at 7:00 p.m. EST.  That's only 30-some hours from now!

The challenge for those who want to try their hand at some abstract art is to use three of your own photographs (or parts of 3 photographs) and one of my textures to create a piece of abstract photo art.  Please include a brief description of your editing process so that every viewing includes a little learning.

For those of you who want to stick with the original  'mandate' (linking up an image that you feel qualifies as 'art') for PAF are welcome to do so.

Just in case you are needing a vivid texture to combine with your images I've got a great free texture for you here!  I just had to share it with you.

To download the free, high resolution version of pdpa Topography texture, click HERE.

Remember, this is supposed to be a fun, skill-developing challenge.  If it's feeling like too much pressure, or taking up too much of your time, you can link up any photograph that you feel qualifies as photo-ART.  We want to keep it open and easy so that everyone can join in!

See you soon!  :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

...back on-line with free textures for you...

Hey my Lovelies - how are you?  I've been incommunicado due to intermittent internet server problems.  Am hoping everything is finally fixed - four days and three different technicians later!

Thank to all of you who were persistent and linked up your images to Photo Art Friday in spite of the glitches because of my connection problems.  Some incredible artwork was posted!!!    You are an awesome group and your efforts are appreciated. 

The next edition will be here before we know it.  The challenge, for those of you who accept it, is to use 3 of your own photos (or cropped portions of) and one of my textures to create a piece of abstract photo art.

If some of you feel that is too much of a challenge, post whatever photo art you have created and I know it will still be received with gratitude and enthusiasm.

Since it helps to have a little motivation ... and ... since everyone needs a little surprise "pick-me-up" on a Monday, I have two fab, free textures for you.  One you can use in more traditional ways, and the other packs a bit more punch for your more artsy pieces.  (Remember though, even the most vivid textures can be subtle in Screen blend mode or in Soft Light.)

If you like these two textures, be sure to check out my Shoppes (click on the buttons under my header).  Great textures are waiting for you there.  I change them up frequently so there is always something new to discover.

Okay - back to today's free textures:

Download this free pdpa texture "Etched in Stone" HERE.

Etched In Stone does fabulous things to your photographs.  Look at what it does to this simple pair of pears:

 No Filters or Plug-Ins (RadLab or Topaz) were used to further enhance this photograph.  The texture, Etched In Stone was applied and blended in Color Burn at 82% Opacity.  A Levels Adjustment Layer was used to bring in more light and my signature was added.  I like the old world painterly feel the image has now.

Download this free pdpa texture "Heavenly" HERE.

PDPA texture Heavenly was applied to the photo and blended in Soft Light at 100% Opacity.  No Filters or Plug-Ins were used - simply the texture and one manipulation.  Love the soft, glassy effect from the texture.  You can achieve more dramatic effects, if that is what you are looking for, in other blend modes.  From there you can go to wherever your imagination and skill-level will take you!

Terms of Use: Copyright still applies to these textures after purchase or free download, as stand alone articles. I only agree to forgo my design ownership rights once the texture is incorporated into your photographic or artistic work. Once the texture is a part of your work, you are free to use it in any of your personal or commercial endeavors. Please respect international copyright laws and do not claim these as your own, try to resell or gift them as is, or use them as the basis on which you create your own derivative textures.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Apologies! Link-up now for Photo Art Friday!!!

Apologies to those of you who have tried to link up.  I have not been able to connect to the internet for most of the last 36 hours due to problems with our server.

The inlinkz tool is now up and I hope you will try to post your photo art again.  So sorry for this inconvenience.

Welcome to this week's virtual gallery showcase of your photo art!   The challenge this week is to either share a piece somehow connected to the number 3/three OR make an abstract piece of photo art using my two latest free textures.  (If you do not have them yet, you can download them HERE.)

If you are new to Photo Art Friday, you can read the simple guidelines for participation on the Photo Art Friday page.

I chose to use the texture "Chinks of Light" with a few of my photographs to create a piece of abstract art.  Here are three variations of several created that I like:

 Photographs and texture processed in Hue blend mode at 100% Opacity.

Photographs and texture processed in Saturation blend mode at 100% Opacity.

Photographs and texture processed in Color blend mode at 100% Opacity.

Here are some screenshots to demonstrate the steps I took to get the above results:

In the Layers Panel you can see that I have applied one photo of spikey grass on top of another of a cluster of dried grasses.

The Layers Panel on the right of the screenshot, shows the addition of two more photographs.  (A red metal bar with ovals of light, and a photograph of the face of some sort of goddess/buddha statue in my garden.  The texture has yet to be applied.

Now, at the top of the layers panel you can see that I have added the texture "Chinks of Light".  Pin Light is the blend mode at 100% Opacity.   You don't really see the texture but it will bring an added dimension, if subtle, into the mix.  Pin Light is not really producing an effect I like.

Here I try Hue blend mode at 100% Opacity and like the effect.

Saturation, 100%.

Color, 100%.

As you can see, making this sort of abstract art does not require any skill at using Photoshop!!  It is more the choice and placement of images and textures that create the abstraction.  The only Photoshop edits used here were the blending modes at full opacity.  Really cannot get any easier than that!!!  There's no limit to where you could take your creations after that. 

Those of you with more expertise in Photoshop are certainly imagining many more digital manipulations you can use to create a piece of abstract art.  Perhaps you will share your secrets!?!!
For next week's Photo Art Friday, the challenge to you is to use three (3) of your photographs (or cropped parts thereof) and at least one (1) of my textures to create a piece of abstract art.  (Please add a little explanation of your process in your post.)  If you begin experimenting now, I'm sure you will have something great to share by next Friday!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Loving Every Day

February 14th is a day devoted to expressing love to those we hold dear - and it will soon be here!

We all know, however, that relationships need nurturing every day of the year.  We know too that love relationships are one of life's biggest challenges - evidence the number of divorces, break-ups and un-happy unions. 

During my twenty years as a psychotherapist it was painfully evident to me that a good number of people who think they know how to express love, actually do not.  So over the years I developed a list of specific behaviors for my clients to help them learn the basic attitudes and acts that demonstrate love.  Now, with my new Photoshop skills I decided to create a poster featuring this information.  And, what better time of year to launch it?!

When you read this poster, you might ask yourself

Are these are the behaviors that I demonstrate to my loved ones? 

Conversely, are these behaviors demonstrated to me by those who claim to love me?

The good news is that it is never too late to learn how to be more open, affirming, allowing, loving, affectionate, etc.  Sometimes we just need a concrete reminder.  Having this poster hanging on the wall somewhere in your environs will remind loved ones how to protect and even increase the love in your heart(h) and home. 

While teens might never admit to reading the poster, if it hangs in your home they will, with time, absorb the learnings (in spite of themselves!). 

What better gift could you give your children than ensuring they know what constitutes loving behavior and, in turn, what they should expect from their future partners in terms of loving behaviors coming back to them?

Digital file "How To Love - A Primer" (version 1)  -  $9.50 USD
Add to Cart

Digital file "How To Love - A Primer" (version 2)  -  $9.50 USD
Add to Cart

View Cart

If you want to purchase either of these posters already printed and ready to hang on your wall, you can do so at my Zazzle shoppe HERE.

If you would like to purchase only the digital file for this poster and then have your favorite copy center print it for you in the size and quality you want, you can do so by clicking "Add To Cart" on this page.

(No shipping charges for digital files! Yay!!!)

(Whether you purchase the printed version at Zazzle or the digital file here, there will be slightly more background surface on Version 2 than what you see on the image in this post.  I had to crop it tightly to get Blogger to accept the large size image - even when saved for the WEB!  Version 1 shows the amount of background border that you will also get on Version 2)

The poster is designed in a 18" x 24" format.  At both Zazzle and any copy center you can, however, choose the size and paper quality that fits your needs.

May you be loved and loving February 14th and every other day of the year!  :-)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Addendum re: Next Week's PAF & Two Freebies!

First, if you are looking for this week's Photo Art Friday, you can find it HERE.

Thank you to all of you who have linked up so far.  I'm impressed! 

So many of you who link up with PAF have expressed how much you enjoy the challenge of trying new ways to use your photos.  It made me think that such artsy enthusiasts could only have been disappointed to read in my last post that next week's PAF challenge was to connect your work to the number "3/three".  So ...

Those of you who want to stick with the "3/three" challenge are more than welcome to do so.

BUT for those of you wanting something more demanding to kick-start your creative juices, I am challenging you to use one (or both) of the following free abstract art textures to create a piece of abstract art for next week's PAF.

You can follow this tutorial if you need hints on how to make something abstract from your actual photographs.  

Free yourself from the constraints of how things 'should be'.  Be a little wild and crazy with the edits you select.  Be warned, some won't work at all, BUT ...  you may just get lucky and stumble upon one that will blow your socks off!!!

Of course anyone can help themselves to these free abstract art textures.  If you try to simply "save as" from the images in this post you will end up with a low resolution image meant for the web.  To get your 300 dpi high resolution image go through the download process - it does not take long.

To download pdpa Chinks of Light texture click HERE.

To download pdpa Off Kilter texture, click HERE.

Terms of Use: Copyright still applies to these textures after purchase or free download, as stand alone articles. I only agree to forego my design ownership rights once the texture is incorporated into your photographic or artistic work. Once the texture is a part of your work, you are free to use it in any of your personal or commercial endeavors. Please respect international copyright laws and do not claim these as your own, try to resell or gift them as is, or use them as the basis on which you create your own derivative textures.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Photo Art Friday, Jan. 13th - 15th

Hi there fellow photo art aficionados!!   Hope you are fully back into the non-holiday swing of things.  I've found it challenging to embrace my everyday schedule since the holidays ... seem to be suffering with a general lack of energy and enthusiasm.  Maybe a little more sunshine would do the trick!  :) 

The sun is always shining, however, when I get to look at your photo art ... so please bring it on by linking up. 

If you are new to Photo Art Friday, you can read the guidelines for linking up your photo art HERE.

This week the suggestion is to feature a piece of photo art using one of my free textures from the Free For You section of this blog.  I decided to use the pdpa Faded Fresco texture with a photograph of some great old doors.

pdpa Faded Fresco can be downloaded in high resolution in the Free For You page

photograph of gorgeous old doors - graffiti and all

Photograph and texture married in Vivid Light blending mode at 90%.  I used an Adjustment Layer>Photo Filter (a warming filter) to add more gold tones to the brass on the door.  A black border was also added using the Crop Tool.  Yes, the Crop Tool!

Here's How to Add a Border with the Crop Tool:

1.  Choose the color you want for the border around your and make it your background color at the bottom left of your tool bar

2.  Select your crop tool

3.  With your mouse sweep across the photo from outside the upper left corner down to just outside of the lower right corner.  The cropping lines will automatically cling to all the borders of your image.  DO NOT CLICK THE GREEN 'COMMIT' CHECK MARK YET.

4. Using the bounding boxes on the corners of the crop tool lines, pull them out from where they cling to the image, to the size you would like your border/frame to be.  I just eyeball it to get the border on all four sides to look equal.  Sometimes this takes a little time, especially if you are trying for a narrow border.  When you are finished this step, the crop tool lines will be hovering equally beyond all four sides of your image.  When finished this will be your border.  If you want to adjust the size, do so now.

5.  If you want the crop line to move in small pixel increments,  click on the bounding box and use the arrow keys on your keyboard (the arrow that would pull in the direction you want to move).  The arrow keys allow you to move the line in much smaller increments than your mouse.

6.  Once satisfied with the size of the border you have created, click on the green check mark to commit your edits and your border should 'magically' appear in the color you designated for your background color.

Same photo, same texture blended in Difference at 85% Opacity.  A Levels Adjustment was made to bring in a bit more light.  I used the white slider in the Levels Adjustment box to accomplish that.  A border was not added to this photo-art edit.

For next week's edition of Photo Art Friday    
let's feature an image that has some connection to the number 3/three.  Be as creative with that suggestion as you wish!  Remember, the on-going challenge with PAF is that the image that you link up should be a piece of photo-art.

Okay, mes amis, now it is your turn to link up your photo-art.  Can't wait to see what you bring to our gallery this week!

Since I have decided I must concentrate a bit more on my art this year, I will not comment on each piece of photo art linked up.  I will definitely click on each link and enjoy all of your submissions.  Random comments will be made.  :) 

Know how deeply grateful I am for each and every piece of artwork you choose to share here.