Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Abstract Art Texture Demonstration

The response to my new abstract art textures has been really gratifying!  I so appreciate your interest, enthusiasm and patronage.  Some of you have asked for examples, recipes and work flow explanations on how to use the these dramatic textures.  Here's the first:

I made this piece of abstract art in under ten minutes last night.  The abstract art textures really facilitate the whole process!

The first thing I suggest when you want to create a piece of abstract art using your photographs and abstract art textures, is to gather some photos that you think might make interesting components in a piece of abstract art, into your project bin in Photoshop - or whatever editing program you use.  You can see that you do not have to use spectacular photos - very mundane ones that have some graphic quality to them will work well.  (I have only numbered them here to help you know which ones I used for a particular piece.)

For the above piece of art, I used a flower photo, #11 as my base (background) photo.  I then applied the backlit green leaves, #10 to the flower.

pdpa abstract art texture "Splendid" is the one I selected to use for this experiment.  I call it an experiment because you never really know what you are going to get until you try it.  That's what makes it exciting for me.  It can also be frustrating at times, however, because combinations you are sure will work, sometimes just don't.  When that happens I just move on and select new photos and new texture combinations. 

This screen shot shows the layers progression.  The actual recipe is as follows:

*  Open white flower (#11) in PS
*  Drag backlit leaves (#10) on top of flower
*  Blend backlit leaves and flower in Multiply, opacity 100%
*  Apply (in my case I dragged) Splendid abstract art texture onto top layer
*  Blend Splendid texture into layers beneath, in Hard Light, opacity 100%
*  Made a Levels Adjustment pulling grey slider to 1.24 and white slider to 218 to bring in more light
*  Add signature

Now how easy is that?!!!  A great result with just three components and a few tweaks in PSE.

A few other tips:

*  Always have several photos with interesting shapes, lines, edges open in your project bin that you can add to your composition if one photo is just not doing the trick

*  Be open to using more than one texture if you think it is needed

*  If you like what the marriage of one photograph and texture produce and you would like to use them together again, you can make your end result look different by cropping and/or rotating any of your digital components

*  Play a bit with your photograph before you marry it with the texture.  Try using some of Photoshops Filters on the photograph to simplify or distort it.  I've used Liquify, Cutout, Splatter with interesting results.  Then apply the abstract art texture to your Filtered photo

*  While I want to demonstrate only what can be achieved using my textures in Photoshop and am not using any plug-ins to tweak my examples of abstract art, if you have RadLab or Topaz you can use them on your finished piece of work to see if they add a little 'je ne sais quoi' to the piece

You can see the abstract art textures currently available by going here.


  1. Very nice Bonnie, and I have been playing with the textures that I purchased all morning. Having fun! Can't wait for Friday!!!

  2. That's a lovely result Bonnie! I have just finished my editing for Friday, and have used 3 of your textures!! I am very tempted by your abstracts though... hmmm!

  3. sounds easy, but not sure if it is. I don't have PS, I have PSP, which might work similar to that. I'm still learning the program, but will give it a try and if it looks good, I'll make a post and share.

    Thanks for sharing your recipe.

    Bright blessings,

  4. Thank you so much for this tutorial. Wonderful result, can't wait to try some of these new textures.

  5. I love this, and it is so neat to see the photographs that went into the making of the final print. Just beautiful.

  6. great piece of abstract art. It looks really great. :)

  7. What a helpful tutorial to go with those dynamite textures. Using your ideas as inspiration, I gave it try and will share on Friday. Since I didn't find you til late in the year, I don't have enough to choose from for a fave, so will share what I worked on today. It was sure fun!


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