Monday, January 23, 2012

...back on-line with free textures for you...

Hey my Lovelies - how are you?  I've been incommunicado due to intermittent internet server problems.  Am hoping everything is finally fixed - four days and three different technicians later!

Thank to all of you who were persistent and linked up your images to Photo Art Friday in spite of the glitches because of my connection problems.  Some incredible artwork was posted!!!    You are an awesome group and your efforts are appreciated. 

The next edition will be here before we know it.  The challenge, for those of you who accept it, is to use 3 of your own photos (or cropped portions of) and one of my textures to create a piece of abstract photo art.

If some of you feel that is too much of a challenge, post whatever photo art you have created and I know it will still be received with gratitude and enthusiasm.

Since it helps to have a little motivation ... and ... since everyone needs a little surprise "pick-me-up" on a Monday, I have two fab, free textures for you.  One you can use in more traditional ways, and the other packs a bit more punch for your more artsy pieces.  (Remember though, even the most vivid textures can be subtle in Screen blend mode or in Soft Light.)

If you like these two textures, be sure to check out my Shoppes (click on the buttons under my header).  Great textures are waiting for you there.  I change them up frequently so there is always something new to discover.

Okay - back to today's free textures:

Download this free pdpa texture "Etched in Stone" HERE.

Etched In Stone does fabulous things to your photographs.  Look at what it does to this simple pair of pears:

 No Filters or Plug-Ins (RadLab or Topaz) were used to further enhance this photograph.  The texture, Etched In Stone was applied and blended in Color Burn at 82% Opacity.  A Levels Adjustment Layer was used to bring in more light and my signature was added.  I like the old world painterly feel the image has now.

Download this free pdpa texture "Heavenly" HERE.

PDPA texture Heavenly was applied to the photo and blended in Soft Light at 100% Opacity.  No Filters or Plug-Ins were used - simply the texture and one manipulation.  Love the soft, glassy effect from the texture.  You can achieve more dramatic effects, if that is what you are looking for, in other blend modes.  From there you can go to wherever your imagination and skill-level will take you!

Terms of Use: Copyright still applies to these textures after purchase or free download, as stand alone articles. I only agree to forgo my design ownership rights once the texture is incorporated into your photographic or artistic work. Once the texture is a part of your work, you are free to use it in any of your personal or commercial endeavors. Please respect international copyright laws and do not claim these as your own, try to resell or gift them as is, or use them as the basis on which you create your own derivative textures.


  1. These are heavenly, Bonnie. Can't wait to try them. ;->

  2. thanks Bonnie; they're both great savers...

  3. These are great textures. Looking forward to using them. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talents.

  4. I LOVE these, Bonnie! Especially the effect of the first one - wow! Fabulous and thank you!

  5. LOVE these, Bonnie! Especially the effect of the first one - wow! Fabulous and thank you!

  6. These are SO helpful and most generous of you. Thank you so much!

  7. Your challenge to create abstract photo art is tougher than I expected. I mean, it's easy enough to put the pieces together, but making them look good is the challenge. My hope is that if I keep trying, eventually I'll develop an eye for this. My appreciate of your work has increased 100%.

  8. So beautiful! Thank you, Bonnie. :) (and I'm so glad your computer issues are fixed)

  9. Your textures and bleding modes are beautiful.

  10. These are GORGEOUS Bonnie.
    Thank you so much for sharing these textures.

  11. Etched in stone is just amazing & I love what it did to your simple pear photo! Can't wait to give it a try. Thanks for continuing to share your genius with us!

  12. Wow, I LoVe what that first texture did to your photo! Just gorgeous!!!

  13. Thanks so much Bonnie - your textures are always beautiful. I think etched in stone has a huge wow factor and look forward to playing with it! =)


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