Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Loving Every Day

February 14th is a day devoted to expressing love to those we hold dear - and it will soon be here!

We all know, however, that relationships need nurturing every day of the year.  We know too that love relationships are one of life's biggest challenges - evidence the number of divorces, break-ups and un-happy unions. 

During my twenty years as a psychotherapist it was painfully evident to me that a good number of people who think they know how to express love, actually do not.  So over the years I developed a list of specific behaviors for my clients to help them learn the basic attitudes and acts that demonstrate love.  Now, with my new Photoshop skills I decided to create a poster featuring this information.  And, what better time of year to launch it?!

When you read this poster, you might ask yourself

Are these are the behaviors that I demonstrate to my loved ones? 

Conversely, are these behaviors demonstrated to me by those who claim to love me?

The good news is that it is never too late to learn how to be more open, affirming, allowing, loving, affectionate, etc.  Sometimes we just need a concrete reminder.  Having this poster hanging on the wall somewhere in your environs will remind loved ones how to protect and even increase the love in your heart(h) and home. 

While teens might never admit to reading the poster, if it hangs in your home they will, with time, absorb the learnings (in spite of themselves!). 

What better gift could you give your children than ensuring they know what constitutes loving behavior and, in turn, what they should expect from their future partners in terms of loving behaviors coming back to them?

Digital file "How To Love - A Primer" (version 1)  -  $9.50 USD
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Digital file "How To Love - A Primer" (version 2)  -  $9.50 USD
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If you want to purchase either of these posters already printed and ready to hang on your wall, you can do so at my Zazzle shoppe HERE.

If you would like to purchase only the digital file for this poster and then have your favorite copy center print it for you in the size and quality you want, you can do so by clicking "Add To Cart" on this page.

(No shipping charges for digital files! Yay!!!)

(Whether you purchase the printed version at Zazzle or the digital file here, there will be slightly more background surface on Version 2 than what you see on the image in this post.  I had to crop it tightly to get Blogger to accept the large size image - even when saved for the WEB!  Version 1 shows the amount of background border that you will also get on Version 2)

The poster is designed in a 18" x 24" format.  At both Zazzle and any copy center you can, however, choose the size and paper quality that fits your needs.

May you be loved and loving February 14th and every other day of the year!  :-)


  1. Wonderful poster, Bonnie! I love the second one, with all the different fonts

  2. These are both great Bonnie! So many good lessons that we all need to know and use in our interpersonal relationships!

  3. Great the colors in the first one.

  4. I too love this poster!! I am going to your shop and check it out!

  5. This is a terrific poster, Bonnie. Now, if we can just master all of your wisdom! I'm trying, but I'm still a work in progress.


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