Thursday, January 12, 2012

Photo Art Friday, Jan. 13th - 15th

Hi there fellow photo art aficionados!!   Hope you are fully back into the non-holiday swing of things.  I've found it challenging to embrace my everyday schedule since the holidays ... seem to be suffering with a general lack of energy and enthusiasm.  Maybe a little more sunshine would do the trick!  :) 

The sun is always shining, however, when I get to look at your photo art ... so please bring it on by linking up. 

If you are new to Photo Art Friday, you can read the guidelines for linking up your photo art HERE.

This week the suggestion is to feature a piece of photo art using one of my free textures from the Free For You section of this blog.  I decided to use the pdpa Faded Fresco texture with a photograph of some great old doors.

pdpa Faded Fresco can be downloaded in high resolution in the Free For You page

photograph of gorgeous old doors - graffiti and all

Photograph and texture married in Vivid Light blending mode at 90%.  I used an Adjustment Layer>Photo Filter (a warming filter) to add more gold tones to the brass on the door.  A black border was also added using the Crop Tool.  Yes, the Crop Tool!

Here's How to Add a Border with the Crop Tool:

1.  Choose the color you want for the border around your and make it your background color at the bottom left of your tool bar

2.  Select your crop tool

3.  With your mouse sweep across the photo from outside the upper left corner down to just outside of the lower right corner.  The cropping lines will automatically cling to all the borders of your image.  DO NOT CLICK THE GREEN 'COMMIT' CHECK MARK YET.

4. Using the bounding boxes on the corners of the crop tool lines, pull them out from where they cling to the image, to the size you would like your border/frame to be.  I just eyeball it to get the border on all four sides to look equal.  Sometimes this takes a little time, especially if you are trying for a narrow border.  When you are finished this step, the crop tool lines will be hovering equally beyond all four sides of your image.  When finished this will be your border.  If you want to adjust the size, do so now.

5.  If you want the crop line to move in small pixel increments,  click on the bounding box and use the arrow keys on your keyboard (the arrow that would pull in the direction you want to move).  The arrow keys allow you to move the line in much smaller increments than your mouse.

6.  Once satisfied with the size of the border you have created, click on the green check mark to commit your edits and your border should 'magically' appear in the color you designated for your background color.

Same photo, same texture blended in Difference at 85% Opacity.  A Levels Adjustment was made to bring in a bit more light.  I used the white slider in the Levels Adjustment box to accomplish that.  A border was not added to this photo-art edit.

For next week's edition of Photo Art Friday    
let's feature an image that has some connection to the number 3/three.  Be as creative with that suggestion as you wish!  Remember, the on-going challenge with PAF is that the image that you link up should be a piece of photo-art.

Okay, mes amis, now it is your turn to link up your photo-art.  Can't wait to see what you bring to our gallery this week!

Since I have decided I must concentrate a bit more on my art this year, I will not comment on each piece of photo art linked up.  I will definitely click on each link and enjoy all of your submissions.  Random comments will be made.  :) 

Know how deeply grateful I am for each and every piece of artwork you choose to share here.


  1. Thank you for posting recipe for how you created image with doors. Cheers

  2. I love your doors, Bonnie! They inspired me to find a door image in my files and play with it. Thanks for the challenge and opportunity, Bonnie.

  3. Great photos/edits. I like the ragged edge of the picture and really liked the one in the Blue tones.

  4. Very nice photos/edits. Love the ragged edges and the Blue version really captured my attention.

  5. Great work Bonnie!

  6. Love your recipes.
    I love the color and tones in the first edit.

  7. Such beautifully created images!! Love them all!

  8. Wow! I had no idea when I posted my photo that yours would feature Faded Fresco, Bonnie!! How beautifully yours turned out... Thank you for the recipe - I shall enjoy playing with that! =D

  9. a lovely new texture layer; thanks for sharing Bonnie

  10. Hi Bonnie. Beautiful old doors. Photo editing is so much fun. I am looking forward to checking out some of the books you have suggested. Hope you have a great weekend!

  11. Always enjoy using your Faded Fresco texture. These are beautiful. Thanks, Bonnie. Karen

  12. Your work is SO inspirational!
    Thank you.

  13. Thank you for the texture and for hosting, Bonnie! :)

  14. I just love your textures. That fresco one is terrific--can't wait to take it for a ride.

  15. The texture is fine. I love the last shot the best. But sadly id does not fit my photo so I pass on that. :) Have a nice weekend.

  16. It always amazed me what you do with your photos using your incredible textures.


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