Thursday, January 26, 2012

Photo Art Friday, Jan. 27th - 29th

Hi Friends!  Welcome to Photo Art Friday - the last in January, 2012.  Not to worry, we are continuing in February and beyond.

For those who wanted to participate in a 'challenge' this week, it was suggested that we use three photographs and one of my textures to create a piece of abstract photo art.  I hope it came through loud and clear that you do not have to participate if it is not convenient or of interest to you.  The original idea of posting photographs that we have edited to look like 'art' stands for every edition of PAF.

For those of you who would like a challenge for next week, here it is.  SURPRISE US!  Link up something different, something out of the norm for you, something that perhaps surprised you in your editing or photography ... that, of course, looks like art from a photograph.  (If you are not wanting a challenge, link up any photo art image.)

Here is my submission for this week:

Abstract photo art made from three photos of flowers and a couple of my textures and some RadLab effects.

As you can see in the Layers Panel on the right of the screenshot, I have applied one image of a flower on top of another blending them together in Lighter Color at 100%.

A macro photo of a Delphinium blossom is applied on top of the other two and blended with Luminosity at 100%.

Finding the previous result a bit dark, a Levels Adjustment is made adjusting the grey middle slider to the left to bring in some light.

An as yet unnamed, new transparent texture is added and blended in Vivid Light at 100%.  I like the stripes Vivid Light introduces into the image.

One of my Abstract Art Textures - Moderna is applied.

After some experimenting, I settle on Luminosity blending mode at 77% opacity.  Nice, but not eliciting and excitement from me ... yet.

I decide to add some Poster Edges (an Artistic Filter), but add a Levels Adjustment Layer to lighten the image a bit first.  Poster Edges will darken the image so sometimes I lighten the image a bit before applying it.

Flatten the layers and then duplicate the one layer before going to Filter>Artistic> Poster Edges.

Poster Edges have been added, but deciding it needs a little more oomph, I decide to run it through the Photoshop plug in, RadLab.

Cool As A Cucumber eliminates any yellow tones in the image.  I like it.

I keep the Cool As A Cucumber selection and add Prettyizer to it.  (See right panel in screenshot.)  Click Finish and RadLab applies the two selections, just like that.  Love the result.  Done!

The inlinkz box does not show up until precisely 7:00 p.m. EST Thursday evening.  So if you arrive at 6:55 the box will not yet be visible. 


  1. Hi Bonnie - putting mine up at my site in a few. This is beautiful. Love your choice of color and will read through your "process" thoroughly when I get a few minutes or longer! LOL - Hugs from Alaska. Karen

  2. I'm in awe of this sequence of steps.
    Wonderful result though, worth all your trouble.

  3. What a great demonstration of your process! I've not used RadLab - it looks like fun. I really like the color palette you ended up with and the use of poster edges (one of my faves too). I showed screen shots of mine too, but your way seems more effective because the images are big enough to actually see. I couldn't figure out how to get screen shots in blogger easily.....might try again next time. Thanks for the freebies and for hosting - I'm having a blast!

  4. OK - had time to read the process, Bonnie. I may have to try the "free" trial of RadLab someday. I like the screenshot that shows the choices you can make from the action. Pretty cool. Really enjoy how you have shown us the steps and thought process for this piece. Thanks bunches always for being such a wonderful hostess and for the great texture. Having lots of fun and enjoying the contributions. Karen

  5. Thanks for the detailed process instructions.
    I'll be linking up soon.
    As always, thanks for the encouragement and challenges.

  6. Thank you for showing us the process, Bonnie. It always looks so easy... and when I do it, I just don't like it. I tried an abstract the way you explained in your tutorial, and first I didn't even want to put in on my blog and share it here. Then I thought "what the heck" and posted it, but I am not happy with it. I think I chose wrong pictures. I will try again when I have time, using photos of flowers - I have tons of them. It IS an interesting process, but I am not sure whether I really get a hang on it or not. I really like your challenges, Bonnie, you get me way out of my comfort zone, and that alone is a good thing.

  7. I love the resulting color palette and abstract form in this lovely piece.
    Thank you so much for the tutorial, looks like quite a process.

  8. I really love your end result Bonnie... and Pettyizer! What a great name for an effect!! I haven't tried RadLab or Topaz yet - I think I should stick with Photoshop until I know it better!!

  9. Number two and number 13 really beautiful! They all are but those are my favs.

  10. Where can I comment on entry 11?

  11. Wow, I love your results...such beautiful colors! I learn something new from you every week - thanks again for this wonderful weekly prompt.

  12. Hey Everyone! Love all the work everyone is sharing! If you come back #11, your link-up leaves us no way to comment on your gorgeous bird! Feel free to link up again so that you can receive all the comment love wanting to come your way.

    A few of you have expressed a little frustration and disappointment with your efforts this week. I am thinking that I may have set you up for this by suggesting you incorporate 3 photos in this piece. That may just be too many pixels to try and marry when just starting out.

    You know, so much depends on the photos we choose to marry - and no formula will work perfectly all the time. If you want to read some great specific suggestions about how to approach 'the marriage' see Terrie's comments in Carola's blog.

    Thanks, everyone, for making this such an interesting learning experience!

  13. I enjoyed looking through all the beautiful mixtures. It's plain to see I need much more practice at this. That's okay, because creating is so much fun.

  14. Wow! These are all awesome - can't wait to "click in" and see more detail. Love yours, Bonnie! I'm running late on mine, but will get it posted today! Blessings!

  15. Wow! Great work everyone, these look awesome! Will be back to "click in" and see more detail... love yours, Bonnie! I'm running late, but will get mine posted today :) Blessings!

  16. Bonnie, your work is so creative and individualistic. Thanks so much for giving us detailed info on how you did this.

  17. It's a beautiful piece of art Bonnie, in fact, everyone posting has done a great job...I've had a busy week, so not so adventurous today :)haver a great weekend

  18. What a color feast this morning!!!! So MANY gorgeous examples! How do you choose!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for the art!

  19. Simplistic photo I entered, Bonnie, but I so want to apply a texture to it this weekend. I will come back here and try to learn how it is done. :)

  20. Wow! I love your creativity. Amazing art created from a flower picture!

  21. The truth is that these beautiful colors and textures make me see these flowers are an attractive abstract.

  22. I always love your abstracts Bonnie!

    1. You are great abstract artist, Bonnie. I like artist, how can make many different style :)

  23. Creative, inspiring and wonderful work.

    Regards and best wishes

  24. PS...first off, thanks for taking the time to come visit with me on Friday. And I have to admit, your blog meme is quite addictive. In fact, I started working on one for NEXT week already. LOL

    Have a great weekend. Golly, it's Sunday...almost over already...well, then, have a great week ahead.


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