Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Fun Way To Use Textures

Hi there!  Just dropping in to show you another way to use your textures.

First think of words you would like to put into an image (you can view examples there) and go to:

How To Apply A Wordle To A Texture

* go to Wordle and create your 'word cloud'  -  don't forget to click on "Randomize" to see different ways Wordle can configure your words

* when you see a configuration (word cloud) you like, take a screen shot using the button PrtScn on the top righthand corner of your keyboard

* open (or drag) your screen shot of your Wordle into your photo editing program (here I use PSE 8)

* crop the screen shot to eliminate's text around edges

* open a texture in your editing program that you would like to use as a background

* apply your cropped Wordle to the texture

* use your move tool to position it and to adjust the size to what you want

* try different blending modes until you see an effect you like

* once the word cloud is positionned, I like to try Filter>Poster Edges (reducing opacity) to see if it produces a pleasing effect - if it doesn't add to the image, simply click "Undo"

* use your own ingenuity and knowledge of PS to personalize your creation

* have fun!!!


  1. Thanks Bonnie. I had just heard of Wordle from Terrie over at Creative Explorer when she saw my art. I'm going to check this out!
    Stay inspired!

  2. Bonnie, these are so gorgeous. I use Wordle often, and also Image Chef, where you can fill shapes with text.

  3. This is a fabulous idea! I'll try it out during my lunch break.

  4. Great idea. Will have to think of some words to put one together.

  5. That's so much fun and sounds easy enough. Thanks for the link and idea.

    Happy Thursday!


  6. Well, thanks to you, Bonnie, I learned something new today. I'd never heard of "Wordle". I guess it works like a girdle for words, squeezing them into a predefined space/shape. Fun!

  7. Thanks for the link Bonnie! What a cool idea...

    I haven't been able to download your last couple of textures, which is sad as they are such a pleasure to use. Is there an alternative to please??

  8. Oh, let us hope that we will never stop playing like this :-)

  9. Bonnie, this is absolutely fantastic!!!

  10. Bonnie this looks like so much fun and something I am going to try out. Have had such a wild week that right now can't think of any words, so will have to have a recovery day as I am speechless right now. Thanks so much for sharing this great idea!!! and also for the wonderful texture to try out!!!


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