Thursday, February 16, 2012

Photo Art Friday, Feb. 17th - 19th

Here it is!  Time again for Photo Art Friday! 

For this week's submissions you are encouraged to post any piece of photo art you choose OR share a piece of art where you use one of my textures AND THEN use a Layer Mask to finesse the texture application.  It's always nice to have a choice, don't you think?  Have you made your choice?

I chose the second option and am using my old, favorite test photo for textures, my reliable pear. 

Here are the pear photo and the new texture I chose to apply to it:


open photograph in PSE
duplicate your layer (you can see I skipped this step)
apply texture
blend those two layers in Hard Light at 100% Opacity
*  apply Layer Mask to texture layer
*  select soft, round Brush at 45% opacity
*  select black as foreground color for brush tool
*  use your mouse as your 'brush'; paint texture off off where you do not want it
look at resulting image and decide if you are done or want to make more edits
*  I want to apply the Filter, Poster Edges so I select ...
Layer>Merge Visible>  Layer>Duplicate Layer, then select
Filter>Artistic>Poster Edges
*  reduce opacity of Poster Edges to 55%
*  add signature

If you would like to add this new texture, "Splash of Gold" to your archives, click HERE.

The 'gallery' doors always open early (7:00 p.m. EST, every Thursday) so you have more than three days to share your artwork here.  Hope you can make time to revisit the gallery after you have posted, to see what other delights arrive over the weekend ...  and then share a little comment love.

If you still have questions about layer masks, you could include your concerns in your post and hopefully other participants will share their tips with you.  My goal has always been that PDPA become a venue for learning and sharing as well as showcasing.  This could be a great opportunity for just that.

For next week's Photo Art Friday you have three choices:

1.  Submit any piece of your photo art.

2.  Continue your work with layer masks and
      share a piece on which you have used one.

3.  Share a piece of photo art that isn't 'pretty'.
     Yes, art isn't always made from what's
      beautiful.  How about sharing a piece of
      photo art that is:

* ordinary
* everyday
* gritty
* grungey
* that captures the underbelly of life
* that highlights the flaw
   * that is an artistic statement without having to portray beauty

This doesn't mean that your piece won't be appealing, stunning, arresting or captivating ... it just won't (this time) be based on presenting something generally considered beautiful ...

LOL ... it will probably be important to identify in your post which option you have chosen, so that commenters don't mistake choices #1 or #2 for number #3!


  1. I love your challenge for next week - number 3 has got me thinking

  2. By chance, less than an hour ago I finished the perfect example of "ordinary, everyday, gritty and grungy/crunchy".
    So I'm having a double helping today of this week's and next. Hope you don't mind.

    I have loved that pear each time you used it.
    And look forward to using the splash of gold.

  3. Oh Wow Bonnie, this is one of my favorites with your pear! I love it - it's perfect with this texture! ; )

  4. I'm new here Bonnie and love your site :). I hope it's okay that my piece isn't from this week.
    Stay inspired!

  5. Bonnie, love this texture, and what you did with it here.
    Thank you for hosting, and have a beautiful weekend!

  6. This particular creation of yours reminds me of the standard presets that I've almost forgotten about since discovering textures and layers! Poster edges was always one of my favorites, but I haven't used it for so long. I forget about combining the presets and the textures. Thanks for the reminder....and for the challenge, Bonnie.

  7. Yes, I love the pear with the added texture too, lovely!

  8. Great texture - thank you!! And I'm also really intrigued by option 3 for next week! Can't wait to start experimenting!

  9. This texture is fabulous - can't wait to try it - thanks so much, Bonnie. A lovely job with such a rich image. Beautiful. Karen

  10. I love the beautiful image created!! The pastel colors is what I like best.

  11. Bonnie thanks for the lovely new texture to try out! I am having some very interesting???? computer problems and was not able to try what I planned with your new texture. Installed a new keyboard, and it appears that I should leave installations and such to someone else. Will try again on this next week, but was able to share a layer mask , thanks to your excellent tutorial. Have a wonderful week and thanks for hosting this wonderful site! Jeanne

  12. I love your pear photo/effects - and this new texture is beautiful. Thank you! I look forward to experimenting with it. :)

  13. Thank you Bonnie! I am attracted to your style and found the pear you made fantastic! I hope to be able to do that someday. I try to comment on everybody's offering but sometimes, it just doesn't work, but I do appreciate everyone's work here. Thanks for your approach to learning a bout textures.

  14. I love that pear ... you get a delightful visual poetry. Wonderful.

  15. Wow that Pear piece is just stunning. I love the new texture (thanks for offering it) - I really wanted to try the Layer Mask this week but just couldn't figure it out. I'll keep on trying though.

  16. your photo is gorgeous!!!!!!!
    thanks for the tutorial and I will see what I can do!!!

  17. What a lovely framed print this treatment of your "old reliable" pear photo would make. Perhaps in a dining room. I love the soft tones and the warm golden hue against the cool grey background. Your texture brings the pear to life. Really a fine piece of art.

  18. I REALLY like your "splash of gold" and will play with it and hopefully share next Friday. Thanks for the step by step directions... I need that. :)

  19. Thanks for a great tutorial. Splash of Gold is a gorgeous texture that I'm sure a lot of us are going to enjoy using. It was a wonderful compliment to the pear photo!

  20. Bonnie, this is a beautiful texture! I love the effect on your pear photo.

  21. Thank you for the freedom, the encouragement,
    to try new processing techniques ...
    without limiting our creativity by giving us "rules".
    And thanks for the new texture!
    Always appreciated.

  22. Absolutely wonderful work...really beautiful.

  23. Beautiful post-processing.

    Regards and best wishes

  24. Beautiful work again, Bonnie, and I like your detailed recipe - you make it so easy for us!
    I tried the layer mask technique this time and am quite happy with the outcome - thank you for another great challenge, and a beautiful texture as well.

  25. I am loving your textures! I just completed a new card to go with my new line called "Gentleness." I used your "Soft Swirls" texture and it is lovely. I can't wait to post it. Thanks for all you do.

    Julie Magers Soulen Photography


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