Thursday, March 29, 2012

Photo Art Friday March 30 - April 1

Welcome to Photo Art Friday!

First, today we have a gift for everyone visiting our virtual gallery.  Please accept it as a token of appreciation for your ever-fabulous links and your support, by means of comments, for all the artists showcasing their photo art here.

If you are a lover of textures do check out my Texture Sets Shoppe.  Great new sets were recently added ... just for you!  They are exceptional, if I do say so myself.  ;-)

For your gift of pdpa Antique Farewell texture, simply click HERE.

If you are new to our virtual photo art gallery, you can learn about the guidelines by clicking on the Photo Art Friday tab under the header.

This week we have the option of showcasing any piece of photo art, OR a piece featuring our interpretation of a path or a road.  Which option are you choosing to link up?

I love paths through wooded areas ceiling-ed by leafy branches with chinks of light breaking through.

This is a composite image from two images from the Web that were merged and treated in PSE 8 and enhanced in RadLab.  Click on it to enjoy an enlarged view. 

I'd love to take a leisurely walk down this beautiful path with you ... Join me, if only in your imagination.  Now why did I say "only"?  Imaginary walks down fantasy paths have value too!  These days, they are the only kind of walks I'm taking!  :) 

Next Week's Photo Art Friday:

The challenge next week will be to feature a macro photo (or a photograph that you have cropped to highlight a close-up part of the image) that you feel qualifies as a piece of art.  No other options or suggestions this time.  :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

checking in with a free texture for you

Hi my lovelies.  Please excuse my absence - still struggling with what the doctor now thinks is either bronchitis or walking pneumonia.  Ughh ...  The fatigue and weakness are debilitating.  My dear husband is about to take me for a chest x-ray.  I'm now on antibiotics, resting and urging my immune system to go into overdrive!

Just had to let you know I've been thinking about you.  What better way than by sending a fabulous little texture your way.  (Please read my terms of use.)

Photo Art Friday always opens its 'doors' early on Thursday evening.  That's tomorrow!  Hope you have a piece of art you want to hang in our virtual gallery.  Don't forget that you can choose the theme of "a path or road", or post any photographic image that you feel qualifies as a piece of art.  I'll be looking for you.

Here's your texture:

To download your copy of high resolution pdpa FABrique texture, just click HERE.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Photo Art Friday, March 23rd - 25th

Welcome to Photo Art Friday! 

Last week I was wrestling with what I thought was a bad throat infection or cold.  Just as I began to feel a wee bit better, I was overcome with chills, fever and a night of vomiting, etc.  So it seems I have the dreaded 'flu' virus.  Am still feeling weak, wobbly and somewhat nauseous.  Working in front of the computer screen worsens that symptom ... so I will keep this brief.

First, thank you so much for all your AMAZING submissions last week.  In a window of feeling a bit better, I tried to visit and comment on as many links as I could - BUT sadly I did not get to leave a comment for each one of you.   My apologies.  Hopefully this week ...

The options for our link-ups this week are:

1.  any piece of photo art you choose
2.  a piece of photo art that, without including an actual image of you, is somehow autobiographical

My image uses a photograph of an old painting, a new texture and a bit of treatment in RadLab.  The autobiographical element is that I have three children - two wonderful daughters and one amazing son.

For next week's Photo Art Friday the options for your  submissions are:

1.  any piece of photo ART that pleases you

2.  a piece of photo ART that incorporates the element of a path or a road (in whatever way you may want to interpret that ...)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Photo Art Friday, March 16th - 18th

I can't believe it is time for Photo Art Friday already!  Where do the days go?  Wherever they go, they certainly fly there faster than ever before ... or so it seems to me lately. 

Hope you are all thriving and ready to showcase your photo art in our little virtual gallery.

This week's options for our photo art are:

1.  any piece of photo art you wish to 'hang'
2.  a piece of photo art with some element in it that is hidden in plain sight
3.  a piece of photo art highlighting the color green ... it will soon be St. Patrick's Day after all!

Next week's options for your photo art link-ups are:

1.  any piece of photo art you choose

2.  a piece of photo art that, without using a photo of yourself, is somehow autobiographical in nature

Here is my photo art contribution for this week:

This composition was crafted using 2 of my textures and several public domain images from the web that I altered in PSE and incorporated into the image.  It has a little bit of "hidden" and a tiny bit of "green" to include parts of  two of the theme options for this week.   

I know the above image represents something from my unconscious, but I have not spent any time trying to figure out what ... exactly.  I know much good, unconscious work takes place simply through the process of art creation.

That's one of the great things about creating composite art - it's like weaving a dream from disparate elements that have been hanging around inside you, patiently waiting for expression or release. 

Composite photo art can act a bit like art therapy, and like a dream does not have to be analyzed or understood to do its work of processing and releasing charged elements from the unconscious.  Analysis, of course, can provide valuable insights, but the act of expression (be it in dreams, in art, in expressive arts, etc.) releases some of the energy bound up in the images all on its own.

I am aware that some of my images that appear sombre and dark in mood come from my own inner 'stuff ' ... and many come from toxic, tormented issues and images absorbed from the stories of clients over many years of work as a psychotherapist.  Though therapists are trained in establishing boundaries so as not to confuse their psychological issues with those of their clients ... some 'cross-over' is bound to happen.  In fact, the clinical name for this phenomenon is "vicarious traumatization". 

So that may explain for you why I often say I have not spent any time trying to analyze an image.  I sense it is old stuff, often not mine, and simply needs expression to be released from my system. 

Nice to know our photo art endeavors can be beneficial for the mind/body/spirit as well as for our purely creative needs, don't you think?!

textures galore

Jeanne, of Butterfly Tales: Metamorphosis From The Cocoon has announced that the lovely Kim Stevens of Picking Poppies is the winner of her giveaway of three of my texture sets.  Congratulations Kim!  I have sent you the links to download your gift sets of textures.

Helena of helena's creative maven, and kkkkaty of Down The Eyrie Road, took me up on my offer to design a texture they would like to have.  Here they are - named after each of these bloggers and free for all of you to use too.  Enjoy!

kkkkaty wrote in her comment that she would like to see a clock on a somewhat transparent background.  I don't know if this is what you envisionned kkkkaty, but here is what I was able to create with the resources I have.  I have not tested it, but based on my experience it should be okay.  I would appreciate hearing from those of you who try it - letting me know what you think.

For your free download of pdpa kkkkaty inspired texture, just click HERE.

Helena said that she enjoyed using one of my latest free textures, Statement Frames, and would like to have another in that style.  Hope this comes somewhat close to what you were imagining Helena.  Again, would appreciate feedback from any of you who give it a try.

For your free download of pdpa Helena Inspired texture, just click HERE.

The doors to our virtual photo art gallery open tonight.
  I'll be looking for you!  :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Long Overdue Free Textures For You!

Hi Everyone - how are you?  Hope you had a great weekend.  A big "Thank You" going out to those of you who linked up to our last Photo Art Friday.  You are all presenting some amazing work!  All that hard work deserves a couple of new textures for future photo art projects, don't you think?  Well, here they are.  Enjoy!

First, a sweet, light-filled overlay with a touch of bokeh.  Don't forget that if you prefer not to have the text on the overlay appear in your image, you can remove it using a layer mask or your erasure tool.  I recommend the layer mask option because you can always gently correct any over-enthusiastic removal that took too much overlay away along with the text.

To download your free copy of pdpa Everything Is Illuminated texture, click HERE.

Next, a texture I think you will love.  Well ... I love it!  I noticed that Evelyn of Within My Focus used one of my Christmas textures a couple of times in the past few weeks because she likes the effect of the hanging berries.  That inspired me to take the berries off of the xmas-y background and put them on a background that can be used any time of year.  So Evelyn, thanks for the inspiration - this one is named for you - but I'm sure you won't mind if we all use it too!

To download your free copy of pdpa Evelyn Inspired texture, click HERE.

If there is a texture design you need or have imagined, tell me about it and (if the idea inspires me too) I will see if I can design one for you.  While it will be designed based on your suggestions, it will be released as a free download for everyone.   No promises, mind you, but let me know what you have been wanting or what you would like to see more of, and if I use your suggestion I will name the texture in your honor

Have a wonderful week my lovelies!

P.S.  If you love textures, you still have a day or two to enter Jeanne's (Butterfly Tales) giveaway.  She is hosting a giveaway of three sets of my textures.  It's super easy to enter so don't miss out!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Photo Art Friday, March 9th - 11th

Welcome to Photo Art Friday! 

Hope you are all well.  I've had a bad sore throat for three days, and it feels like it is going to turn into bronchitis - can't stop coughing.  Oh well ... this too shall pass, right? 

This week, as always, you can showcase any piece of your photo ART, OR a piece of photo art that has elements 'hidden in plain sight'.  For a more detailed explanation of what I mean by 'elements hidden in plain sight', click here.

Here are two examples of composite images that have elements hidden in plain sight - you just have to give your eyes and mind a bit of time to notice them.  Don't forget you can click on the images for a larger view.

Created with pdpa textures, public domain images and text.

A composite of photographs processed with PSE Filter "Wave", and text.

For next week's PAF you have three options:

posting any piece of photo ART,


photo ART with element(s) hidden in plain sight - encore


 photo ART that highlights the color GREEN

Three choices!  Something for everyone!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Simply Irresistible

Hi my lovelies.  I've been busy making textures just for you.  I'm thrilled by these new offerings - they really are magic pixel dust! 

Let me show you some of these new textures applied to my old reliable pear photograph. (BTW, I use this same pear photo as one of the main pics to test my textures so that I have the same point of comparison with all the other hundreds of textures tested.)

Okay - here are some of this new set applied to the pear:

pdpa Simply Perwinkle Texture blended in Hard Light at 100% (texture removed from pear and leaves).

pdpa Simply Iridescent Texture blended in Overlay at 100% (texture removed from pear and leaves).

pdpa Simply Periwinkle Texture blended in Screen at 100% (texture removed from pear and leaves).

pdpa Simply Periwinkle Texture blended in Hard Light, 100%.

pdpa Simply Urban Grunge Texture blended in Screen at 65% opacity.

pdpa Simply Abstracted Texture.  I rotated the texture before applying and blending in Hard Light at 100%.  Photoshop Artistic Filter, Poster Edges applied and opacity reduced to 55%.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Photo Art with Elements "Hidden" In Plain Sight

Hi my lovelies!  Thank you for all the great submissions to Photo Art Friday this week.  I am truly inspired by how many of you take on the challenge to try something new and different.

Next week, as well as any piece of photo art we choose, we have the option to create a piece of photo art with something in the image that is 'hidden in plain sight'.  This means that you will have to add or imbed something (another image, a font, a phrase ...) into your image.  Let me give you a couple of examples:

This is a simple composite image made from one of my textures, a texture from Jerry at ShadowHouse Creations and some public domain (copyright free) images from the WEB. 

The first thing your eye is drawn to is the big image of the young girl and then the clock behind her.  But can you see another image in there that is 'hidden' in plain sight?  This example is pretty obvious.  Don't ask me for any deep significance - there is none that I am consciously aware of - but I put a buddha in her hair.  I'm sure it didn't take you long to spot it.

Another example:

The image at the right is two images made with the Photoshop>Filter>Distort>Wave filter.  I have applied one with lots of little thread-y, filament-y looking pieces over another with jagged waves. 

I then applied (see image below) this combined image over an image of a fence that had a texture applied (forget which one) and was blended in Photoshop's Difference blend mode.

As you see, this is a great way of using textures in your archives!

Then, I added some little things, using my Text Tool, into the image.  See what you can find in the larger image below:

At first glance you see a simple, yet busy, abstract design.  If you take the time to look closer, you see some type in the upper left corner that says "be curious ...".  That type came with one of my textures. 

Along the horizontal bar that crosses the image in the lower third quadrant, you may notice that I typed in letters to form the phrase "rise up".  To the left of that phrase you can spot the word "now".  Here and there throughout the image you can find numbers and letters (k, y, x, b, 9, 7, 18, etc.) that I threw in  - just for fun - no special meaning.

Building on the above image we just viewed, I added more elements to the image below (a image of large, digital waves and an image of a woman).  Her confident stance prompted me to add in more text, but I did not want it to be too obvious.  Can you find it? 

Above and to the left of her head you will find "and . . ?". To her right and typed in vertically you can find the phrase, "i dare you". Other numbers and letters from the previous image are still visible too.

No deep meaning in what is hidden or visible - in fact, people make their own meaning from the images you present to them - as they should. Once we submit our creations to be viewed, all kinds of varying interpretations will be attributed to them - it's human nature to want to make meaning from disparate elements. Human beings will always create a story with the elements provided to them and the story they create ultimately says more about them than you.  This is how Rorschach ink blots work in psychological testing.

The possibilities are endless in terms of what you can add. You can do it simply to add visual interest, to highlight something that interests you, or to make a tribute, or even a social or political statement.

 For example:

Using an image with irregular-shaped 'squares' as the starting point for what was not planned as, but ended up being a little statement about war.  All images used to place in the 'squares' are public domain, procured from the WEB. 

Your eyes naturally first scan over the images and text messages.  But ... did you notice that the entire image is crawling with ants?  (Left click on the image to get a larger view!) 

Don't ask me what it all 'means' - I just follow my right brain impulses and use the images I have available to me in my archives.  (At this moment I would interpret it as conveying the thought that those who create war for profit or to boost the economy are 'creepy', low-life critters ... )  Then I keep what I like and Undo what I don't.  What meaning do you take or make from the combo of  elements imbedded in this image? 

Take another moment and see if there are other images 'hidden in plain sight' that you didn't notice at first viewing.

So ... my friends ... hope that gives you a better understanding of what the challenge is for next week's Photo Art Friday

Think about something that you've been wanting to say or illustrate, but did not have the platform or venue to say it - then - with your archive of textures, photographs, images from the Web, Text Tool (with all the wonderful fonts available), Brushes, etc. etc., make your statement, tribute, homage, gesture, using digital images as your elements of expression.

Start with something simple (perhaps just one thing that is 'hidden') and realize that your initial attempts are experiments that will help you learn what YOU like, what YOU want to portray, what YOU want to say, what YOU wish someone would say or do ... and most of all what YOUR particular style and aesthetic is ...

Rememer, you inhibit your learnings if you need things to be perfect!  Nothing is perfect and you become paralyzed if you impose this requirement on yourself.

Above all, let your creativity run riot, make glorious 'mistakes', and have fun.

Here's a graphic image you can use as a canvas to begin your creative experiments, (or you can always create your own):

For your free download of pdpa Statement Frames texture, simply click HERE.

Sharing with Lisa Gordon's The Creative Exchange!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Photo Art Friday, March 2nd - 4th AND A GIVEAWAY!

Before we get into this week's Photo Art Friday showcase, I want to let you know that the talented and lovely Jeanne of   Butterfly Tales:  Metamorphosis From The Cocoon   is currently doing a feature on Pixel Dust Photo Art and hosting a giveaway of three sets of my latest textures.  Thanks Jeanne!  What fun!

To enter Jeanne's giveaway there are a couple of requirements - one of which is to follow this blog.  So before you head over to Butterfly Tales to enter Jeanne's giveaway, become a follower of PDPA (if you are not already) while you are here.

Here is a peek at the three sets of textures one lucky entrant in the Butterfly Tales' giveaway will receive:


For next week's Photo Art Friday,
let's continue with a choice of:

1. showcasing any piece of photo art


2. showcasing a piece of photo art with something(s) HIDDEN in the art

Need a little more clarification? Okay, let me elaborate: There should be something in your art piece that viewers, who take the time to linger over your art, will discover - something that is not obvious at first glance. Place an image (or even several images) within your main image - something that is hidden in plain sight.  (I will post a couple of examples of this type of image on Sunday or Monday.)

If you choose this second option don't identify what is hidden in the image in your post. Let the viewers try to identify it and tell you what they think you have hidden in your image, in their comments. After most of the comments have rolled in, you can then reveal what was hidden in a comment response.

So ... what do you think? This will be a fun challenge for those of you who embrace it - and for those of us who come to view it.

 If you feel option #2 is too complicated or time-consuming you still have option #1, which is always the core of this photo art showcase.


Now without further ado...
 it is time for some photo art! 

This week at Photo Art Friday we have the choice of submitting any piece of art made from our photographs OR a piece of abstract photo art

I am submitting the following piece of abstract photo art:

This piece of photo art was made from a collage manipulated with Photoshop Filter "Wave", pdpa textures and web fonts.  One of the final edits was blending the grouping in Difference blending mode which gives the font multiple tones.  A black border was added as a finishing touch.