Monday, March 5, 2012

Simply Irresistible

Hi my lovelies.  I've been busy making textures just for you.  I'm thrilled by these new offerings - they really are magic pixel dust! 

Let me show you some of these new textures applied to my old reliable pear photograph. (BTW, I use this same pear photo as one of the main pics to test my textures so that I have the same point of comparison with all the other hundreds of textures tested.)

Okay - here are some of this new set applied to the pear:

pdpa Simply Perwinkle Texture blended in Hard Light at 100% (texture removed from pear and leaves).

pdpa Simply Iridescent Texture blended in Overlay at 100% (texture removed from pear and leaves).

pdpa Simply Periwinkle Texture blended in Screen at 100% (texture removed from pear and leaves).

pdpa Simply Periwinkle Texture blended in Hard Light, 100%.

pdpa Simply Urban Grunge Texture blended in Screen at 65% opacity.

pdpa Simply Abstracted Texture.  I rotated the texture before applying and blending in Hard Light at 100%.  Photoshop Artistic Filter, Poster Edges applied and opacity reduced to 55%.


  1. Nice variations of the pear.


  2. They're all great - I really need me a pear pic like that! ; )

  3. oh I m in love . They are gorgeous. Wonderful work and such an inspiration.

  4. oh, such beautiful textures!

  5. These really do look great Bonnie! Think I will have to get a set! Love the textures that you do! Have a great day! Jeanne

  6. how each one gives such a different look. Love your pear pic!

    Bright blessings,

  7. Beautiful textures.

    Regards and best wishes

  8. Each 1 has it's own beauty, really gorgeous pieces. I would buy these cards in a heart beat!!!!!!!

  9. Hi dear. Thanks for your sharing, I just need them,it is very kind of you. I like abercrombie


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