Monday, April 2, 2012

... applying textures ...

Hey there!!!  Here we are in April ... already!  Any good April Fools' stories from yesterday?  I'm still dealing with my dual - maybe - possible diagnosis of bronchitis or walking pneumonia so I was not the instigator of nor the subject of any April Fools' jokes this year.  A good giggle is always welcome if you have any stories to tell ...

Thought I would show you some applications of a few of the new textures recently added to my Texture Sets Shoppe.  I applied three of them to the same archive photograph of a daisy.

The basic components used in this demonstration of the application of textures.

 From pdpa Bedazzled Texture SetJupiter Dust is added to the photo.  Editing details below.

 From pdpa Fancy That! Texture Set, texture Inkblotter is applied to photo.  Editing details below.

Same as above image with final Levels Adjustment decreasing grey values to 1.86 and moving Output Level to 110 - giving image a desaturated look.

From pdpa Bedazzled Texture Set, texture Sweet Swirls is applied to photo.  Editing details below.

I tried to keep the basic editing steps the same for the application of each texture.  There were, however, variations in opacity adjustments.  Here's what I did:

1.  Before applying the texture to the photograph, I used the clone stamp to remove a bug and pollen dust from the white petals of the daisy.

2.  I sharpened the photograph.  Now, looking at it, I see it must have already been previously sharpened.  Over sharpening is indicated by the slight blue edges you can see around the tips of the petals.  If I were going to sell these I would go back and redo them to bring down the sharpening and eliminate those blue edges.  Since these images are simply for web demonstration purposes I left them as is.  And flaws, mistakes, oopsies make good teaching/learning opportunities.  Right?  Right!  :-)

3.  Apply texture using Move Tool to fit.

4.  Blend in Hard Light.  I chose different Opacities for each texture but all within 65-80%.

5.  Apply Layer Mask in order to remove texture from flower.  I use a soft brush and because I want all the texture removed from the flower I leave it at 100% opacity.

6.  Check the result to see if a Levels Adjustment (in this case whether I wanted to add light) would contribute to final look.  I only used a Levels Adjustment for the desaturated version.

7.  Open my file that contains banners, signatures, copyright symbols, watermarks etc., choose the signature I want and apply.

8.  Added a white border to two of the versions.  You can easily add a simple border to an image using your Crop Tool.  First, decide whether you want the border to be black or white.  I chose white and then made sure that white was the BACKGROUND color in my tool bar. With your mouse pull the move tool from one outer corner to its diagonal opposite.  You will now have crop lines around the entire outside edge of your image.  DON'T click the green check mark to commit your 'crop' yet!  With the little bounding boxes along the edge of the crop lines, pull the lines out about 1/8th to 1/4 of an inch.  When you are sure the distance is equal on all four sides, hit the green check mark, and your border will appear.


  1. Each one is a jewel, Bonnie! I'm especially taken with the "Fancy That" texture. I do hope that you are on the road to recovery now.

  2. I love them all, but Jupiter Dust is my favourite. Sending healing vibes ~~~ your way.
    Stay inspired!

  3. So inspiring even when you are sick...get well soon.

  4. Nice toot! These are really great examples of how layered textures can enhance and completely change the tone of an original... I can't pick a favorite. I like how the main element contrasts the background. PS: Just grabbed the freebie fabric texture. Thanks!

  5. beautiful work, as always. hope you are feeling better!

  6. Very interesting read. Still trying to figure this all out. I haven't had time to read the Layer Mask information in my Gimp book but I really need to so I can do cool stuff like this.
    My favorite is the Fancy That texture (the darker version).
    Hope you are feeling much better. Hugs

  7. Hi, I just love all you share and all that eveyone does. Stopping by again.
    I did download you last texture but have not done anything with it yet.
    Im learning as I go . Thanks for the help here as well.

    I Love your blog .Happy Easter.


  8. glad I followed a link and found this playground of knowledge and more! I have downloaded a texture and am so appreciative of your tips and explanations as I continue to learn the 'ropes' of digital photography! You have definitely found a follower here and hopefully a participant in your Photo Art Friday in the not too distant future!

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