Thursday, April 19, 2012

Photo Art Friday, April 20th - 22nd

Welcome to this week's Photo Art Friday! 

Yes, we always begin Photo Art Friday on Thursday.  Why?  Just to be quirky, to cause a little confusion  ;)  and to allow early birds to hang their photo art as soon as possible every week.  If you are an early bird, the virtual gallery opens at 7:00 p.m. EDT every Thursday just for you!

This week, as every week, you can showcase:

 any piece of photo art that pleases you


a piece with a theme (in whatever way you choose to interpret it) of new life.

I considered sharing a couple of images of pretty, green buds, but in the end, I chose a photograph of some urban renewal to turn into photo art.  That qualifies as a form of 'new life', right?  :)


*  open photograph and chosen texture in editing program
levels adjustment on photograph to increase white values
*  apply photograph to texture pdpa Aurora (from Gossamer Glow Texture Set)
*  blend in Darker blend mode at 90%
Layer>  Merge Visible
Layer>  Duplicate File
Filter>Artistic>Cutout - opacity 44%
levels adjustment to increase white values again
Layer>Merge Visible
Layer>Duplicate File
Filter>Artistic>Poster Edges - opacity 48%
RadLab (selection made skies more blue than mauve and added a slight blur.  Both of these steps could easily be done with your photo editing tools if you do not have RadLab)
Filter>Artistic>Poster Edges - opacity 65%
*  add watermark or signature

For participating in Photo Art Friday, I have prepared a little photo art party favor just for you.  Do help yourself to this new texture.

This image is a low res version of your French, 'vintagey'-looking texture. 
To download your free, high resolution image of  pdpa Paris texture, click HERE.
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(Please read my terms of use.)

NOTE:  A few of you have commented that you are having trouble downloading the texture.  Thank you for letting me know.  It's strange because 4-Shared shows that there have been dozens of downloads.  Regardless, I have reloaded the texture and changed the link.  Please try again, and if there continues to be a problem just let me know.  When you are at the 4-Shared site click on the blue rectangle on the left that says:  "Download Now".   :)

NOTE:  I want to let you know that after the May 4th edition of Photo Art Friday (in two weeks), PAF will temporarily close its doors for the summer.  Doors to our virtual gallery will re-open in the Fall.  I'll be sure to give you lots of notice. 

I need to devote some time to re-building my physical strength after this bout of walking pneumonia, to get away from the computer screen and to concentrate on my photography.  Not to worry - I'll still be posting, offering free texture downloads, and my Texture Shoppe is always open for you to browse and acquire some always unique texture sets.  It is just Photo Art Friday that will be on hiatus for what remains of Spring and for our all too brief, and therefore precious, Canadian summer.

For next week's PAF you can:

*  link-up any piece of photo art that please you


*  link-up a piece of photo art that contains one of my textures
(Please name the texture in your post.  Thanks.  :)



  1. Well...I have nothing to post (yet?)
    Thanks for the great new texture.
    I'll be sad for the Photo Art Friday break,
    but GLAD you are shutting it permanently.
    Go! Enjoy the summer! Recover!
    p.s. Love what you created this week.

    1. SORRY....that was glad you are NOT stopping permanently!!!

  2. lol. for me it IS friday when you open. One h after midnight. :)

    I can understand you want a summer break. You do a lot of work with this. Still I think it is a pitty. Would you consider letting the linky list be running without any topics and demands? With only any piece of photo art? And no need for you to visit everybody. Well, just a thought. Wishing you a great weekend. NF

  3. Bonnie - I love the blue light purple going on in your Urban Renewal... OMGosh, perfect to have a respite this summer to do some photo shoots and recoup with a couple other projects. Will still work on a few pieces, I am sure. Thanks so much for your work in getting me "going" every week. Love and hugs, Karen

  4. Ooh, I love your piece! Thank you for the recipe - so many new ideas in there to try out! And thank you for the texture, too! Hope you have a restful summer!

  5. thanks for Paris!!!
    My photo is a celebration for us!!

  6. I'll miss linking up with Photo Art Friday, but I'am glad that it will be back in the Fall. Get well soon.
    I love your urban edit and thank you so much for the new texture.

  7. I really like that picture you have been with the cranes. The texture gives it a delightfully pictorial. Greetings ..

  8. fun to use urban building for the theme and love the texture behind.

    Thanks for providing this avenue and inspiration week after week and glad you intend to return after the summer

  9. I like the first photo very much. Thank you very much sharing my photo in your meme.

  10. I love your photo art this week - the cool colors and clean lines are very pleasing to the eye! I will miss PAF over the summer, but I certainly understand that you need time to rest and recuperate. I'll look forward to its return in the fall! :)

  11. Bonnie, a great texture and treatment. Do take care of yourself over the Summer break. Cheers

  12. Bonnie, I love your image showing new life being brought to the city.

  13. Bonnie love the new texture for this week. Oh will definitely miss PAF over the summer, but I totally "get" the need for a break. Blogging and computer "stuff" can be sooooooo. time consuming and life does need balance. This can be so "addictive" that you miss out on the beauty of the world and relationships around you. Hope to see you often though on your blog and your creative work, and will totally look forward to restarting PAF in the fall. This is such a fun and "therapeutic" week event, and so encourages artistic creativity. Sorry to hear about your pneumonia..... I've had that twice and it does take awhile to recover. Treat yourself with "kindness'. Sending a hug from Texas, and will look forward to still participating here for the next 2 weeks.!!!! Best to you, Jeanne

  14. Yes it sure does and how clever, I wouldn't have thought of that!

  15. I can live without Photo Art Friday one summer if it will be back in autumn. I love Paris and would like your new Paris texture, but I can´t download it.

  16. Some beauties again this week - I ran out of time and didn't participate, but I love seeing what others did. Love your cranes image - just goes to show you can make great artistic photos without a flower in sight! :)

  17. Gillar texturen på bilden. Ha de gott i helgen.

  18. Bonnie your piece is so different and yet I like it very much. I would not have thought of Urban scenery to be connected to "New Life" but after thinking about it I can see it. Love the color and textures you used.
    I'll miss PAF but totally understand about your needed to recouperate and just work on your own Photography and such.

  19. I just love your urban photo! Lovely blue color, so soothing, and the composition is great. "Rebuilding" is definitely a metaphor for "new life." Thanks for sharing! :)

  20. Love the artwork, and the texture is great! For some reason, though I can't download it. I get an error message about it being an invalid link or a violation of terms of use. Thought you would want to know.

    Enjoy your break! Will be looking forward to the doors opening again.

  21. Hello!

    Rest! Enjoy it, too! LOL

    Love the new texture! I love all the textures! LOL This one, "Paris", though, had an error message when I tried to download it. The message says:

    Sorry, the file link that you requested is not valid.
    Reasons for this may include:
    Invalid link
    The file has been deleted because it was violating our Terms of use.

    Could you look into this and advise, please? I sure appreciate all you do!

    Thank you,


  22. Hi Everyone!!! Cudos going out to you all for the great artwork you have shared this week. Truly inspiring!

    A few of you have mentionned that you are having trouble downloading the "Paris" texture. There have been dozens of downloads of it, but guess there have been glitches for some of you. I have, therefore, reloaded and relinked it. To do so I gave it a new name "Paris II", but it is still the exact same texture. Hope it works for you now. If not, let me know and I will happily attach it in an email to you.

    1. The link goes to the very same page for download and the message is the same. I just tried it. Oh, well! Thank you anyhow!
      Go! Rest! LOL

    2. Hi, Bonnie,

      I just replied to this an hour ago, if that. After I posted, I thought I had best check things out more thoroughly. I hated to bother you! I tried through Firefox, as I have seen this happen with Chrome, which is what I normally use. It doesn't work in FF either, for me.

      Then, I recalled seeing a message at some point, recently, on 4Shared, that said you had to be logged in to 4Shared to download. That was what was wrong! In both Firefox and Chrome YOU HAVE TO BE LOGGED IN TO 4SHARED TO DOWNLOAD!

      I have seen it all now! LOL Sorry I didn't check this out more thoroughly before I commented. I just wanted to give you the 'heads up', so you won't be bothered with it any more!

      Love and Hugs,


  23. So sorry that you've been suffering ill health, Bonnie. You certainly must be in need of some good rest, relaxation, and recovery before rockin' on. Oh yes, these short, but wonderfully intense, Canadian summers certainly do need to be savoured. I hope your health bounds back quickly. Take good care of yourself.

    Lynne xo

  24. Definitely 'new life', great art Bonnie!

  25. Hi, Bonnie :)

    Wonderful artwork. That really looks like a NEW LIFE.

  26. This is very cool, Bonnie! and of course it is "new life"! I love motives like this!
    Have a nice weekend:)

  27. Bonnie, again, thanks for doing this, it's a blast checking out the work. And the thumbnails are great, really great.


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