Thursday, April 5, 2012

Photo Art Friday, April 6th - 8th

Welcome to Photo Art Friday!

The photo art showcased in our virtual gallery last week was truly exceptional.  A big "Bravo" and "Thank You" to all who participated. 

A warm thank you too for all your well wishes.  I'm still weak, weary and coughing.  The antibiotics have not had any effect, so guess this "macoplasma" (walking pneumonia) virus will just have to take its course.  It could be much worse and I am making the most of this down time reading, journalling, sleeping and when I can, making digital art and textures. 

In the meantime, our family has received the best news possible - our daughter who had major thoracic surgery for cancer in 2008 has received a clean bill of health after a recent series of scans and tests that she will undergo every couple of years for the rest of her life.  After holding our breath for a couple of months while waiting for these results, we are now all doing happy dances, jumping and clicking our heels together, shouting "Wooo Hooo" indiscriminately wherever we go.  SO happy ....

This week our challenge is to share any macro image (with whatever manipulations you choose) that pleases you.  I decided to make a montage of three macro photographs of flowers - simply layering them on top of each other using tools in PSE 8 to try to make a pleasing union. 

Here are the 3 photographs sitting on the final montage.

The resulting montage of 3 macro photographs.  (Recipe below.)

Layers panel demonstrating most of the work done to produce the piece of photo art.


Open photograph that will serve as the base for the piece in editing program.
Duplicate image - (Background copy)
Open and apply next photograph, using Move Tool to adjust fit.
Apply Layer Mask, masking with black to remove green and reveal peonies in layer below.
Blend the two photos in Vivid Light at 42% Opacity.
Levels Adjustment to tone down grey values and increase white.
Open and apply third photograph, using Move Tool to adjust fit.
Blend with Screen at 100% Opacity.
Levels Adjustment:  Adjusting only Output Levels to "49" to further desaturate image.

Note:  The blending modes and opacities you use will depend entirely on the particular photographs YOU are using.  Following the above recipe to the letter with your photographs will not produce the same result necessarily.  You invariably have to experiment to find the right blends and opacities for your piece of photo art.

For next week's Photo Art Friday:

1.  Post any piece of photo art that strikes your fancy


2.  Share a piece of photo art that somehow features a quotation that you hold dear - a quotation that has proved meaningful or significant in your life.  If you like, you can share in your accompanying post how or why the quotation has been meaningful for you.


  1. I'm glad you are somewhat better, but hoping that this "stuff" doesn't last any longer. As soon as your post appeared on my blog roll, I had to take the challenge. As I write this, I'm waiting for 7 p.m. EDT. ;-)

  2. What a beautiful montage! And thank you for the description of how you did it.

    Hope you feel better soon. I'm sure the happy dancing (what wonderful news!) will help!

  3. Sending more healing vibes ~~~ your way and congratulations on the wonderful news for your daughter :).
    Stay inspired!

  4. Congratulations on your special news!!!!!!!
    now, you get better!!!!
    Happy Spring!

  5. Hi Bonnie, I hope you regain your health and strength very soon :)

  6. Wonderful final photo montage.
    Very light and airy.

  7. Bonnie - your montage is absolutely gorgeous. I love the soft look. Thanks so much. Worked all day on pages for the lacebook collaborative, so am a tad behind on the macro... will see what I have in the archives. Hugs and so happy about the news. I definitely understand with my Alicia having had a mastectomy at age 26... we always celebrate the wonderful followups. It absolutely warms my heart.

  8. Interesting how you combined the photos into a montage and then layered the three individual photos. I would love to know how you layered the three individuals over the background.
    So glad to hear your daughter has a clean scan! Having lost my son and husband to cancer, I so know what you must be experiencing!
    Get well very soon.

  9. Hi, Bonnie :)

    You made so pretty and romantic work of art.

  10. Wonderful news about your daughter...hoping your feeling better soon.
    A beautiful soft result from your montage.

  11. Take care, a wonderful challenge this week, I will not be able to comment on everyone's work as I will be out of town. Cheers

  12. Conrgatulations to you and your loved ones for the best news in the world for your daughter! I hope you feel better soon. I remember when I had walking pneumonia I was exhausted! Rest, rest, rest ! Your image is lovely. It was interesting to me to see how you removed the green color. Thank you for PAF !

  13. What wonderful news about your daughter!!! Super!! And Whew!!!!
    Thanks for another wonderful challenge!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  14. Bonnie, I'm so sorry you're still sick - but on a happier note, that's fantastic news about your daughter! I hope your pneumonia goes away very soon. It has definitely overstayed its welcome! Your effects this week are so soft and lovely.

  15. Your floral photo montage is so beautiful, Bonnie! I'm still learning about all these interesting digital techniques and how to shoot macros. I opted for a close-up, cropped photo for now until I learn more! So glad to hear the good news about your daughter. Feel better and have a lovely holiday weekend!

  16. As parents we always worry so much about our kids so to have that particular worry reduced must be such a relief! I'm so happy for you. Now if you could just improve your own health! :) Hope you're better soon. Your flower image is so pretty this week - soft and full of movement. Thanks for hosting once again.

  17. A great job, deliciously sublime these pictures of flowers, congratulations.

  18. Bonnie your "montage" is so lovely. That background is so soft and dreamy.
    Good to hear you are feeling somewhat better and I pray you will be back 100% soon.
    What awesome news about your daughter! Happy Easter.

  19. your montage just "sings", lovely way to start my friday!!!
    thanks for the recipe!
    Feel BETTER!!!!

  20. Hello Bonnie, I really hope you will be back to better health soon, it seems to have been hanging about for ages. What wonderful news for your family. I hope you all enjoy a break over this holiday weekend. Thank you for you.

  21. What happy news about your daughter, as for you take care and get better soon. Your montage is lovely.

  22. soft and romantic background texture. Useful for lot of things. :)

  23. Glad to hear about your daughter. You must feel so relieved. What a news. Take care of yourself and Happy Easter!

  24. so glad to hear your good news about your daughter! hope you are feeling better soon.

  25. Hi Bonnie, and first of all, thank you for your sweet comment on my "butterfl effect". It was your recipe some weeks ago that made this piece..
    Anyway,- so glad to hear about your daughter,- I can only imagine what a stressful periode it must have been for all of you!
    Wonderful work you show as always,- I would never guessed that this piece is three flower images. Very delicate!
    Wish you a great, dancing week if you are in better shape!?

  26. Hi Bonnie,
    a new work with your texture "FABrique" you will find here:

    Your edit is very beauty.


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