Wednesday, May 2, 2012

are you working on the challenge?

Okay - tell me, who is the crazy person who set the theme for this week's Photo Art Friday, of linking a piece of photo art to the title from one of your favorite books?!!  What was he/she thinking????!!!  ;-) 

Have you come up with a title and a photo in your archives you could use to illustrate it?  Not yet?  Me either! 

Well, we better get working on it because it is more challenging than one might think!  I've been racking my brain - going through a long list of fav reads and trying to imagine how I could illustrate the title in a piece of art.  For example:

The Talented Mr. Ripley, hmmmm don't think I want to make a piece of photo art referencing that.

East of Eden, hmmmm - nothing comes to mind for that.

Thoughts Without A Thinker, hmmmm - I have an idea, but it seems like a tremendous amount of work to produce.  (This book is not a novel.  You can choose ANY book!)

Loving What Is, - I've already embedded that title in several pieces of photo art.  (This book is not a novel either!)

Love In The Time of Cholera, himmmm - I don't think so.

The Golden Notebook, well that's certainly doable and not too difficult ....

Atonement, - I'll take a pass on that one.

Hmmmm - how about Gone With The Wind?

Well - you see what I mean ... So if you like to be challenged and want to use the prompt this week ... you better get working on it!   The Photo Art Friday gallery opens it doors in two days!

I do hope to see lots of photo art referencing books of all kinds.  Oh - yes, you do have the option of linking up any piece of photo art that pleases you - but I'm really hoping to see a lot based on the challenge.


  1. I'm behind this week...this is a tough one! lol...I had better get on it. What a lovely image!

  2. Oh my, I'm behind too - and right now late for my metals class (It's my last official day this semester) trying to finish some things and my hubby has been out of town and,! I'm just hoping to have a post for Friday, missed last week altogether... : ( And what does one do if you don't read novels? haha

    Love that image...

  3. Hey guys! Don't stress over this ... please. If you are too busy just post one of your fabulous pieces. btw you do not have to do a piece about a novel - any book is fine. What about an art book or a photography book or a children's book?

  4. I have an idea M and A, but....

  5. Yea who was that "crazy" person!
    No I haven't gotten mine done yet either.
    What's funny is that my favorite book just happens to be one of the one's you've listed here and I am stuck as to how to portray the title artistically. Thanks a lot.

  6. I am not sure if I am behind or in front??? lOL.. I made the errmmmm image for this challenge anyway ;)

  7. Wonderful Image you have done, Bonnie wow


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