Monday, May 14, 2012

... more "painterly" textures ...

Hey there!  Hope you are having or had (depending on what part of the globe you reside) a good day.

I've been busy making, testing and creating sets of textures.  Since the great response to my texture "Painterly", I've collected other such textures from my archives and created a couple of sets of similar painterly textures. 

These painterly textures give your photographs the feel of a lovely oil painting all on their own.  But you can also add them before or after using tools, brushes, filters, plug-ins to further the painterly effects, if you choose.

These sets are now available in my Texture Sets Shoppe.

Here are a few examples of textures from these sets applied to this very ordinary photograph of newly built homes beside a vacant water-filled lot.  Look at how the addition of some of the painterly textures transforms the photo.

Above, the texture "Heavenly" from the pdpa Painterly Finesse Texture Set was added to the photo.  The texture was added a second time by duplicating the layer.  Both additions were blended in Soft Light.  I flattened and duplicated the layers and added the PSE Filter, Poster Edges at a low opacity of 29%.  No painting filters, brushes, tools or plug-ins were used to enhance the effect.  The effect is the result of the texture and poster edges alone.  (Left click on the image for a larger view!)

Above, the texture "La Vie En Rose" from pdpa Painterly Finesse Texture Set was added to the same photograph.  The texture was again added twice and blended the first time in Multiply at 60% opacity.  Another layer of the texture was added and blended in Soft Light at 70% opacity.   A Levels Adjustment brought in a bit more white.  Again, no painting filters, brushes or plug-in enhancements were used on the image.  (Left click on the image for a larger view!)

Below, the texture "Monet's Canvas" from pdpa Painterly Pizzaz Texture Set was added to our example photograph.  It was added three times - the first two blended in Soft Light and the third blended in Overlay.  The layers were flattened and the image duplicated in order to add the PSE Filter, Poster Edges.  The opacity of Poster Edges was reduced to 45%.  Again, no further editing of any kind was used.  The texture and application of PS poster edges alone, produced the finished product you see below.  (Don't forget to click on the image for a larger view.)


  1. Hi Bonnie, you have created two great sets that I know I will have fun using, once I get over to the "shop". Cheers

  2. Wonderful examples, Bonnie! Love your new sets!

  3. Hi Bonnie, Your textures are great as well as your results. I really like what you did with the subject. Adding texture to your photo made it so much more interesting to look at - I think what the texture enhanced the most was the reflection of the trees on the water - and made it more interesting to look at.

  4. Love the "La Vie En Rose" texture. That is my fav of the group

  5. Love these new textures Bonnie! Using them already!


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