Tuesday, May 8, 2012

... working in my garden on a rainy day ... well, sort of ...

Hey there!  How are you on this Tuesday in May?  We had a beautiful, sunny day yesterday which allowed me to get some work done in the garden.  Today, however, it is raining and they are forecasting rain until Friday!  Well - guess what?  As photographers and digital artists we can still 'tend' to our flowers even when it is miserable outside.

Here's what I did with some delphiniums, brunnera and star of Bethlehem blooms as it rained:

Finished piece.

Elements used, scattered on finished piece.  The background is a texture in my pdpa Simply Irresistible Texture Set.

 Here you see my placement of each element set on the background (the background layer is not visible in this screenshot) and how I blended them into the background using layer masks.  You could make selections to place only the parts of the flower you want on your background, but I like the abstract, painterly feel achieved with the less precise techniques of masking and blending.

(Yes, I admit it - I don't always name my layers - especially when they seem self-explanatory!)

After the flower images were placed and blended into the background, I flattened and duplicated the image in order to be able to apply the cutout filter:  Filter>Artistic>Cutout.  The cutout filter will give a more abstract, painterly feel to your image.  I played with the settings on the Cutout dialogue pop-out so that the cartoon-y-ish result was not too extreme.  I also reduced the opacity of the Cutout effect to 40%.


Here is a screenshot after application of Cutout and before application of RadLab. I love RadLab for its many choices of effects, but also for the way it marries and blends all the disparate elements in a composite piece of photo art. If you can possibly afford it, I'm sure you would love it. Check out the site, subscribe to their newsletter and watch for announcements about special discounts. If I recall correctly, I got a 30% discount when I purchased it.

After I applied "Snap It", "Divine Light 1" and "Prettyizer" in RadLab, the Filter "Poster Edges" in PSE was added.  I always reduce the opacity to about 33% so that it is not too obvious.

And again, the finished product.

I really enjoyed working with my flowers today - in spite of the rain!  Guess we could call it creative, digital gardening!

Don't forget that Photo Art Friday will be here in a couple of days!  This week you have the option of linking up a piece of photo art featuring a horizon.  I'll be looking for your link.  :)


  1. You are amazing ... I don't think I am anywhere near where you are in the use of photoshop and this is the first I have heard of RadLab. I love playing with my pictures and turning them into art and I see you as giving me the opportunity to up my game ... Thank you. You will see more of me once I get the gist of what I am doing :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  2. Love it!
    Stay inspired!

  3. Oh wow, I love this!! The colors are gorgeous...

  4. Beautiful!! Love that expression too - digital gardening!

  5. Well, I don't really care how you did it but the result is gorgeous.

  6. Hello back to you Bonnie! How lovely this is and really like how you have 'tended to your garden today". Hope you are having a great week!

  7. So fun and a great option to indulge in flower love without sunshine! Though I don't have RadLab, I'm going to try playing with layers to make my own garden...

  8. What lovely results from your rainy day gardening!

  9. Beautiful "flower" garden. I love it

  10. Stunning! Love the colors of this piece.

  11. Hi Bonnie, It looks like you had a very fruitful day gardening - it's good for the soul, indoors or outside. I love the colors in you gardening art.

  12. I love this technique, thanks so much for sharing...:)


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