Thursday, June 28, 2012

Photo Art Friday, June 29th - July 1st

Welcome to this week's Painterly Edition of Photo Art Friday. 

Have you been 'painting' up a storm?  I can't wait to see what you hang in our virtual gallery this week!  I've already hung my painterly pieces of photo art.  Take a look.

A street scene in Old Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Opened photograph in PSE8
Filter>Stylize>Find Edges, reduced opacity to 45%
Filter>Artistic>Poster Edges (sliders set to 0-0-1)
Filter>Artistic>Watercolor  -  reduced opacity to 49%
Applied Monet Haze texture, blending in Hard Light, 80% Opacity
Layer Mask to remove bits of texture from image
RadLab  -  3 stylets applied (Oh, Snap,   Divine Light,   Prettyizer)

Same treatment as above except that after signature I made these extra manipulations:
Merge Visible
Filter>Artistic>Poster Edges (sliders at 1-1-3) Opacity 33%

Can you see the slight difference between the two versions?  Which do you prefer?

For next week's edition of Photo Art Friday we can

showcase any piece of photo art we choose


showcase a piece architectural photo art

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

... and now for something a little different ...

Hi there!  Hope everyone is doing well today.  Thought I would post a digital collage that is in stark contrast to the one posted yesterday.  I have used this one to create the header on my other blog, Original Art Studio.

As I type this, I have the distinct feeling that I may have already published this piece here.  Forgive me if that is the case.  I don't have time to go back and check and I keep losing my internet connection this morning for some reason, so I want to get this up.  Sometimes you just have to watch the 're-runs'!  :)

As I gaze at this digital collage now I see female faces from the web, bells from the web, a photo of one of my old paper collages, and a threshold image scattered here and there of my grandaughter.  Oh, just spotted some bars of music also procured from the web.  All these elements were applied to one of my high resolution backgrounds.

The unfortunate thing is that because I have used low resolution images gathered from the web on this piece - it will not print well.  If you are making a digital collage that you want to print on canvas or as a poster, card, calendar, etc., make sure all the elements you use are high resolution (e.g. 300 pixels per inch).  Then you will really have a print-worthy piece.

Monday, June 25, 2012

... a little flower arranging ...

Hi my lovelies.  Hope all is well with you on this last Monday of June, 2012.  It's a holiday today in my little part of the world, so we plan to take things slow and easy today.

I have done a little flowering arranging, however.  Here's the result:

Have you had time to think about this week's Photo Art Friday challenge?  The optional challenge is to showcase a photograph that you have edited to look like a painting.  Don't worry if you don't get what you want on your first try.  It's usually during my first attempt that I see what will work and what won't with the particular photograph. 

First attempts are like opportunities to gather materials, assess how they work together, decide on your approach, etc.  Perhaps you then just have to tweak your first attempt, or perhaps with the ideas and experience gained on that first attempt, you want to start over.  Then again ... maybe you are one of those fortunate few who get it right the first time, every time.  I'd love to meet you ... and I probably wouldn't like you!  ;)

Can't wait to see all the paintings that will be hung in our virtual gallery!  Thanks in advance for your contributions to come and many thanks for all your previous contributions.  I know it entails a lot of work to prepare for our little party.   Your efforts do not go unnoticed!

Are you keeping all your photo art in a special file?  Have any of you actually printed any of your pieces to hang, sell or gift?  Seems a shame to have all that beautiful work tucked away in the digital ether.

I have created a file of work that I think is print-worthy and have invited some friends and each of my children to peruse the file and select a piece they would like to hang on their wall.  I then have them printed, per the individual's preferences, and give them the work as a gift.  Better than shopping and putting a dent in your bank account don't you think? 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Photo Art Friday, June 22nd - 24th

Welcome friends!  Time to regale each other with our latest photo-art images.  This week we have the challenge of sharing an image that we have edited to look like a vintage piece of art.  Of course, if you prefer, you are welcome to post any piece of photo art you choose.  We like to keep it open and easy here.

If you are new to Photo Art Friday you can read the guidelines for participation by clicking on the Photo Art Friday tab under my header.

This is a photograph of clematis with a view leading to our driveway and one of the stone bridges over the brook that meanders down to the right (not visible).  I partially desaturated and slightly blurred this photograph and then added the texture freebie from yesterday, Vintage Craquelure.  It was blended in Overlay at 85% opacity.  (Click for an enlarged view.)

This photograph looks in the other direction with a white clematis in the distance and the brook barely visible down to the left.  The photo was partially desaturated and slightly blurred.  It was also treated with the Photo Filter in PSE - warming filter (85).  Vintage Craquelure was applied and blended in Hard Light at 80%.  A layer mask was used to remove a bit of the texture from the water, clematis, tree trunks and stone walls.

Next week, you can feature any piece of photo art you choose


you can showcase a photograph you have edited to look like a painting.

Last April I released a free texture called Painterly.  If you missed it I have set up a link for you to download it here.  It could be one of the elements you use to give your photograph a painterly feel.

Other painterly textures are available in my Texture Sets Shoppe.  They have received great feedback from those already using them.  Why not take a look and see what you think?

To download pdpa Painterly texture, click HERE.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Free Texture Alert!

Hi Everyone!  Hope you are all finding ways to stay cool, calm and collected during this heat wave.  I'm blessed with 'air' and am so grateful.  After I give a long, slightly cool drink of water to my outdoor potted plants, I plan to work indoors today.

Tomorrow evening the doors to our virtual art gallery open.  Are you ready to hang your photo art?

You can hang anything you feel qualifies as 'artful' and we also have the prompt to hang a vintage-looking piece of photo art.

I've already been working on making some recent photos taken in my garden look vintage.  I used this new texture, pdpa vintage craquelure with great results.  So ... had to share it with you:

To download a free, high resolution copy of pdpa Vintage Craquelure texture, click HERE.

Three of the last four textures offered here as freebies (Nitty Gritty, Age It and Vintage Craquelure) are all great for giving any photograph a vintage feel.  So with them and the skills you have tucked up your artistic sleeve you should be able to produce some great vintage pieces to share tomorrow. 

Can't wait!!  No literally, I can't wait.  I want to show you what today's free texture can do ...  Take a look (don't forget to click to enlarge!):

After edits to fade and blur the photograph, I added pdpa Vintage Craquelure texture blending it in Hard Light and reducing the opacity of the blend to 80%.  A layer mask was used to remove only some of the texture from the flower (using a soft brush at 15% opacity).

Again after edits to desaturate and blur the photograph, pdpa Vintage Craquelure texture was added and blended in Multiply, Opacity 75%.  A layer mask was used to remove some of texture from the flowers only, as described above.

Please read and follow my Terms of Use for free and purchased textures. 

I'll be looking for you tomorrow at Photo Art Friday!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Photo Art Friday, June 15th - 17th

Welcome!  It's time to link up some of your amazing photo art to our Photo Art Friday gallery.
(The gallery doors open early every Thursday evening at 7:00 p.m. EDT.

This week we are challenged to feature photo art that contains negative space.  If that is not where your head is at this week, you are always free to link up any piece of photo ART you want. 

Same photo as above, but treated with Photoshop's Filter>Distort>Wave.

Next week you can feature any piece of photo art you choose


feature a piece of photo art that you have edited to look vintage 

Here's a free texture that may be of help with the vintage challenge:

To download the high resolution version of this file, pdpa Age It texture, click HERE.

Monday, June 11, 2012

a texture(d) thank-you

Hey there my lovelies ... did you enjoy our black and white edition of PAF as much as I did?  You really shared some stunning pieces of photo art ... AGAIN! 

A few of you applied the Gradient Map satin effect to your black and white edits with amazing results.  Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and sharing.  I have only applied that effect to still life images and flower images, so you have inspired me to try it on all kinds of photos now.  Thank you!

Several of you have expressed interest in how I create my digital photo art collages such as the first image in my last PAF post.  So I want to let you know I have been putting together a digital photo-art collage e-course on that very topic.  It's looking good and I am really excited about it. 

This project is a sweet marriage of two of my degrees (a Masters degree in Education and a separate graduate degree in Adult Training & Education), and my skills in art and now digital photo art.  Can't wait to share all the details of this e-course project with you.

Putting together a course for you is more work than I anticipated at first - mainly because I keep adding textures, backgrounds and other resources to the package.   It is thus taking more time than I planned, but I want it to be chocked full of great information, exclusive resources, written and video work flow demos, and ideas that will help you make some digital art collages that are uniquely and meaningfully your own.   If I don't get carried away with all the ideas I have (and all the fun I'm having!) I should be able to present it to you in a few weeks.

In the meantime, I have prepared this texture for you.  It's called bleu en bleu and I love it.  Let me know what you think. 

To download your free high res file of pdpa bleu en bleu texture, click HERE.

Please read and follow my Terms of Use for free and for purchase textures.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Photo Art Friday, June 8th - 10th

Welcome to the "black and white" edition of Photo Art Friday! 

While you always have the option to post any piece of photo art you like, this week we have been challenged to hang black and white pieces of art in our virtual gallery.  The inlinkz button will appear at the bottom of this post, tonight (Thursday) at 7:00 p.m. EDT.

Next week let's have an optional theme of featuring images that have a lot of "negative space".   Negative space is the space left around the subject of your photograph or art image.  If you would like to learn a bit more about the use and value of negative space in your artistic creations you can google it, and here is one good place to begin:

I'll go first with my black and white submissions for this week. These are pieces of photo art from my archives.  Unfortunately, I do not have all the precise recipes to share, but I have included a video on how to achieve one interesting effect you will find in these images.

The above piece has the frame and the backdrop of a photograph I took from the second floor of a train station.  I was standing on a walkway that spans the tracks and took the photo from a large picture window.  If you look closely you can see the tracks below. The flowers were photographed growing wild near the train tracks, while the young woman is a public domain image from the web.  A texture was added on top of those three elements.  This week I converted the image to b&w.

A mainly black and white photograph of a peony hanging on its stem - heavy with raindrops.  See instructions below to learn how to achieve this satin-like look on your images.

Another composed piece of photo art.  The top left image is a ghostly figure from of one of my paintings.  The bottom left image is a piece of sculpture in my home.  The image on the far right is public domain image from a famous painting.  Don't tell anyone, but the central, standing figure is moi ... many moons ago.    ;)

How to create a satin-like effect using the Gradient Map:

This effect works best if you have not made previous major edits to your photograph. 

To achieve the satin, silvery effect, first click on the round, black and white adjustments circle.

From the selection box that appears choose Gradient Map.

Click on the little black arrow beside the colored rectangle that appears.

Click on the two little right-facing black arrows to view all the preset categories.

From the drop-down box that appears, select Special Effects.

When the Special Effects presets are displayed click on the box second from the left, which is named Soft Stripes.

Leave your blending mode on Normal.  Adjust the opacity down between 30% to 50%.  

Eh voila!  You now have a satiny effect on your image.  I'm sure you will find many ways to use this Gradient Map effect.  I hope I get to see some of them!

Addendum:    In the video, when describing the Gradient Map selections available I neglected to mention the last two, Pixel Dust Gradient (how could I omit that one!!) and Untitled Gradients.  These contain more great gradient map selections to try on your photographs. 

There are also several selections among the Gradient Map Adjustments that give you different black and white effects on your photo.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Freebie For You!

I've kept you waiting too long for a new texture.  So here's a sweet, little freebie - just for you.  It's called "Nitty Gritty".   Please read my Terms of Use here.

The challenge for the upcoming Photo Art Friday is to post a piece of photo art in black and white. Are you ready?  See you then!

To download a free, high resolution file of pdpa Nitty Gritty texture, click HERE.