Thursday, June 28, 2012

Photo Art Friday, June 29th - July 1st

Welcome to this week's Painterly Edition of Photo Art Friday. 

Have you been 'painting' up a storm?  I can't wait to see what you hang in our virtual gallery this week!  I've already hung my painterly pieces of photo art.  Take a look.

A street scene in Old Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Opened photograph in PSE8
Filter>Stylize>Find Edges, reduced opacity to 45%
Filter>Artistic>Poster Edges (sliders set to 0-0-1)
Filter>Artistic>Watercolor  -  reduced opacity to 49%
Applied Monet Haze texture, blending in Hard Light, 80% Opacity
Layer Mask to remove bits of texture from image
RadLab  -  3 stylets applied (Oh, Snap,   Divine Light,   Prettyizer)

Same treatment as above except that after signature I made these extra manipulations:
Merge Visible
Filter>Artistic>Poster Edges (sliders at 1-1-3) Opacity 33%

Can you see the slight difference between the two versions?  Which do you prefer?

For next week's edition of Photo Art Friday we can

showcase any piece of photo art we choose


showcase a piece architectural photo art


  1. Bonnie I just love what you have done with this! I have alot of your textures, and have to look to see if I have this particular one. Have a whole series of shots that would look very nice with this. if I don't have it already, you will see me out shopping soon. can hardly wait until 7 pm.

  2. Very interesting, those textures to make photography a painting.

  3. Since I follow you, you make think of many different things that I can do whith my photos than just publish them with a little twinking; looking forward to next week so you can pick my brain.

  4. Thanks for bringing back some great memories Bonnie. I took a weekend VIA train trip to Montréal back when I was a teen and dreamed of being an artist in the street :).
    Stay inspired!
    p.s. remembered my one from last week and added another

  5. Thanks so much for the process you used-this is terrific! And I just HAVE to comment on the word "prettyizer". How cool is that!?

  6. I like both of them, but if I had to pick, I'd say I prefer the second one. Not really sure why, though! I also enjoyed the Old Montreal scene

  7. sensational processing on a great capture!
    both are great, but I am partial to the vibrancy of the first piece!

  8. Great street scene to start off with.
    I enlarged both and while the change is really subtle I think that I prefer the 1st one because it has just a bit more clarity. The 2nd version lightens things up a little more.

  9. I'm with Jill, I love the tones, a really great texture there Bonnie :)

  10. Great image for the Impressionist treatment - I prefer the 2nd - poster edges is one of my favourite effects at the moment

  11. Den sista snygga bilden ser mer ut som en målning. Ha de gott.

  12. I quite like the second one, the effects seems to have been amplified. The week has got away from, hope to link up next week.

  13. Wow, I love your effects! The differences between the two are subtle, but I think I like the first one myself because it's just a tad "softer". Thanks so much for sharing your steps - I learn so much when I can see what you've done.

  14. Second one seems the best to me! All very interesting though.

  15. Wonderful street scene!

  16. Your Painterly edition result is wonderful...
    which inspired me to try your instructions.
    Almost exactly...except I don't have RadLab,
    so I used Topaz Adjust 5...
    and I used your texture Painterly.
    I'll be posting and linking up soon.

  17. I love this. I think I'll try your recipe.
    Have a great weekend.
    Linda @ Patchwork Pixels

  18. I love your painterly edition, perfect for that photo!!

  19. Bonnie, the Monet effect is really nice and the photo is artsy with all that artwork being displayed. This was a challenging and fun topic. I tried several photos and effects and finally came up with an image that I'm happy with this afternoon. Have a wonderful weekend!:)

  20. Just lovely, Bonnie! I think I'd like to try one of my photos following your recipe. Thanks so much for heading me to that tutorial on textures and always your encouragement. It makes such a difference to me to BE participating here and learning so much... [curious why there is a funky little red x by my link?!]

  21. Bonnie thank you very much, nice Pizzaz Texture Set.

  22. Thanks for sharing your recipe, Bonnie. It definitely has that painterly quality. Beautiful street scene.

  23. I love the ways you stretch my mind and efforts, Bonnie! Thank you very much!

  24. Your painterly versions have a much more romantic feeling than the original photograph, which is charming in itself, but so much more hard edge. Rather like art imitating life imitating art: you could set up your own kiosk and sell prints of your painter-ized street scenes!


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