Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Add A Texture - Save A Photo - Reprise

Check out this reprise of a post from one week ago to see how adding a texture can save a photo:

Here are a few more nondescript photographs from my files on which I have applied some of my painterly textures to see if the photographs could be 'saved'.  The results with the painterly textures (Painterly Finesse and Painterly Pizzaz Texture Sets) always excite and amaze me!

This a photograph taken through the car window last Spring of the south side of the Victoria Bridge after leaving downtown Montreal.  It's an old bridge that carries both cars and trains across the St. Lawrence River.

First, a levels adjustment on this ordinary photograph to balance dark and light tones.  It was then sharpened and a Hue/Saturation adjustment was made.   The magic took place, however, when I added one of the painterly textures.

This is the low resolution version of "Blue Skies" from my pdpa Painterly Finesse Texture Set that was applied to the photograph.

You can see all the adjustments made in the layers panel in this screenshot.  Click to enlarge if needed. 

After blending the texture with Multiply at 100% OpacityLayer Mask was applied to the texture layer.  With a soft brush at 30% Opacity, I removed texture from the metal rail and wood post in the foreground. 

Noticing a small line of light on the sky I lowered the opacity of the brush a bit more and clicked once on top of the line of light (with the Layer Mask still active).  That made a soft circle of light by revealing the lighter sky in the photograph under the texture.

Liking the soft orb of light just created, I decided to add some rays of light emanating from the orb.

To add soft rays of light:

*  Add a new layer

*  Selected SS-Light Beams from my Brushes palette (probably procured from Brusheezy!)

*  Clicked the brush icon above in the bar above my image to choose Additional Brush Options and used my mouse to move the arrow on the graph in the lower left hand corner.  This allows me to adjust the angle of the rays for this image.  I also greatly reduced the size of the light beams brush.

*  Clicked rays brush on top of the orb and drastically reduced the opacity.  I wanted the rays of light to shine down on the water and to be barely visible.

*  Moved back down in layers palette to the texture layer and clicked on its Layer Mask.

*  Using a soft brush at very low opacity (20% or so) I clicked along the water with my mouse following the same line as the rays of light already applied.   This made a little path of digital light on the St. Lawrence River.

Eh voila!  I am super pleased with the result, and in my opinion it is mainly due to the pdpa Blue Skies (Painterly Finesse Texture Set) texture.  Magic!  (Click image to enlarge.) 
(None of the effects added with adjustments and brushes would have had the same effect without the texture.)

Took the manipulated image into RadLab to see what I could get by applying some of its 'stylets':

*  Applied RadLab's "Lights Out", "Divine Light", "Iron Mouse" and "Prettyizer". 

*  Back in PSE I reduced the total effect of the RadLab application of stylets by reducing the opacity to 85%.  

*  RadLab is a "plug in".  Once purchased it has an icon right in your Photoshop workspace and the adjustments from RadLab are applied straight to your image in the PS or PSE workspace.  That means that RadLab shows up on its own layer in your Layers Panel.  You can make PS adjustments to the RadLab effect right in that layer.  How convenient is that?! 

*  Another Levels Adjustment to bring back a touch more whites (light). 

And again, more magic!  Amazing when you consider the dreary photograph I began with!

BTW, these textures do not produce dark images unless you want them that way, which I did.  That is why I used Multiply at 100% Opacity to blend them.

Here is another example, again using a rather dull photograph and adding another painterly texture:

The photograph in the upper right benefits from the application of  La Vie En Rose texture from the pdpa Finesse Texture Set.

Find these two texture sets in my
Texture Sets Shoppe.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Photo Art Friday, July 27th, 28th

Welcome to this week's gallery of your digital creations, better known as Photo Art Friday!

Hope July treated you well.  It has been extra-ordinarily hot here in North America this summer.  Many areas are experiencing drought conditions and farmers fear for their crops.  If you have been suffering with the heat ... I feel for you ... I don't function well in these steamy temps either.

This week you are welcome to link up any piece of photo art you please OR link up a piece of photo art that features "improbable pairing(s)".  Interpret that prompt however you please!  Can't wait to see what you come up with!!!

Here are my pieces that feature improbable pairings.  You may have seen variations of these digital collages posted here before - I've given up worrying about never posting the same image twice.  (Don't forget you can click on the image for an enlarged view.)

Don't ask me what these improbable pairings are about.  Only my unconscious knows for sure!

Photos of museum entrance and a yellow flower, addition of a texture, and a few digital manipulations.  I love the anticipation of never quite knowing what my 'improbable pairings' are going to produce.

Looks like a devoted, young Christian with the 'improbable' addition of a little buddha in her hair.  Used images from the web and one of my scripted textures for this digital collage.

Next week share any digital art image you wish


share a piece of photo art based on the prompt:  doors

Have fun!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Photo Art Friday, July 20th, 21st

Welcome to Photo Art Friday!

First, a little business.  I have decided to change the number of days that the inLinkz button will be available to link up your photo art.  Until now, the linky button has been available from Thursday evening to Sunday evening.  Now, the InLinkz tool will only be available from Thursday evening until Saturday evening That means from now on, you will have only 2+ days to link up.  That should be ample time.  Very few links have ever been made on Sunday.

This week, as usual, you can share any piece of photo art you want OR a piece of photo art that "wows" us with the light in the image.  Here are three I want to share that feature light.  They have all been treated in PSE to sharpen, increase saturation, blur the background, and clone out some unsightly spots.

Nature's colors and designs always excite and inspire!

Oh, happy day!

A simple flower becomes the perfect container for light.

Next week you can, as always, share any piece of photo ART you wish


link based on the prompt: IMPROBABLE PAIRING(S)
(it's always fun to see the different interpretations created from a prompt!)

Since I rarely do images of mainly flowers here, thought I would share this post with LeAnne's flower meme.  Do click on the link and enjoy all the gorgeous flowers linked up there!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

celebrating ... with textures

Looks like PDPA will soon hit the 300 followers mark.
That calls for a celebration! 

If I could throw a party for you all, I would.  A party with loads of 'party favors'.  Since I can't ever hope to gather you from the four corners of the world for a party, I will have to be content with offering you some 'follower favors' in the form of free textures.
How about one texture for every hundred followers?

Download pdpa Never Seen Before texture, HERE.

Download pdpa Dusty Rose Bokeh overlay, HERE.

Download pdpa Drips of Rainbow overlay, HERE.

If, per chance, you are not yet a follower I would love to have YOU as my 300th follower ... or 301st ... or 302nd ... or ...

A BIG THANK YOU TO EACH OF YOU already following.
YOU are the sparkle in the pixel dust that floats around here! 
:)   :)   :)

P.S.  Many of you will be happy to learn I have up-graded my account with MediaFire to MediaFire Pro.  That means no more of those creepy ads you had to endure while downloading the textures.   Yaaaaaay!!!

P.P.S.  The last overlay, pdpa Drips of Rainbow overlay, might be one you use rarely but it's fun to have in your files and I just know you will love it when you do use it!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Photo Art Friday, July 13th - 15th

Welcome to Photo Art Friday!

Have you been a frequent PAF gallery visitor but have not yet hung a piece of your own photo art on our virtual walls?  Well ... wait no longer!  We are a friendly bunch here, always enjoy a fresh perspective, and are just waiting to welcome you.  Click on the Photo Art Friday tab under the header.  All the easy guidelines for participation are there.

As usual you can post ANY piece of photo ART that pleases you, or this week you can share an image that features "fencing".  I have selected the latter:

(click on image to enlarge)

The above image is a composite created with one of my textured backgrounds and at least five of my own photographs.  They are all high resolution, so I can print this composite and be sure of a decent result.  Had I used any low resolution photos procured from the web, it would adversely affect the print-worthiness of the entire piece.  If you are making composites just to share on your blog, low resolution components are fine to include.

Let me tell you a bit about the various components in this piece.  The building on the left with fencing all around is the Russian Consulate here in Montreal.  There were cameras attached to higher parts of the fence (not visible here) that were taking pictures of me taking pictures of it!  The stone stairs on the right were just a stone's throw away from the Russian Consulate.  Other buildings and fencing were photographed in different areas of the city.

For this collage to really tell a story, it needs some human-related images and  a few variations of this composite were made where I inserted statues on the stairs and people on the sidewalks.  That's one of the great things about making digital collages, they are so easy to add to or subtract from ... so many variations possible on a theme. 

Here's another piece of photo art featuring this week's prompt of 'fencing':   

 Anything look familiar?   The fencing/gate in this photo was inserted in bottom-center of the collage above.  Editing steps for this piece of photo art follow.

Before the application of Radlab stylets, I also applied the Filter>Poster Edges with slider settings as follows:  Edge thickness>1,  Edge Intensity>1,  Posterization>2.

For next week's Photo Art Friday you are invited to link up:

any piece of photo art you choose


a piece of photo art where it is the light in the image that commands our attention

Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Texture Sale

If you have been thinking about purchasing some texture sets, now is the time.  For the next three weeks each set purchased will be discounted by 30%.  Don't wait - this summer sale expires July 31st at 9:00 p.m. EST. 

You don't have to worry about any code, simply make your selections and the 30% discount will be applied automatically.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Photo Art Friday, July 6th - 8th

Welcome to the architectural edition of Photo Art Friday.

As always, you are welcome to link up any piece of photo ART you wish, or you can follow the prompt and link up your photo art that relates in some way to architecture.  I have chosen the latter and hope you enjoy viewing the minimalist architecture in these pieces of photo art!

Half tree house, half play house - designed and built with care for the little folk.

Look at those gorgeous exposed beams in the ceiling!  And if you look closely, you will see it is even wired with electricity for late night pyjama parties.

This photo, shot from/through the kitchen window, shows our grandaughters washing the tree house.  At our behest?  No.  Absolutely not.  I wouldn't dream of asking anyone to scrub raw, unpainted wood!  They just felt it was not being maintained properly and asked for a bucket of soapy water with rags and brushes so they could bring the outdoor architecture up to their unusually high standards.   All of the adults in the house had to pick their jaws off the floor!  Adorable - if I do say so myself.

For next week, you can link up a favorite piece of photo art,


a piece of photo art that features fencing.  Worded that way, the prompt gives you a lot of latitude!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Really. I Can't Help It!

I can't help myself ... here's another free texture for you. 
Do let me see what you create with it!

 (It looks fab on skies and water - don't tell anyone!)

To download the high res version of pdpa Mauve Threads texture, click HERE.

(Please don't forget to read and follows my Terms of Use for gift and purchased textures.)

A happy, safe 4th to all my dear American friends.

See you ALL on Friday!

Monday, July 2, 2012

... a pure space ...

"A pure space appears before us
where flowers ceaselessly open."

Rainer Maria Rilke

photograph of peony and cranesbill sharpened

same photograph as above treated in RadLab

same photograph with a different treatment in RadLab

photograph of clematis sharpened and slight hue/saturation adjustment

"Everything that grows
Holds in perfection
But a little moment."

Shakespeare:  Sonnet 15

"Someday it will help
to remember
even this."


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Is it too hot for a free texture?

Here's a new, free, fine art texture for you.
Please read my Terms of Use.

To download this gift texture, pdpa Rose Dust texture, click HERE.

I always enjoy receiving links to see how you use my textures!