Wednesday, August 29, 2012

... freebie, discount, prompts ...

Just popping in with a reminder, a couple of little announcements and a new free texture.  Please read the whole post before downloading your free texture.  Two prompts for the month of September are shared here and one of them will be a special personal project for each one of us!

Reminder:   Our photo art gallery is closed this week and will re-open in September.

I had planned to re-open the Photo Art Friday gallery on Friday, September 7th (Thursday the 6th for you early birds!).  My husband will undergo surgery on Sept. 5th and remain in the hospital for a few days afterward, so while I will do my very best to make sure the inLinkz button is posted for you on the 7th, I cannot promise that I will be able to visit any of the submissions.

For the September 7th edition of Photo Art Friday, the optional prompt is "moving".


For the September 14th edition of Photo Art Friday I have cooked up a more challenging prompt that I hope a lot of you will embrace.   Do you remember the fun folks had a while back creating their 6-Word Memoirs?  (Larry Smith of the website "SMITH" originated this idea back in 2006 and many versions of it sprung up throughout the blogosphere.)  So let's do a little twist on the idea for the Sept. 14th version of Photo Art Friday.  Your "assignment", if you choose to accept it, is:

Create or use an image to illustrate a 7-Word Sentence (yes 7/seven!) that summarizes your life as a photographer, artist, digital artist, digital photo-artist.  If you prefer to create your image and compose your sentence to go on or with your image thinking of yourself as an aspiring photographer, artist, digital artist, etc. that is just fine too.

Got it?    A seven-word sentence that summarizes your artistic evolution with an accompanying photo-art image that relates to the seven-word sentence - for the Sept. 14th edition of PAF.

This will require a little thought, perhaps even a little working and re-working so you have over two weeks to develop what should be a very personal and meaningful creation.  

Try to have fun with this.  It's simply an image and sentence that represents how you see your artistic life or artistic development and/or evolution at this point in time.   You put your own spin on the prompt - making it as simple, profound, serious, playful or humorous as you like.


A few of you let me know that you missed out on the 30% reduction in my Texture Sets Shoppe last July.  Well - here's another chance to save on the texture sets.  Until the end of September, 2012 you will receive an automatic 30% discount on any and all texture sets in my Shoppe.  There is no code to enter, the discount will automatically be applied to your total.

In the meantime - here is a great free texture to add to your personal archive:

To download your free, high-resolution version of pdpa The Little Things texture, click HERE.

Thanks everyone.  If you have any questions about this post please ask them in the comments.  I will answer them there so everyone can benefit.  Have to go and think about my seven-word sentence!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

... a free texture for you ...

The scent of Autumn is in the air.  Mornings, lately, are much cooler and other subtle cues whisper that the season is about to change.  I adore the Fall, and  my energy picks up as the cooler temperatures arrive.  What about you?  What's your favorite season?

I've been busy making some new textures.  Here's one all ready for you to download.

To download the high resolution version of pdpa Other Worlds texture, just smile :) and click HERE.

I've also spent a little time creating digital collages.  Keeping the color palette of blues and mauves, here are a couple of my most recent:

 In this piece I used one of my textures as the background and added five copyright-free images procured from the web.  My recent free download, pdpa Starburst texture, was also applied.

Again, I used one of my own textures as the background (canvas) on which to assemble images from two of my own photographs - one of an archway and another of a buddha-like figure.  Many digital manipulations and a couple of RadLab stylets produced the final result.  I then added a lovely quote from the Buddhist teacher, Steven Levine.

Don't forget that Photo Art Friday will be on a little hiatus for the rest of August, but will be back (hopefully) again the first Friday in September.  I'll alert you beforehand.  :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Photo Art Friday, August 17th, 18th

Welcome to the weekly showcase of art made from photographs, aka, Photo Art Friday!  If you are a new visitor to our virtual photo art gallery, you can read the guidelines for participation here.

Any photo art is welcome in our gallery, but each week I provide an optional prompt.  This week's prompt is "container(s)".  Can't wait to see all the creative interpretations you've fashioned with this prompt!

Here are two pieces of photo art that feature containers:

I have four clay pots on our back deck where I plant my herbs each year.  Nasturtium plants are always tucked in each pot for their pop of color and because I love to place their edible flowers on our salads.   They have really taken over this year!   Nasturtium flowers, if you have never sampled one, have a peppery, radish-like taste.  These herb containers are placed on a bench so that our little rabbit and ground hog herbivore friends don't help themselves and deplete our source overnight.

To give the container garden  photograph a more artsy feel, I cropped, saturated, sharpened it, and added a touch of the PSE filter "poster edges".

Above is an old jewelery box that contains some of my deceased mother's keepsakes.  It's a container of bits of old jewelery, a few photos - but much more important than that it is a container of memories, hopes, dreams, sorrows, joys, disappointments, triumphs and meaning.  Containers can hold so many precious things beyond the obvious.

Of course, the most precious container of all is the heart.  Do you ever consider the contents you carry in your heart?  Are there resentments, grievances, griefs, hurts, disappointments, anger housed there that are no longer relevant and/or helpful?  Is it time to release some of the things the container of your heart has been carrying?  

It's never too soon to stop holding and nursing old, long-since-past trauma and grievances.  They weigh us down and do both symbolic and literal damage to mind, body and spirit.  (Sometimes we can benefit from professional help as we release the wounds of the past from our heart.)   Make a conscious effort to reserve your heart as a container for delight, joy, love, appreciation and gratitude.  It's a healing choice to release old grief and grievances from your heart space - and no one can prevent you from making such a healthy choice, but you.

I've decided to take a break from Photo Art Friday for the next two Fridays.  It will be back on Friday, September 7th.   I'll post a reminder and a prompt earlier that week.

Btw, if you did not yet pick up the latest free texture, pdpa Starburst, you can do so by clicking here.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Freebie Burst!

Hey my lovelies!  Here's a new, free texture for you.  Enjoy!

New texture sets are now available in my Texture Sets Shoppe. While the textures I give away are great and made with a lot of love and care, I have to admit I save my best for the shoppe.  

If you want some textures that are a step above the norm, check them out!  All the texture sets in the shoppe are just the nudge you need to make fabulous photo art.

To download this texture, pdpa Starburst in its high resolution version, click HERE.

Photo Art Friday is just two days away.  

The virtual gallery for your photo art always opens early every Thursday, at 7:00 p.m. EDT.  

This week's prompt if you choose to use it is "container(s)".  

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Photo Art Friday, August 10th, 11th

Welcome to Photo Art Friday!  Did you come bearing gifts?

Yes, the artistic prompt for this week is the word 'gift(s)'.  Can't wait to see the interpretations of that prompt.  And yes, if you prefer to do your own thing you do not have to use the prompt.  Show us any piece of photo art that you are inspired to share.

I was in a bit of a reflective mood this week.  My reflections seemed to be mainly about the things I appreciate - that I am grateful for - and there are so many.

One recurring reflection was about the magical healing properties of my body, the body.  It does so many extraordinary things for us that are totally out of our conscious awareness and that therefore go unacknowledged.  So I dedicated some to time to simply thanking my body for all its chemical, hormonal, neural, etc. etc. processes.  Seems it's the least one can do when you think of all the gifts we receive from our genius body.

Those of us who love photography and digital editing of our photographs must be folks who are awed and humbled by the beauty all around us.  Beauty is such a healing factor in a life - an ever-accessible gift.  One of my favorite books is "Beauty:  The Invisible Embrace - Rediscovering the true sources of compassion, serenity, and hope." by John O'Donohue.  If you are a lover of beauty, you will appreciate this book.  It's one of my favorites and I have purchased many to give as gifts to those I love.

As a lover of beauty I have to say I am also grateful for the surroundings, resources, tools, information, etc. that I have at my disposal to help me create my own bits of beauty.  So I am featuring some of these resources as my interpretation of the prompt 'gift(s)'.

 The gift of a lush, white bloom from my garden this Spring.  The gift of being able to use Photoshop to eliminate any background noise that could detract from the beauty of the peony.

 The gift of looking out at mountains, sky, clouds, trees.  The gift of my camera with which I can capture moments where all of these things come together.  The gift of being able to manipulate my photographs into textures (pdpa Magic Mountain from the Impressionist Interlude Texture Set) that I can use to enhance other photographs.

The gift of the alchemy when tools, resources, choices come together to create more beauty from what was already beautiful.  Such a healing gift - to be able to create little snippets of beauty and to be elevated, renewed somehow by the process.

Next week the prompt for Photo Art Friday is 'container' - open to any and all interpretations.  But you are always welcome to post whatever piece of photo art you are moved to showcase here.  

Every piece linked up here is a gift.  All your gifts of photo art are welcome and appreciated.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Fun With Photo Art

Want to make a photo art collage?  All you need are some photographs, textures, access to a photo-editing program and a willingness to try ... and when it doesn't work (which happens frequently!) ... try again.  Here are three of my latest pieces of composite photo art:

Parts of five photographs used to make this composite/collage.  The building is an exclusive boutique hotel.  The crazy expensive cars were parked in front of the hotel.  The books are a shelf I photographed in a book store.  The word LOVE was a large art installation in front of the hotel.

A photo of one of my abstract paintings, a photo procured from the web, another of my photos, a texture, a few manipulations ... and we have a sweet piece of photo art.

 Photograph of one of my abstract paintings of a female face (hard to decipher - but it's there if you search), edited photograph of trees, two textures, manipulations in PSE, finishing touches in RadLab, and somehow it came together to create the figure of a regal woman with a headdress or carrying her belongings on her head.  Do you see her?

Just a reminder that this week's artistic prompt for Photo Art Friday is "GIFT(S)".   You can interpret that in ANY WAY you want.  Let your imagination fly.  Your interpretation can be literal or not.  It's YOUR piece of photo art, so use the prompt to fit with your vision and aesthetic.  

If you have produced another work of photo art that has no relationship to the prompt, you are always welcome to link that instead.  

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Photo Art Friday, August 3rd, 4th

Hey - here we are in August!  Hope summer is being good to you.  And if you are in the Southern Hemisphere hope winter is being good to you!!

This week for Photo Art Friday you can link up any image of photo art that you choose, or you can elect to follow the prompt and link up an image that features

Our virtual gallery always opens Thursday evening for those of you who like to link up early. 

If you are new to Photo Art Friday, please know that everyone is welcome!  You can read the guidelines for participation here.

Here are my contributions to our virtual gallery for this week:

 This version has the addition of one of my Vintage Manuscript textures.

 Next week bring and hang any piece of your photo ART in our virtual gallery. 

Or, if you would like the challenge of a prompt, how about photo art that in some way features "gift(s)".

As a little thank you for your participation in our weekly photo art showcase, here is a free texture just for you:

To download the high resolution version of pdpa Soft Reflections texture, click here.