Tuesday, August 21, 2012

... a free texture for you ...

The scent of Autumn is in the air.  Mornings, lately, are much cooler and other subtle cues whisper that the season is about to change.  I adore the Fall, and  my energy picks up as the cooler temperatures arrive.  What about you?  What's your favorite season?

I've been busy making some new textures.  Here's one all ready for you to download.

To download the high resolution version of pdpa Other Worlds texture, just smile :) and click HERE.

I've also spent a little time creating digital collages.  Keeping the color palette of blues and mauves, here are a couple of my most recent:

 In this piece I used one of my textures as the background and added five copyright-free images procured from the web.  My recent free download, pdpa Starburst texture, was also applied.

Again, I used one of my own textures as the background (canvas) on which to assemble images from two of my own photographs - one of an archway and another of a buddha-like figure.  Many digital manipulations and a couple of RadLab stylets produced the final result.  I then added a lovely quote from the Buddhist teacher, Steven Levine.

Don't forget that Photo Art Friday will be on a little hiatus for the rest of August, but will be back (hopefully) again the first Friday in September.  I'll alert you beforehand.  :)


  1. Thank you for the texture Bonnie, and thanks for the reminder...but what's a girl to do now! ha

    I will surely miss it til September!! : ( But have a restful time off...

  2. What a beautiful texture - thank you, Bonnie! I look forward to when PAF comes back - until then, enjoy these last summer days. Fall is around the corner, I agree. :)

  3. I really love that second collage! :)
    Thanks for the texture, it is beautiful!

  4. Thanks for this wonderful texture. I am already putting it to good use. Enjoy the time off even though Friday just won't be the same without PAF for a couple of weeks.
    Great Art too. I like the 2nd one a lot.

  5. Lovely digital art, Bonnie! Thanks for the beautiful new texture.

  6. Beautiful textures, Bonnie.

    Hey, I know that building on the second artwork (left side) -- the Iron Flat building in NYC. Used to pass by it lots, but I never got a chance to go inside.


  7. thank you!!!
    you've done some unique art!
    I look forward to your return and using this texture!

  8. Beautiful collages...thank you so much for the great texture too. I miss Fall colors, living in Las Vegas, I don't get to see to much of the autumn beauty. I do try to go up in the mountains to get a look at the changing of the leaves. I am definitely looking forward to the crisp cool air!

    Capture life,

  9. Beautiful work. I love the Asian theme and the sentiment with it.

  10. Forgot to say thanks for yet another fantastic texture. Miss you and look forward to September!

  11. what a great texture, Bonnie. Thank you so much for sharing them!!!

    ~ Ewa

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