Monday, August 6, 2012

Fun With Photo Art

Want to make a photo art collage?  All you need are some photographs, textures, access to a photo-editing program and a willingness to try ... and when it doesn't work (which happens frequently!) ... try again.  Here are three of my latest pieces of composite photo art:

Parts of five photographs used to make this composite/collage.  The building is an exclusive boutique hotel.  The crazy expensive cars were parked in front of the hotel.  The books are a shelf I photographed in a book store.  The word LOVE was a large art installation in front of the hotel.

A photo of one of my abstract paintings, a photo procured from the web, another of my photos, a texture, a few manipulations ... and we have a sweet piece of photo art.

 Photograph of one of my abstract paintings of a female face (hard to decipher - but it's there if you search), edited photograph of trees, two textures, manipulations in PSE, finishing touches in RadLab, and somehow it came together to create the figure of a regal woman with a headdress or carrying her belongings on her head.  Do you see her?

Just a reminder that this week's artistic prompt for Photo Art Friday is "GIFT(S)".   You can interpret that in ANY WAY you want.  Let your imagination fly.  Your interpretation can be literal or not.  It's YOUR piece of photo art, so use the prompt to fit with your vision and aesthetic.  

If you have produced another work of photo art that has no relationship to the prompt, you are always welcome to link that instead.  


  1. Great work! Love the second one the most. It took me a while but I did spot the woman in the last one.

  2. Happy was the day I discovered your site Bonnie. You amaze me. Valerie

  3. Oh, Bonnie,- I LOOOOOVE the last one! Fantastic work, and I saw the lady carrying her belongings on her head before I read your text!
    Have a nice week:)

  4. I love these!!! The first one is my favourite. Looks very interesting.

  5. These are really good, Bonnie. Interesting manipulations.
    You arrive at composites each time which give the impression of a piece of abstract art.

  6. These are all wonderful, and fascinating to take in! Your blog and work always inspires... :)

  7. Love your pieces...fabulous!!!

  8. Oh yes I see her and the animal that is front of her. Cheers


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