Sunday, September 9, 2012

PAF 7-Sentence Prompt Examples

Your submissions for the 'moving' edition of Photo Art Friday were amazing!   So much artful inspiration and so much generous support for each other.  What a great group of people we have frequenting our digital gallery!!!

Emails have come in expressing a lot of enthusiasm for the September 14th PAF prompt of the seven word phrase describing your process as an artist with an accompanying piece of photo art.

However, a couple of you expressed that you felt a bit tentative about the unusual nature of the prompt.  So, I thought I would show you a few examples of seven word phrases I came up with to describe my evolution as an 'artist', in hopes that you will see it is not nearly as difficult or intimidating as you may have imagined.

A great motto for this little project is that famous acronym KISS:


:)  Of course trying to reduce your artistic journey or perspective down to seven words forces you to keep it simple, doesn't it?  :)   

With this piece, the image was already in my archives.  There was something about the woman gingerly putting her foot out to test new territory that mirrored some of my process as an artist.  I have been rather tentative and unsure throughout my evolution as a wannabe artist.  I composed the seven word sentence to correspond to the image.  Perhaps you will want to create an image to match the seven word sentence.  Either/or!!!

For many reasons, for most of my life I basically had no idea that I had any artistic inclinations.  So I felt this piece of digital art with life moving beneath the difficult-to-decipher, dormant image of a woman's face in the clouds would illustrate that facet of my artistic evolution.

As you work developing your seven word sentence you will quickly see that the challenge is to eliminate most of the "I's", "me's", "and's", etc from your phrase.  It's a great exercise in learning to be succinct!  I'm always too wordy, so this is a great exercise for me!  But you already knew that didn't you?   :)

Here, just for the sake of time and more examples, I have put two seven word sentences on this image - one fitting with the light of the sun's rays and the other merging with the theme of flight.

So hope that gives you a better perspective on what this week's prompt is asking of you.  If you have any questions please post them in the comment section.  I will answer you there and everyone can then benefit from the question and answer.  There are no stupid questions just as there is no 'stupid' in the acronym kiss ... well on this blog anyway.   :)


  1. Love these!
    I read the book, "Six Word Memoirs", several years ago.
    (I think that's the title)
    and made a scrapbook page with a photo of me and several of the I-could-have-said-that ones.
    Love this idea.

  2. Wow, Bonnie, these are wonderful examples! So creative indeed. I like the evolution of your words and images, from being tentative, to discovered and appreciated, to shining light and fulfilling your creative dreams. Thanks for sharing your artist's journey with us. :)

  3. This really helps - thank you, Bonnie! I need to get started on this prompt and hope I cant come up with something. It'll be fun trying. :)

  4. Great examples! Thanks for sharing:)

  5. Thanks for the inspiration and examples! I think I have my phrase, now I just need to come up with a picture! :)

  6. thanks for the elaboration Bonnie - these are so inspirational I am now champing at the bit to get going

  7. This is so helpful, thanks for the examples. Still having trouble coming up with a 7 word phrase...thinking cap needed.

  8. Thank you for inspiration Bonnie, I have my sentence and picture now and have had a lovely couple of hours playing!

  9. Thoughts and prayers with you and family, please take care of yourself during this time. Hugs


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