Thursday, September 27, 2012

Photo Art Friday, September 28, 29

Welcome to Photo Art Friday!

You are always invited to link up ANY piece of photo-ART that pleases you, or you have the option of sharing a piece of photo-art inspired by our weekly prompt.  If you are new to Photo Art Friday, you can read the guidelines for participation by clicking on the tab under my header.

This week the optional prompt is:

Abstraction(s) from nature.

Next week the optional prompt is:


Of course, the fun part is to see all the different ways we can interpret the prompt - so don't hesitate to share something because you think that it does not 'conform' closely enough to the prompt.

This blog is not about 'conformity'!

 Do YOUR thing - and share it!!! 

 Inspire us with your unique interpretation!

I have to send out a big apology for not being able to comment  on all the photo-art submitted last week.  Life just got in the way (doctor's appointments, a special diet required for my husband, house guests from British Columbia, damage to stone retaining walls on our property - caused by strong winds and pounding rain, etc. etc.).  When I did finally find a minute to get in front of the computer, I was fighting with internet connection problems.  (Grrrr ....)   

I did get to view each submission, even if I did not comment, and was truly blown away by the diversity of content and composition.  You all never cease to amaze and inspire me!

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If you have been wanting to add some extraordinary textures to your private collection, at a reduced rate, now is the time!


  1. Wow...sounds like you've got a plateful!! So grateful that you provide this space, so please let me know if there is any way I can help! (I am also a trained dietitian.. if that is of any help, e-mail me)

  2. love your natural abstractions. i particularly like the moody shadows in the last leaf shot . . . wonderful work~!

    this week i created an image using one of my macros of the kale growing in my garden. i thought that it looked similar to coral and thus added a fish.

    not totally abstract, i realize, but am hoping it would be okay to add it to the linky list later on today . . . if you disagree, please let me know and i'll join in another time.


  3. oh wow, Bonnie!!! these are wondrous. the last one of the leaf, it is so expressive without a single word!!!

    I've been DOing one thing each day [weekday] on PSE8 to develop a comfortability with it. It's actually working extraordinarily well. I don't glaze over in my efforting anymore, and I actually went outside what I would usually have done yesterday and had a blast!!

    Getting mine ready to post this evening. This has really been a great encouragement to me, having people to share what I am DOing with and BEing given this front row and BEhind the scenes look at what they are up to...

    BE Well and Much Gratitude for ALL you DO!!

  4. Dear Bonnie, What a week that must have been a strong wind. Hope all is progressing health wise for both you and husband, we are off to the hospital next Monday, Henk is having a vein bypass in his leg, so I will have a grumpy bear for awhile.

  5. Those are wonderful images Bonnie, I love the last two especially, the abstract leaf and the light coming through the tress, stunning work :) thanks for hosting :)

  6. Loved all your submissions as you seem to think outside of the box. I loved the leaf in black and white. Hope this week goes better for you. Valerie

  7. Such a selection with the textures of nature enhanced by the tectures of art. All are beautiful ... As always, an inspiration, Bonnie.

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  8. Beautiful compositions with this delicious light and color, texture and excellent approach, very exquisite leaves.

  9. The last one are my favorite; texture and the photo effect looks great :)

  10. Love your challenge

  11. this was a great challenge Bonnie and your submissions are brilliant - especially like the 3rd abstract and the final leaf detail. Thank you for somehow finding the time to visit with your encouraging words.

  12. As always, your images are gorgeous...I love what you've done! I absolutely love that yellow leaf. And please don't worry about not having time to visit everyone's photo art...your hands are very full. I hope your husband continues to heal and get better. Have a good weekend, Bonnie!

  13. This is a great set of photos. I especially love the third one - a super effect.

  14. I think this was an inspired choice of theme for this week's challenge. I've really enjoyed looking at your images and everyone elses - real food for thought there

  15. Hi Bonnie, I just want to say that I am happy to have a place that gives us the opportunity to explore, create and learn. All of the images are beautiful and I am so very inspired.. Thank you!

  16. Hi Bonnie, I am inspired here to go with exploring other avenues of photo processing and photo art. In the past I have hesitated and held back but now I can create and not feel restricted. And most of all to be able to learn from other creative people. I seem to have trouble posting a comment and not sure that this will work. Thank you!

  17. great artwork as always. I am unaable to pick a favourite this week.

    Thanks for hosting this great meme. I love being a part of it.

  18. What great entries this week. Thanks for hosting.

  19. Some lovely examples!!!
    thanks for this challenge!

  20. WOW, Bonnie. I am soo impressed, I love them all!!!!
    my contribution is here:

    Kind regards

  21. Neat pictures Bonnie!! I especially like the last two! :)

  22. Bonnie these are fabulous. I'm having a hard time deciding on a favorite. I like them all for different reasons. I think though that the piece with the rocks really intrigues me. I also love the one with the sunflare through the trees a lot.
    You've really come up with some great challenge themes lately.

  23. Love that yellow leaf abstraction- really eye catching! Hope your internet stays connected.xo teri

  24. Bonnie - always so enjoy your art; particularly drawn to the first and last pieces this week. Hugs from Alaska. Karen


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