Wednesday, October 3, 2012

More Free Stuff!

If you are like me, you probably rarely use a texture on your best photographs.  It's like, why 'gild the lily'?  But if you like to try to save an average or poor photo, or if you are into making photo-art then textures are an essential 'go to' in your artist's toolkit.

I've been working on some FABULOUS (if I do say so myself) new textures which I plan to release soon.  As a pre-release teaser and a little gift for you I want to share one with you here today.  First, let me show you one way I used the texture.

Yes, you've probably seen the above photo before.  I often use it to test new textures.  It was taken from a moving car and through the car window.  Not the best photograph, for sure!  But I like it's subject matter and composition.  Being not too busy, it really shows me the quality of any texture. 

Here are two examples of what the addition of this sample texture can do.  Please click on the images in this post to get a larger view!

After the application of the new texture, I blended it in Overlay at 90% opacity.   (I did not want the text on the texture to appear on this image so I simply used a bounding box to pull them up and off of the photo.)

A Layer Mask was used to remove most of the texture from the foreground/bottom of the photo.  In order to apply a filter, I merged the visible layers and then duplicated the merger.  I then went to Filter>Artistic>Poster Edges and adjusted the Poster Edges sliders as follows:  Edge Thickness>1;   Edge Intensity>1;   Posterization>2. 

 I liked the painterly, sketched effect achieved so added my signature and it was done.

Same image as above given a bit of additional 'love' in Rad Lab.  I applied the Snap It, Vario-Sat and Super Happy Fun stylets.

This is the sample of the new textures I am so excited about and that I used for the above pieces of photo art.  Hope you will give it a try and let me know what you think.  You can download the high res version of pdpa Oh The Joy texture HERE.

I was probably a little ambitious with my prompt "Figure(s)" for this week's Photo Art Friday.

I realize that some of you don't have the time or inclination for a difficult challenge.  So to atone and in an an effort to be of help, I offer this background on which you could apply one or several photographs to make a piece of photo art to fit the prompt  -  if you are so inclined.

Yes, I call it a background, because it is not a texture.  Generally you attain better results if you apply your photo images on top of a background, whereas you usually apply textures on top of your photos.  Of course, I know you will find your own unique way to use this background - just as you can find YOUR own way to interpret the prompt 'figures' - for there are many interpretations possible apart from actual numbers.

To make pdpa Go Figure background I used a different layer in PSE for each number applied.  It was a lot of work!  I made this background ages ago so to the best of my recollection right now, the tape measure 'brushes' came from Marie Otero.  Thanks Marie!

Oh ... you can download pdpa Go Figure Background by clicking HERE.

Here's an example of applying a photo to the background.  As I look at it now, I am thinking it could have benefitted from an application of Poster Edges - but I use that filter way too much already!  LOL.

Same image with a little massage from Rad Lab.  Yes I know there is absolutely no connection between the photo and the numbers ... but who says everything has to make sense?  Certainly not me! :-)

If you like textures with bits of text or script on them, you will love the two new sets just added to the Texture Sets Shoppe.  Each set has six textures - five with text, one without.   Hope you will check them out.


  1. Oh the joy of 'knowing' you! Thank you, for the textures and the comment about figuring out figures for Friday. Feeling a bit clueless at the moment.

  2. Oh, did you mean figures as in numbers? I immediately thought of human figures.

    Your new texture is gorgeous!

  3. Thank you! I've tried the "joy" one already, and I plan to see what I can do with the "figures" one. I really like that little clematis blossom in the corner!

  4. You ROCK Bonnie! Love the background and how you used it! :)

  5. Thanks for the new textures! I love what you do with the photos, there beautiful!

  6. Gorgeous! Thank you, Bonnie...they are both lovely. :)

  7. i'm a little confused. isn't the layer that you offered on monday a little different than this one? . . . for instance i don't see the tape measure bit on monday's and i don't see any text on today's.
    i'm still pretty new at all of this so i may be misunderstanding something. i really do want to learn more about all of this so please feel free to set me straight.
    i've used monday's layer both as a background and a texture. i adjusted the opacity way down for the top layer/texture. at least that's what i thought that i did. i may have the lingo all wrong?

    love your beautiful "Oh the Joy" layer.


  8. It makes sense because it's beautfiul Bonnie! Thank you for your generous sharing!

  9. thank you Bonnie for the 'Joy' texture - I've used it in the WPC Happy post :)


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