Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The New Year and PAF are just around the corner!

Now that Christmas is over, perhaps you have time to turn your thoughts to your photography, digital editing and blogging.  I am hoping to soon return to a more regular schedule of creative pursuits.

Photo Art Friday will return from its hiatus on Friday, January 4th, 2013!  (Only about a week away!!)  Have you considered selecting a word to guide and inspire you throughout the year?  If so, you will like the optional theme for the first PAF in 2013:

The optional challenge is to link up a piece of photo-ART that features your or a 'guiding' word for 2013.  Easy peasy!  Here's an example (using the word that I think I will choose ... I think ... maybe ... we'll see ...) of what one could do:

  Contrived from  photographs of one of my paintings and a statue in my house.

 We did not have to dream of a white Christmas this year!

We are enjoying a real winter wonderland, with more snow forecast for tomorrow.

May your last few days of 2012 be merry and bright and may the new year bring you many moments of inspiration and bliss!


  1. Started laughing when I saw your word for the year because I thought it was the same as the word I had chosen,but at second glance, I see it is close, but not quite the same word. That would have just been too much. love the shot of your snowy wonderland. Does look so beautiful. I am hoping that you had a great Christmas. We did here, and quite amazingly, we had gone from 70 degrees on Christmas eve day, to a big ( for texas) snowstorm which started mid day on Christmas day. This is perhaps the 3rd time in many years that there was snow on Christmas, so we did see a little white. About 50 accidents on our way home from my daughters. Hard to believe how many people have no clue how to drive in the snow. Anyway, enjoy your hiatus from PAF, and remember all of us who are very anxious to see you again on the 4th. Hugs to you from Texas

  2. Wish we would get some of that snow! Beautiful shots!

  3. Love your winter wonderland! Best wishes to you for the new year. Can't wait for the return of PAF!

  4. You can keep the beautiful white stuff...I had more than my share last year!! Nice shots though!!
    Love 2013 word and pic...very cool!!
    I have my thinking cap on!!

  5. I'm looking forward to getting back to PAF, Bonnie...your winter wonderland photos are beautiful! :)

  6. That is truly a winter wonderland! Postcard worthy even! :)

  7. Gorgeous post. thank-you for sharing!

  8. I hope your holidays have been beautiful are your photos of the White Christmas, Bonnie...hmm...not sure if I can choose one single word ;O

  9. BEautimous, Bonnie!! I really enJOY getting to SEE the snow. Of course over my Life I have enJOYed a LOT of snow, so I really enJOY the view the most!!!

  10. I do so look forward to joining you again for your introspective prompts. Last night I posted a summary of my guiding word for 2012. I am still contemplating my 2013 word. It came to me at 5 AM this morning, I believe I am turning a noun into a verb for my word this year! See you soon for your prompts. xo teri

  11. I'm pretty sure I have chosen my word, now to find a photo to match it...hmmm! See ya Friday!! :)


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