Sunday, December 30, 2012

Year's End

As the year ends, here in the North East we have been buried embraced by more snow:

The photo on the left was posted here last week.  On the right you see snow in the last few days has now buried the same chair.

Hope you are able to look back on 2012 with gratitude for all its blessings and lessons.  See you in 2013!


  1. You really did get a lot of snow but you took advantage for a photography opportunity anyway. Happy New Year Bonnie. Valerie

  2. Wow, you do have a lot of snow. I wish you the best for 2013. Jen

  3. It's looking pretty snowy..same here too. I have gone on some wonderful hikes. I will soon be starting a new photo blog on blogger..Coming soon! I have a few questions for you such as how does one go about designing a logo? Is it ok to use your free texture backgrounds for my photos if I make cards and want to sell them??? I look forward to Photo Art Friday getting back to the swing of things.. Happy New Year! Thank you for all that you offer us...

  4. Oh my that is some snow!! Wow! May you and yours have a Happy and Prosperous New Year

  5. Yes, I agree - that's a lot of snow! Totally beautiful. I'm looking forward to following you with Photo Art Friday again in 2013. Happy New Year!

  6. Happy new year to you Bonnie, I hope you have all you need under that big pile of snow there! Look forward to seeing you the other end of the week :)

  7. inotherwordsandpictures Roberta: Congrats on your new photo blog, I'll keep an eye out for it. As for your questions:

    * graphic designers usually do logos. If you want to do your own, I would google 'how to create your own logo' and I'm sure you will come up with a few good tutorials. The key thing for a logo is that it needs to be simple and clear and of course, it must express your vision of what you want to represent.

    * as long as my products are part of your design or art, you are free to use them in your commercial work. Copyright still applies to them only as stand alone items. So you cannot make a card only using my textures or backgrounds, but once mixed in with your photography you are good to go!

    Hope those answers help! :)

  8. Wishing you a year ahead positively layered with the most beautiful textures life has to offer! Happy New Year, Bonnie.

    Lynne xo

  9. The snow is lovely and deep! Wishing you a happy new year, Bonnie!

  10. Another gorgeous poem to reflect on! Also love your shots of the snow. Nothing is more beautiful. Your decks are lovely also. Beautiful thoughts!


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