Sunday, January 20, 2013

... a little thank you gift ...

Hi my Lovelies!  Just dropping in with a big THANK YOU to those of you who shared your artwork with Photo Art Friday last week.  It's so encouraging to know we are not alone in developing our digital art-making skills.  It's always exciting to see the variety of ways our creativity can be expressed digitally.

If you've been considering joining in on the fun at Photo Art Friday ... well, what are you waiting for?  We're a welcoming group and there is no sense of competition in the sharing we do.  Just read the guidelines here, and join in!

I know I have recently given you a texture very similar to this one  - but here is another version of it.  It has different text, a different hue, and a smidgen of an edge burn to make your image pop.  Enjoy!  But don't sign off just yet, I have some links for you below.

Photo Art Resource Cache Subscribers: ... new textures have been posted on the site and are waiting for you to download them!

To download your high res copy of pdpa Beauty Is ... texture, simply click HERE.

We know that if someone really wants to pinch our photo art, and they have the skills, they can.  I had concrete proof of that recently when I was searching Google images for public domain images that I could incorporate in some of my digital collage work.

As I scrolled through the images in the category I had selected, much to my surprise, I saw a couple of my own images that I had never released into the public domain - but I had published them on my blog.  My signature was on the image ... but that was clearly not enough.  Something that covers a central part of the image is required as a real deterrent.

You may have noticed that I have been placing watermark banners across my digital art much more consistently of late - and I encourage you to do so too.  If you missed my post last year with links on how to make your own copyright or signature banner, here are a couple of them - and a couple of new ones for you:

Once you have made your own copyright watermark, keep it in your archives and simply open and apply it to any of the artwork you post on the web.  You can adjust the opacity of it after you apply it to your art so that it does not dominate, yet still acts as a deterrent for anyone who might be inclined to take your work and represent it as their own.

Thank you to the above web sites for their great tutorials.  Each of them offer great resources for digital artists, so do check out all they have to offer while you're there.


  1. Thanks so much Bonnie for the new texture, and also for the heads up on the watermark. I have been meaning to do that for the longest time, and just keep putting it off. Do you keep 2 different folders, one with the watermark, and one without for your own personal use? hope you are having a great day!

  2. Thanks Jeanne. I'm not quite sure what you mean by 2 different folders ... It really depends how you have set up your file system. I have one folder with different signatures and different watermarks (some have my name, some have my dot com name). When I apply a watermark or signature to a piece of work I save it after as a PSD and then all the layers are kept. That way, if I want to remove the watermark the layer is there and I can remove it. If you save it as a JPEG and the watermark is on the image, you are stuck with it.

    That being said, I usually only apply a watermark banner to images I will be posting on the web. I save to the web in Photoshop by File>Save For Web ...
    I keep my PSDs and JPEGs without a watermark banner.

    Hope that helps.

  3. I see my last sentence is confusing. I USUALLY keep my PSDs and JPEGs filed without a watermark banner

  4. Thanks for the links Bonnie and the lovely texture.....

  5. Thanks for the links and that texture is wonderful

  6. Lovely texture, thanks Bonnie. Someone on Flickr asked me if I could make my watermark smaller, or lower the opacity, as it detracted from the image. I'm loathe to do it though as I don't want to make it too easy for thieves!

  7. You look very edgy in your photo. I love your work and your textures- and it is too bad people take things that are not theirs.

    It is interesting to hear how what your workflow is like. I hope to be back this week.xo teri

  8. Thank you Bonnie, I will use these resources and make something more than my signature!!


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