Thursday, January 10, 2013

Photo Art Friday, January 11th - 12th

Calling all photo-art aficionados!  

Please accept a standing ovation for last week's PAF.
So many inspiring words showcased on so many amazing photo-art treatments!
Applause.  Applause ...... Encore!

Here's something a little more 'concrete' to thank you for your efforts and your generous sharing of your work here  -  a sweet new texture called "Perfect!".  Perfect, because it's just the kind of texture that one needs to add a little 'je ne sais quoi' to a photograph.  Enjoy!

To download your free, high res copy of pdpa Perfect! texture, just click HERE.

For those of you who are now subscribers to Photo Art Resource Cache there are six new textures that have been uploaded to the site this week.  

Have you found them? They look like these:  

If you want to learn how to receive oodles of great textures from my texture library, click here.

This week for our virtual gallery showcase of photo art, you can link any piece of photo art that pleases you.  Or, you can link up a piece of photo art using last week's free texture, "pdpa Brown Rice Paper texture".  If you did not yet get your copy of it you can do so here.

I love Brown Rice Paper texture and have used it in a variety of ways on many photographs.  Here are a few:

I've kept the application of Brown Rice Paper somewhat subtle here.  I think it gives a slight vintage flair to a French cafe scene.

It's so rare to come across a public phone or phone booth anymore that I had to take a photo and edit it into a little piece of soon-to-be vintage photo art.

Above are four different edits of a Spanish courtyard scene (click image to enlarge):

1.  Done a couple of years ago using one of my earliest textures and the editing skills I had at the time.

2.  A recent tweaking of the edited version #1 in Rad Lab, but did not like the drab beige sky.

3.  Painted in a blue sky on the #2 edit.

4.  Added Brown Rice Paper texture to edit #3 and now it has a bit of old world and vintage charm.

 Edit #4 from above collage with the Brown Rice Paper texture.  Click on image to enlarge.

As with the images above, of the about-to-be antiquated public telephone and of the Spanish Courtyard, this church photo edited with Poster Edges was applied on top of the texture.  I used Hard Light blend mode at 100% opacity.  (When you apply the photo on top you have to think twice about reducing opacity as you will lose details of the photograph, which usually you don't want.)  I pulled the photo in a bit from the border on the texture and added a drop shadow.

For next week's (Jan. 18th) PAF showcase,  

link up any piece of your digitally edited photo art, 


a piece of photo art featuring entrances and/or exits,
(with whatever interpretation or spin on those words you choose!)


  1. you are doing stunning work Bonnie. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. I love the Brown Rice Paper texture, Bonnie. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I especially like the Church at the end and you suggested a technique I have never used so I am planning to try it out. All of your pictures are beautiful ... the Spanish court yard has totally different effects with your different edits. This brown rice paper is a gem ... I can see myself using it in a lot of ways. You are, as always, opening more doors for us Bonnie. Thank you so much ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  4. Thank you Bonnie for your lovely comment and for sharing your amazing blog. I love turning my photos into what look like a piece of art and I sometimes edit so much that there isn't a smidge of the original look left like in some of my abstracts...those are some of my favorites. I love creating and I'm just learning all about digital photography. So thank you for adding my photograph this week and I'm so glad I found you. I will link you to my page. Thanks.

  5. Using the texture with the old phone booth was brilliant. How is the LR coming along? Valerie

  6. Ooh, I love those Spanish courtyard edits!

  7. Each of your photos are gorgeous. It is amazing how bright or soft this paper adapts!!!
    I am going to use this paper again, thanks and happy to be back!!!

  8. Beautiful edits Bonnie, the spanish courtyard is perfect. Thank you for the texture, it is so versatile.

  9. First what a great texture. I love it. - Your edits are all great but I was really drawn in by the Phone Booth edit. So cool and very retro looking.

  10. You are so right, the brown rice paper looks good on just about everything! Love, love, love that Spanish Courtyard and the old world feel to it. Yes, I got the textures at the PARC place and am so loving that green texture set!! xo

  11. Hi Bonnie
    Wishing you and all the amazing artists who post on PPF a happy, healthy and creative 2013!
    Stay inspired!

  12. Love what you've done with that Spanish courtyard scene - thanks for that texture too! My first visit here - what a great blog you have.

  13. love how you used the texture - it is so versatile. Like you I found myself putting the photo on top of this texture a lot

  14. Beautiful work, as always. My favourite is the French cafe with those interesting textures and all that colour.

  15. Thanks for the tip. I did try using the Brown Rice Paper but it didn't work out well, I think I chose a bad image but I will play some more. Thanks for all the tips though. This is a new area for me so they are really helpful


    Ps.. Commenting from my 365 blog

  16. These are all beautiful...I especially love seeing the four different interpretations of the Spanish Courtyard. Amazing! Thank you for the texture, as always, Bonnie! :)

  17. I quite like all that you have shared here, Bonnie. I often find myself feeling overwhelmed by what all is possible when I have clearly overlooked what I am presently capable of or interested in.

    As I perused your post and all the insightful information in it, I remembered that to keep things simple and enJOY the process IS what photo art is all about.

    Your talents and generosity are deLIGHTfull!!

  18. I loved this texture Bonnie though found it harder to use to best advantage - but you found some great images to display it with - love the French scene and the Spanish garden

  19. Bonnie- once again you bring all of us to another level. Thanks for sharing your brown rice paper texture and some of your tips. I wish I had a way to consistently keep track of my edits. I know they are probably right there in "history" - So much to learn. Thanks again for sharing. Your work is wonderful. The Spanish Courtyard reminds me of those old tapestries you see in castles and Mediterranean homes. xo teri

  20. Bonnie, your examples are stunning, I just wish I had street scenes in my library. Cheers

  21. Bonnie, as usual, you have inspired me to try something new. I like the church photo over the texture. Beautiful!

  22. Bonnie, I love what you have shared with us. Beautiful photo art! I also took time to view your sets of textures that you offer to purchase.I have my eye on a certain set...Thank you!

  23. I like your work a lot and I'm so glad you are so generuously sharing textures with us. Thanks a lot, Bonnie! I'm eager to try out the Brown rice paper texture.
    Have a nice weekend!

  24. I've been away for awhile but hopefully, I'm back with some regularity now. I've missed the group!

    LOVE the textures Bonnie. And every version of your Spanish courtyard is beautiful and inspiring.

  25. Great work. I am new here. I love all the fantastic work I am seeing.

  26. I absolutely LOVE your French cafe. The Brown Rice Paper gives it the perfect "pop" and makes me want to go there! Thanks for your generous offerings, Bonnie. I hope to follow you with regularity this year. ;->

  27. Thank you ALL for your kind comments. They are are very much appreciated.

  28. Great photos, that is majestic, beauty ...

  29. I love all of your textures, Bonnie - especially the brown rice paper!

  30. You are just so incredibly talented and must have a lot of patience to create such beautiful textures and then art.

  31. I so love that Spanish courtyard scene! I like all of the edits - as a collage it's really quite brilliant!
    Sorry I wasn't in time for this week's showcasing - I hope to be back in the game now, though, and I still published my rice-papered shot because I really liked what the texture did for the image!
    Thanks :)


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