Saturday, February 16, 2013


What marvelous images were featured at our last Photo Art Friday!  Loved the many creative ways you found to use the pdpa Bamboo Dream texture!

A few of you have expressed some concerns about dealing with the optional theme for next week - connected/connecting/connections (any one of those words).  Not to worry - everything is connected to everything else in one way or another.  For example:

*  smiles are connected to a face
*  dogs are often connected to a leash or their play pal
*  steps are connected to a walkway or a doorway
*  chimneys are connected to a house
*  flowers are connected to the earth
*  handshakes make a nice connection
*  birds are sometimes connected to a branch
*  raindrops make a connection with whatever they land upon
*  quotations can be connected to an image
*  etc, etc, etc

Be assured that there are no 'connection police' that will visit our virtual gallery next week  -  so you can stretch the boundaries of the theme as much as you like without fear of being called out for a connection infraction!

 ;)           :)

I know you don't want me to make the PAF optional challenges tooooooo easy, for it's in stretching that we move beyond our comfort zone and learn and grow.  Besides, you always have the option of ignoring the theme.  Can't get more flexible than that, right?  Of course, I always entertain the hope that you will find a way to connect with the PAF theme.

Thanks so much all you wonderful photographers and digital artists!


  1. What a beautiful texture...thank you, Bonnie!

  2. Thanks for the new texture...wonderful

  3. t's good and fun with challenges. Thanks for the nice textures

  4. It's good and fun with challenges. Thanks for the nice textures

  5. I'm always glad that I "connected" with you and your wonderful blog! :)

  6. Love your challenges and your textures - thanks, Bonnie!

  7. Wow, Bonnie, this is a gorgeous texture and I can't wait to start playing with it. Thanks so much for ongoing kindness and creations.

    Capture Life!

  8. Mormor says:
    Thank you for the lovely texture.
    Have a nice day :)

  9. Cool! I'm glad I found this today as opposed to Friday, LOL...I'll definitely look and see what photos I can have fun with using this texture. Thanks! :)

  10. So beautiful Bonnie, you are so generous to us! It's funny, I've been thinking about our challenge this week, and my problem is I can't decide which connection to settle on! :)

  11. LOVE this new texture and love that you gave some prompts for CONNECTION. There are tons of them out there if we look for them!
    And I DO appreciate the challenges and textures that you provide. They stretch my mind in a good way!

  12. Your blog keeps me connected with the creative> And like I said on last weeks challenge, it helps give me a focus beyond what is going on in my life. Very thankful. Thank you for the new texture and the wonderful challenges. :-)

  13. I have the same thoughts as Kim, so more playing required. Thank you for the texture.

  14. This texture is perfect for Easter themed photos! Thank you so much!


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